Sweet Surrender

Akira is in the closet. No one except his crazy uncle knows that's he gay. When he goes to work at his uncles shrine for the summer, he learns three things. 1: He uncle is "missing". 2: His uncle has a cat named Haru, who also happens to be a Cat Demon! And 3: Akria may or may not be falling for the seductive and aggressive, 200 year old Cat Demon. But, will Haru's harshness and dark ways tear them apart? And more importantly, what will happen when the past catches up to both Haru and Akira? (Warning! Contains LOTS of Yaoi :3) © Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved to BookloverAyame-chan!


2. Kissing the Devil


    (Picture is Kenji)



      “Hey, kid,” said a deep voice. Someone’s shaking me… where am I? “Kid, wake up! We’re here!”

     I peel my eyes open to harsh lights and flinch at the sudden brightness. A man with a stubby mustache glared at me annoyingly as I shifted in my seat. “We’re here already?” I ask still dazed.

     “Well you slept through the entire drive so,” the man pointed toward the meter that sat on top of the dash board. “You owe me, you’re lucky your uncle called in a favor for you. Now hop out, I’m off duty now.”

     I slowly drag myself out of the taxicab. I glance at my watch, it’s already past midnight. With a sigh I grab what little luggage I have and begin walking up the towering steps to get to the Fudo Shrine.

     By the time I get to the top, my knees are buckling from exhaustion. I pull my bag back over my shoulder and look at the shrine before me. It was huge! I counted four buildings around the main shrine and even a small pond in the center. The pond sparkled as the moonlight shined over it, there was even a bridge connecting to the courtyard from the pond. There were also small statues around the trees and gardens.

     “Whoa…” I whisper to myself. This place seemed so majestic and peaceful. There was nothing like this in my hometown.

     I glance to my right when I hear someone huffing and puffing. A boy who looked around my age came running up to me. He had orange-like curly hair that hung over his glasses. “You must be Akira Tachibana, Yori-senpai told me you were coming.”  

     I smile nervously. “That’s right, I’m his nephew. Are you Kenji?”

     “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Kenji Shibuya! Nice to meet you!” He yelled enthusiastically while giving me a weird solute. I give him a one over. He was wearing what looked like his night wear and still had on his house slippers. Kenji seemed like the type of person to go overboard on academics and things like that; he also seemed very socially awkward. This kid is just the person to be hanging around with my uncle.

     “So, this is the Fudo Shrine? It’s amazing here.” I say breathlessly.

     Kenji smiles at me. “Of course it is. Your uncle refurnished it from scratch and made the shrine what it is today – “ the sound of a cat meowing made Kenji stop mid-sentence. “Oh no! Haru! I told you not to come out here. It’s dangerous!” he yelled to an elegant black cat that strode up to us.

     “Haru? You mean Uncle Yori’s cat?” I ask looking down at the beautiful cat.

     “Sure is. But, he doesn’t like me very much. Actually, come to think of it, he really doesn’t like anyone but Yori-senpai.” Kenji said looking timidly at the cat.

     I bend down and hold my hand out toward the cat. Something in the cat’s eyes seemed to make me feel like the cat was somehow arrogant toward other people. The cat’s long tail whipped back and forth as its alluring violet eyes gazed at me with curiosity. It approached me cautiously as if the slightest movement could scare it away. The tip of its cold pink little nose touched my finger. It immediately put its head under my palm and rubbed its body against my hand, wanting me to pet it.

     I almost laugh at how easy that was. “This cat’s not mean. He’s just shy.” I say as I pick the cat up into my arms. It purrs a mellow purr as I stroke the cat's shimmering black head.

     “I’ll carry your things to your room.” Kenji says and picks up my bags before I could get the chance to protest. He walks me to my room silently along the walkway that connects each building to the other. I look around me in the darkness of the night and see the stars shining through the branches of the cherry blossom trees. Small pink petals float around us in the wind and even Haru tries to catch them as the swirl around his cute little ears.

     Kenji walks me down a long, dark hallway and stops at the door that’s at the end of the hall.

     “Well, this is it.” He smiles as he opens the large door. Inside was a huge room. French doors opened up to the court yard with the pond. A good sized bed was placed near the back corner and  a book case with was seemed like dozens of books was near the window to the  left. To my right is a writing desk with even more books stacked on top of it.

     “Wow, this place is…”

     “Cluttered. I know. It was Yori-senpai’s room, so it’s a little messy.” Says Kenji, finishing my sentence.

     I laugh. “Of course. He is also a writer so I’d expect this from Uncle. Thanks for helping me, Kenji.” I say politely.

     “No, thank you for catching Haru for me. I don’t even want to think about what Yori-senpai would do if something happened to him.”

     I smile awkwardly as I hold Haru in my arms. “He really loves this cat, doesn’t he?”

     Kenji’s eyes widen as he nods his head rapidly. “Of course he does, Haru has been with Yori-senpai for so long now. You rarely see them without each other, that is, until now.”

     I rub behind Haru’s black-furred ear and look at him sadly. “Poor guy. Bet he’s lonely.”

     “Probably. Well, I’ve got to get going. I send Melanie to get you in the morning for breakfast. See ya!” Kenji says and walks off.

     “Bye,” I say closing the door and taking a seat on the bed. Haru jumps out of my arms and makes himself comfortable on the bed. “I guess it’s time we get some sleep too.” I take off my shirt and get snug under the covers. Haru comes to join me and rests his head on my arm.  


     The next morning I open my eyes to the sunlight shining in to my room. I feel something weighing down on my arm as I try to turn over. When I look all I see is two big hears on the head of a… person? “Ahh! What the hell!” I yell jumping out of bed.

     “Wha…?” A naked boy with black cat ears and a tail look up at me. This. Is. Not. Happening. He rubs his violet eyes. “Quite down!”

     “You’re a… and I’m dreaming… yup, it’s defiantly a dream! Because you are not a cat-person. They do not exist.” I say to myself as I pace. I pitch my arm and look back at the bed. I swear under my breath.

     “What are you doing?”

     Oh god. It spoke. I look over my shoulder, my eyes wide. The cat-person raises an eyebrow at me. He perks himself up on his arms and smirks at me. My face begins to burn. I whirl myself around and force myself to look at the wall. No, this is not how I wanted people to find out I was gay! But, this cat-whatever is so attractive! And that face he just made… even more cute and alluring than anything I’ve ever seen.

     “Like what you see?” He said in a playful but arrogant voice.

     “O-of course not! Just what the hell are you?” I say feeling my face getting hotter and hotter just thinking about that guy being naked. And I slept with him! Well, not slept with him, but I woke up with him on top of me like that! Wait a minute. Is he –

     “I’m the Cat Demon of this shrine,” he says. I glance over my shoulder to see if he’s serious or just pulling my leg. He smirks again and positions himself to where I can see everything. “But, you know me as Haru.”

     I gasp and turn around absentmindedly. “You’re the cat?!”

     He frowns. “I can’t make myself appear as a cat, but as I’ve said I am a Cat Demon.”

     “Demon?” I ask still turned around.

     He sighs and walks over to me. He puts his hand on my chest, which I forgot was exposed since I removed my shirt, and walks around me without taking his hand off of me. “You know, you’re not bad looking at all. In fact, you’re actually quite my type,” he says stepping back in front of me.  He grabs my jaw and pushes me back against the wall near the desk with a thud.

     “I wonder, what would your uncle say if I… helped myself?”

      I gulp because I know that if tempted, I’d let him do as he pleases.

     Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and bursts in the girl with long brown pigtails. Her face turns bright red when she sees us. “Sorry! But, breakfast is ready!” said the girl, but she only turned her head, she didn’t leave.

     “Melanie. Can’t you see I’m playing right now? He’s cute right?” Haru says with a blank expression on his face.

     She glances up and her face turns even redder. “Right. I’m sorry to tell you this, but that’s mater Yori’s nephew!” she yells.

     He frowns at her, then for some reason smirks again. “Melanie? Would you like to watch?”

     “Huh?” she glances up shyly.

     Haru tightens his grip on me and suddenly licks my cheek. I tense up, but I don’t push him away, but even if I wanted to I don’t think I could have. “I’m thinking about bending him over this desk. Would you like to watch?”

     Why is he doing this? He seems so cruel and yet enticing at the same time. I can’t figure him out, then again I’ve only just met him. But, from my experience so far, he was a much better cat.

     “N-no way!” She yells angrily. “Don’t be so mean, Haru! Just because master Yori isn’t here doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone so harshly!”

     “Fine then. Get out!” Haru yells and Melanie scrambles off without another word. He looks up and tilts his head at me, he seemed to be studying my reaction or something.

     “Why did you say that?” I ask before I could stop myself. He doesn’t seem like the type you push too far.

     Haru puts his hand on my cheek and strokes it gently. “Because once you’ve lived two centuries you get bored. And realize that being kind to everyone isn’t worth your time and effort.” He says coldly. Then suddenly he reaches up and presses his lips to mine. My mouth opens and allows his tongue to slip in.

     He was cruel, yes, but he was also a very good kisser.


     (Picture is Haru)


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