Love Me? {Ashton Irwin}

Scarlett lived in a quiet town by the name of Grandview, Oregon. Nothing happened there. There were little residents. (About 500-600 at the most.) She had little friends, and she certainly didn't have a boyfriend. Her life went the way she wanted it to; Quiet and uneventful. She has one wish though. That wish is love. She wants to know how it feels to have a complete stranger com into your life and feel love for them. But a blonde boy from Australia happens to do just that.


12. Chapter Ten.

I ran upstairs and quickly got dressed. I wore a black tank top with a pair of blue jeans and a silver cardigan, along with a pair of black flip flops. Once I dabbed some makeup on and made my hair tamed, I ran downstairs where Ashton was waiting.

"Ready." I said quietly, "Are you sure you don't want to stop by your house and change?"

"You saying you don't like my outfit?" he gave me a smirk

"No, I just thought you'd want to change since you've been wearing that for two days now." I replied

"I promise you, I am ok."

With that, he gave me a reassuring smile and took me by the hand and lead me to the street. We began walking to the diner with the sound of birds chirping and alarm clocks blaring from others' houses.

"So how many times have you been here?" He asked, looking over at me.

"I think maybe three or four." I shrugged, "We all prefer my moms pancakes."

He nodded as we approached the small restaurant. He opened the door and gestured for me to go in. I smiled slightly and walked in, waiting for him to walk next to me. I looked around and saw a minimum of three people. One old man reading the newspaper with a mug filled with black coffee in his hand, a woman with a baby whom she was feeding small amounts of waffle to, and a worker, who was probably taking a break, with a cup of coffee as well, staring out the window at the quiet town. She took a deep breath and sipped her coffee, looking around at the diner and making eye contact with me.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, setting her coffee down, "I didn't see you there, I'm sorry."

"No worries." Ashton smiled sweetly

"You can take a seat, I'll get you some menus." She said and scurried to the back. We both took a seat across from each other at the first booth we saw, and averted our attention to the rushed woman handing us our menus.

"My name is Shelly, I'll be your server. Can I get you something to drink?"

I skimmed the menu until I decided and asked her for some iced tea with lemon. She quickly wrote it down and looked in Ashtons direction.

"Just some orange juice, please." He stated. She wrote it all down and made her way to the kitchen.

"So how's the food here?" He asked and set down his menu.

"Pretty good," I began, "I've never been anywhere else so I don't have anything to compare it to, to be honest."

Shelly came back with our drinks, setting them down on coasters in front of us, "Have you decided on what you would like to eat?"

"I'll have an omelette with a side of hash browns, please." I said, handing her my menu while she wrote it down.

"I'll have the pancakes, please." he mimicked my motions and handed her the menu as well. Shelly nodded and asked if that was all, causing us to nod.

"Ok, I'll be back with that." she smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

I took sip of my tea from the straw, enduring the sweet flavor. I looked in the corner of my eye, noticing Ashton was looking at me. I quickly put my tea down, and looked back, "What are you looking me for?"

"N-Nothing." he stuttered, causing me to giggle, "I was just, um--I guess I zoned out."

"Oh." I nodded with a smile.

"So do you want to give me a little detail about what happened?" he asked, making me widen my eyes.

"Um," I began, "Yeah, I guess you should know."



Im so sorry I took forever to update my laptop broke omgggggg.

I might update later tonight tho so smiles for a double update.

And I might publish a little ash imagine I made one day when I was bored but idk if anyone would read it.

K that's all thank you.


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