Love Me? {Ashton Irwin}

Scarlett lived in a quiet town by the name of Grandview, Oregon. Nothing happened there. There were little residents. (About 500-600 at the most.) She had little friends, and she certainly didn't have a boyfriend. Her life went the way she wanted it to; Quiet and uneventful. She has one wish though. That wish is love. She wants to know how it feels to have a complete stranger com into your life and feel love for them. But a blonde boy from Australia happens to do just that.


8. Chapter Six.

**This chapter contains religious talk and prayer towards God, if you are not a religious person you can skip the next few paragraphs.**


I stepped in the house and let the sweet scent of barbeque fill my nostrils. Ashton followed behind, and took in the scent as well. We walked into the kitchen and found my mom setting up the table and my brother helping.

"Hey guys!" she greeted, "Come, site down." We nodded and took a seat next to each other at the table. Soon, she put a big plate of hamburgers and hot dogs in front of us. She took a seat, and put her napkin on her lap.

"Let's pray." she bowed her head

"Mom..." I whispered

"Don't be ashamed, bow your head and pray with me." she scolded. I sighed and did as I was told, peeking at  the corner of my eyes too see if Ashton was going to pray too. Surely enough, his head was tilted slightly over his plate, his hands were clasped together and his eyes were shut tight. I closed my eyes as well and listened to my mother as she lead us in prayer.

*non religious people can skip this paragraph.*

"Dear Heavenly Father. We thank You for this food you have put infront of us today, and the food you have put infront of us in the past and hopefully in the future. We are thankful for the roof above our heads and clothes on our back. We thank you for everything you have given us so far and we are thankful to be where we are. I thank you for blessing me with a wonderful family consisting of smart and healthy children. I thank you for Ashton, and him befriending Scarlett. I thank you for the schools we have to give us all a good education. I pray that my husband will be safe on his next flight here. I pray that Scarlett will get into a great collage next year, and Johnny will continue to thrive in school. I thank you for all you've done. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

Everyone opened their eyes, and dug into the food. I quickly nudged Ashton, "Sorry about that, I hope we didn't offend you or your religion."

"No it's fine, I haven't prayed in a while, it felt nice." he grinned.

I nodded and continued to eat my cheeseburger until my mother interrupted, "So Ashton," she swallowed. He gave her a look to confirm he was listening to what she was going to say. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

My eyes darted towards her, "Mom!"

"It's fine, Scarlett." he chuckled, "And to answer your question, Mrs. Branson, no I don't have a girlfriend."

"Oh. That's a shame. Scarlett is single as well." She winked, earning him to chuckle again and blush.

"Mom!" I exclaimed, a blush forming on my cheeks as well.

"So you two should date!" my brother squealed

"Johnny." I scolded

"Why not?!" he questioned

Ashton quickly butt in, "Well, I don't really date anymore."

"What?" my head snapped in his direction

"I'll tell you some other time." he winked

I blushed and began eating again, hoping someone will change the subject and forget the fact that we're both single and could easily start dating. Well, I would at least like dinner first.

"So you like the school, Ashton?" my mom decided to keep talking. I wasn't sure if I should be worried at the outcome of this conversation about to form, or the next conversation it will lead to.

"Yeah it's nice. No uniforms like my other school. There's also a lot less rules as my other one." he answered

"So you're from Australia right?" she questioned

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Your accent," she began, "Scarlett told me as well."

I quickly pushed my chair out and stood up, "Well thanks for dinner mom, I have a test to study for, so Ash, you should get going, I'll see you at school tomorrow. Don't forget to wear your outfit!" I began to push him out

"Wait there's a test?" he asked

"Yes. Now go study." he was standing outside the door now.

"Ok, tell your mum I said thank you for dinner." he said and waved, "Also, I left you a note in your pocket." he smirked and turned around, walking down the street.

I quickly shut the door, a smile painted on my face, as I pressed my back against it and let out a sigh. I walked into the kitchen and gave my mom a look as she cleaned up the table and food.

"What was that?" I said with aggravation laced in my voice.

"What was what?" she asked and placed the salt in the cupboard

"You totally embarrassed me!" I yelled

"Oh come on, Scarlett. I was helping you!" she defended

"You were not! He said he doesn't date!" I responded.

"So? I'm sure once you get to know him he'll fall for you." she stated

"Yeah, sure" I rolled my eyes.

"I was just reminding him you were on the market." she kissed my forehead, "He seems like a nice boy, and you've been so lonely in this town, I just want you to find someone." her hands ran up and down up my arms.

"Sorry I yelled." I said softly, "I was just upset."

She smiled, "It's ok sweetheart, but you need to find out why he 'doesn't date.'" she put up air quotes.


"Ok, now go study for that test."

I laughed, "There isn't a test mom, I just needed an excuse for him to leave."

"Oh ok." she laughed with me.

I took off upstairs and into my room. I shut the door behind me and began searching my pockets, until I felt a crumpled piece of paper and quickly opened it up and read it.

Didn't find the time to ask you for your number, so here's mine. Call me, tonight.


Ashton xx :)

A goofy smile found its way on my face as I quickly took out my phone and added his number into my phone and began calling him.



HEYA. So turns out no meetup :( I just found out I'm going with my two other friends and they don't know about the book and would be totally confused and they would get mad too lol. SOWWY! Can you do me a favor and follow me on instagram?? @sydney.keefe Thanks! One more thing, could you guys read this book im going to co author? its called Whisper and it's a Nouis fanfic. Thank you so much!! BAI



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