Love Me? {Ashton Irwin}

Scarlett lived in a quiet town by the name of Grandview, Oregon. Nothing happened there. There were little residents. (About 500-600 at the most.) She had little friends, and she certainly didn't have a boyfriend. Her life went the way she wanted it to; Quiet and uneventful. She has one wish though. That wish is love. She wants to know how it feels to have a complete stranger com into your life and feel love for them. But a blonde boy from Australia happens to do just that.


9. Chapter Seven.

I waited a few rings until I heard his voice go through the other line, "Hey, Scarlett?"

"Yeah it's me." I chuckled

"Ok good."

"So when did you put your number in my pocket?"

"When you were changing the other day at the store, you hung your pants over the door. I was finished so I just snuck it in."

"What if I was going to wash them?"

"Then I would've just told you in person."


We both laughed until I came across another question.

"Why didn't you just tell me in the first place?" I began, "It says you couldn't find the time but if I can remember clearly, you had plenty of opportunities to ask me."

"I was trying to be sentimental. What a guy can't do that for a friend?"

"Oh." I giggled, until another question crossed my mind, "So you really consider us friends?"


"Well, I mean, I didn't think you actually thought us as friends. I am a girl."

"So? I don't discriminate boys and girls as my friends." he laughed, "On second thought, cooties!"

I laughed again and agreed, "Ok. You're my friend"

"I like being friends with you." I could almost hear the smile spread on his lips.

"Me too."

"So is there a test I need to study for? I don't remember writing it down in my agenda."

"No, I was just looking for an excuse so you would leave."

"You don't like my company! Well, if we're going to be friends you have to at least want me around!" he shouted sarcastically

"What? I didn't agree to that."

"It's a package deal."

We began laughing again. I had realized I hadn't laughed this much since I met Ashton. No one has made me laugh this much all at once in my life. I didn't even know what my laugh really sounded like until Ashton came along. I felt so much happier.

I looked over at the clock that read 10:57 p.m. I sighed, "It's getting kinda late. I should get going."

"Yeah me too."

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Bye, Scar."

The nickname left me unable to reply for a second, I was so baffled as to what he called me, I hadn't heard that name in such a long time.

"Bye Ash." I said finally, then hanging up.


The next morning I rushed out of my house as fast as possible. I grabbed an apple, and ran outside, where Ashton was waiting. I greeted him with a friendly 'hello' and began walking. 

"I was nice talking to you last night." he grinned.

"Yeah, you too." I smiled back.

"I like you. You're cool." he said, a giggle followed behind

"Well, thanks." I let out a light laugh until he interrupted.

"I mean, you're so easy to talk to. You don't judge me or make fun of me, and it's nice. I'm so used to pretending to be someone else, and I feel like since I came here and befriended you, I can be myself without people judging me. I just wanted to tell you that, because it really has made an impact on my life so far." he rambled.

"Well same to you. I never had any friends, and I was so scared of going to school if my hair wasn't done, or I didn't have any makeup on, or if my clothes didn't look expensive enough. When you came, I guess I don't feel so much like that because you will back me up and stand up for me." I replied, meaning every word.

He gave me a bigger smile and put his arm around my shoulder, "I have a feeling this is going to work out."

"Hey," I began, "are you wearing your outfit?"

"Sure am." he took his arm off my shoulder and unzipped his sweatshirt, revealing the pony shirt I had picked out for him. "Are you wearing yours?"

"Mhm." I did the same and unzipped my jacket to reveal my shirt and quickly pointed to my shoes as well.


We made small talk some more, until we arrived at school. We both unzipped or jackets and took them off, nodding to each other reassuringly. He took my hand and brought it up to his lips, kissing it and saying, "It'll be ok."

As he dropped it, my heart nearly melted. He shows so much affection during school, it felt so nice. I quickly replied an 'Ok' and nodded.

"I'll see you after school."


Hi Hi HI. ok sorry for the long wait, kinda idk. This chapter was kinda short I guess. I hoped you guys like it tho. Ok that's all. tysm for all the reads.



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