Love Me? {Ashton Irwin}

Scarlett lived in a quiet town by the name of Grandview, Oregon. Nothing happened there. There were little residents. (About 500-600 at the most.) She had little friends, and she certainly didn't have a boyfriend. Her life went the way she wanted it to; Quiet and uneventful. She has one wish though. That wish is love. She wants to know how it feels to have a complete stranger com into your life and feel love for them. But a blonde boy from Australia happens to do just that.


20. Chapter Eighteen.


I looked up at her. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she looked around.

"Why am I here? What happened?" she rambled

I got up off my knees, "You drank a bit too much last night, and you– um–" I couldn't even finish. I didn't want to tell her. I knew if I did she would hate me. But she would also hate me if I didn't tell her.

"You got alcohol poisoning."

Her eyes widened. The shock on her face was undescribable. Her eyebrows furrowed while she decided to lie back down. I wonder what she was thinking. Was she mad at me? Did she hate me? Was any of this my fault? Would she put the blame on me? What am I saying, it is my fault. I should've been responsible and told her not to drink any. I mean, what kind of person encourages someone to drink a whole goddamn bottle of scotch? I didn't even tell her to stop. I let het get drunk and now shes in here because of me. 

I sat beside her, "I'm sorry." I didn't expect her to forgive me. I expected her to yell at me and kick me out and call her mom, asking her to pick her up. I expected her to tell me she never wanted me to talk to me again, and scream how much she hates me. 

"I'm such an idiot." she whispered.

"What?" I questioned

"I said I'm an idiot." she repeated

"Scar, this isn't your fault, if anything it was me. I should've told you to stop. I didn't do anything and now you're here. I shouldn't have encouraged you to drink." I responded

"Ashton, I took it upon myself to drink. I can't blame you for any of this. Please don't beat yourself up for my stupid mistakes. You're not at fault here. You're my best friend." Her arms came up from under her blanket, as she wrapped them around me in a tight embrace. I did the same and held her tightly. After a few seconds, the doctor barged in. 

"Oh, I'm sorry to intrude. I just need to talk for a minute." He stepped in. 

We separated and shyly smiled as the doctor took a seat. 

"So," he began, "We successfully did a gastric irrigation, meaning we pumped all the alcohol and toxins out of your system. You are free to leave today or tomorrow but no later. Your stomach may have some burning sensations so we have a persription for you, just take it with some water whenever you start to feel it burning. Eventually the burning will go away and that would be when you can stop taking the antibiotics. Any questions?" He looked up from his clipboard. 

She shrugged, "No, I want to go home today."





sorry ive been gone :( BUt hey i got my laptop back! also, i get out of school next thursday so i should have more time for writing :) ily all thank you for all the reads babes <3

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