Love Me? {Ashton Irwin}

Scarlett lived in a quiet town by the name of Grandview, Oregon. Nothing happened there. There were little residents. (About 500-600 at the most.) She had little friends, and she certainly didn't have a boyfriend. Her life went the way she wanted it to; Quiet and uneventful. She has one wish though. That wish is love. She wants to know how it feels to have a complete stranger com into your life and feel love for them. But a blonde boy from Australia happens to do just that.


10. Chapter Eight.

School actually turned out ok. Yes, I got stared at, but for some reason, it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I just walked the halls, glancing at Ashton if I saw him, and giving him a smile and a nod. When the last class ended, I ran out and met Ash in our usual spot. He greeted me with a friendly hug and said, "You did it!"

I chuckled and replied, "You did too!"

"I'm proud of us." he smiled sheepishly

"Me too."

We got to my house and I invited him in, saying hello to my family until I saw a big figure facing the opposite direction from me, so I was looking at his back. It turned around, making me smile once his face came to view.

"Dad!" I squealed, running over to him and hugging him tightly.

"Hey, pumpkin." he replied and hugged me back.

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming home?" I asked once we separated

"I wanted it to be a surprise!" he laughed, causing me to laugh with him. He looked behind me, his smile left his mouth. "Who's this?"

I looked at what he was questioning, until I remembered Ashton was with me. I quickly walked over to him and apologized, "Sorry. Dad, this is Ashton. He moved in two houses over." I gestured to Ash, who gave him a friendly smile and shook his hand. "Ashton, this is my dad, John Branson."

"Hi, nice to meet you." ashton greeted

"You too, son." my father replied, "Wow that's quite the accent."

"Yeah, I moved from Australia." he answered

"Nice. Now, I hope you do have good intentions with my daughter." my dads tone changed

"Oh, uh, n-no sir, we're not dating." he stuttered, causing me to blush.

"Perfect. Ok, well I have to get some work done. Nice meeting you, kid." he said, and walked up the stairs.

"Ashton," I turned to him, "I had no idea he was coming home. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"It's fine." he assured

I smiled at his ability to understand what was going on. He gave me a reassuring smile, and waved at my mum, "Bye."

I walked him out to the door, "I'm really sorry. Thank you for understanding."

"No it's fine. I understand you want to spend time with your dad. No big deal, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye Scar." And with that, he walked out the door.

I sighed in defeat, walking back to the kitchen. I flumped into a chair at my kitchen table, and started browsing on my phone. I had never seen that look on his face before. It was a look of despair, as if he had just lost me. He looked so hurt, and sad. I felt so bad, but he said he understood. I don't get it.

"You really like him." my mum interrupted, I had almost forgot she was in the kitchen. 

"Yes; as a friend." I answered

"I think he likes you too." she said, dropping her empty mug of tea in the sink.

"Not the way you think, mom."

"He'll come around, don't worry." she smirked and left the room, leaving me with my thoughts.


I decided I would call it a night, and took a quick shower before hopping into bed. I turned my phone on, and unlocked the screen. I then opened the iMessage app and left Ashton a text message:

To: Ashton

Hey, I'm still sorry about blowing you off today. Hope to see you soon. Have a good sleep. -Scarlett x

I hit send and rolled over to my nightstand and plugged my phone into the charger, and set it down. I got comfortable and prepared to fall asleep, until it buzzed, causing me to jump. I opened my phone again and saw that it was Ashton replying to me.

From: Ashton

It's totally fine, I understand that you wanted to spend time with your dad. And I hope to see you soon too. Have a good sleep as well. -Ash xx

As I read the text, a smile formed on my lips. I felt better about today, considering my dad kinda just said hi to me and then began to work. Nonetheless, I still missed my dad, but I do hope he doesn't work during the time that he's here.  I hope nothing happens.



I hate this chapter so much what the even. BUT THE 5SOS ALBUM CAME OUT IN THE U.S. AKA WHERE IM FROM lol I downloaded it before it came out though. WHATEVER ITS STILL EXCITING. k that's all I know this chapter sucked the next one will be better though. ok I promise.

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