A Present For A Ravenclaw

Just a bunch of random HP one-shots I made for the best Ravenclaw of all time. (Hence the title.) Sorry if they're short or horribly written. Probably mostly song fanfic things.

Warning: No lemons


1. We're My OTP by Troye Sivan : Rermione

Valentines Day is creeping up on me

'Don't forget Valentine's Day this year,' Harry texted me. Crap tomorrow was Valentine's day, and I hadn't even bought Hermione a present yet!
Still staring at you on my computer screen

Skype was how we normally kept in touch, but Valentine's day this year was different. I was comming home with Hermione to meet her parents.
Writing a fan fic in the middle of the night

Ever heard of Rermione? Well, that's what I kept writing fanfiction about. With Hermione and the kids at Hogwarts, I've got a lot of time on my hands.
Because, you know, this will bring us closer, right?

I really can't wait to go on this trip with Hermione. It will mean a lot of time to spend together, which we never have enough of.

'You've never met them' the peasant cried

Even though I haven't yet met Hermione's parents, I already dislike them. I mean, I just have a feeling that they're going to hate me...

I yell at my alarm clock as it rings, signaling the morning of Valentine's day.
I've told you before, are you deaf?

I swear, my alarm clock needs to have ears. Even when I yell at it to shut up, it keeps making that annoying beeping noise.
I've fallen in love with a GIF

Hermione is a total GIF. A Guy's Interesting Friend. Wait, that is what GIF stands for, right?

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

Bieber fever, one direction infection 

Lately, Rose has been listening to Justin Beiber and One Direction, so I decided to listen to some of their songs to become inspired for a Valentine's day gift. Worst. Idea. Ever.
Whatever floats your boat, whats your addiction

It turns out that shopping is really addicting. I went to buy some flowers for 'mione, and next thing I know, I have five million shopping bags!
And you, tumblr, you make it so much worse

Tumblr, as it turns out, has a lot of ideas for Valentine's day presents. (About one hundred more bags.
You make me feel the feels, RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS!

It really hurts to carry so many shopping bags! How do people handle this pain????

I'll love you always, I'll love you 5ever
I'll love you as much as I love nutella!

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy

OTP, we're my
OTP, baby you and me
We'd be so sexy


Wish me luck as I head off to pick up Hermione.


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