Internet Boyfriend [BoyxBoy]


Tristan is an open gay. Always beaten up by the usual bullies, squealed at by the fan girls, and has the craziest best friends he could ever hope for. He isn't complaining or anything but he feels empty and he longs for a boyfriend like any other hormonal teenager.

When he finds a gay site : '' it's a whole new world to him. He knows the consequences and warnings of the internet but yet he still goes on. In that site, he finds someone who he can't seem to forget.

He's in big shit.. With the texting, pictures, and phone calls. How can he not get any deeper? When the time comes when they finally meet each other.... Everything is put on the line. When secrets start getting revealed, what exactly happens from then on.

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5. Ch.5

This is number five O.0 damn.. time go by fast, I can't wait to get even farther.

I hope you guys will really like this because this is where everything will start taking place that is :} 

I can't wait to get farther into this book where THIS and THAT happens >:]  I already know everything from beginning to end. That means I won't have writes block for this book, right?

Tristan ------>>>> 

Anyways, Enjoy!


Tristan's POV  

I reached my hands out to the advil bottle and tighten my grip around it as my head throbbed endlessly. Who knew pain could hurt so much? Okay, that was a dumb question. See what it's doing to me! 

"I am never drinking again" I murmured out loud pouring myself a glass of water, stuffing the pill in my mouth and drinking it down with the water. I could only remember bits and bits of yesterday, like when that Alex guy tried to rape me! What the hell is wrong with people these days?

I walked up the stairs and no I didn't crawl. Once in my room, I stripped myself and dressed in all sweats , today I will not be bothered by no one. I went back downstairs with my phone and started pouring myself a bowl of cereal. Do you see how lonely my life is? Do you see how boring it is?! Because I sure do.

I dropped on the couch cross legged scarfing down my Cinnamon toast Crunch cereal and opened the Tv already on one of my favourite channels, watching 'Adventure time'. Call me a kid but this show rocks, no matter how old you are. Hmm... What if the main character Finn was gay... He does have beautiful hair under that hat.

My phone started ringing and I looked at the locations where it was located at. On the small table in the middle of the living room, that was four feet away! So now I have to get up, walk all the way over there, then come all the way back and sit down... Do you know how much word that is? too much, too much!

It rang again that I couldn't concentrate on eating or watching my show, I was getting pissed. Who calls someone this early on Sunday morning? it better not be Rhea but I have a bad feeling about it. I sighed irritated as I got up, stomped all the way to the table grabbing the phone violently and sat back down. 

I answered the call without checking who it was.

"For the love of glee, who in the hell are you thinking you can call me while I'm watching adventure time with my favorite cereal on a god damn hang over? huh!" I yelled, I seriously was not in a mood today.

"Oh is that so?" I gasped as a deep husky sound came from the other end of the phone, it was the sexiest sound I have ever heard since I was brought into this world. Okay that was bit over dramatic but still, the voice could send panties flying in one key. 

"W-who are you?" I stuttered, I was nervous as hell. I placed the cereal down unable to eat anymore because I felt so nauseous. 

"I'm your stalker.." he let the sentence trail off and my eye balls muste've dropped from my sockets. " S-stalker..? I'm not afraid to report your a-ass" I gulped trying not to sound afraid.

"You would report me sexy" It's as if I could see the guy grinning as his saying this. 'Sexy?' where have I heard that before...

"Sexy? A-are y-you.." I didn't finish my sentence, I was too afraid.

"What is it Trissie, don't remember me?" his voice lowered even more that I could hear only a loud thump erupt right at my chest.

"Ryder!" I squeaked.

"Yes, baby. Didn't I tell you that you can call me daddy?" I can feel him smirking from the other end. Oh my glob, Oh my gob! OH MY GLOB!  I am speaking to Ryder, the one who I have been chatting online with, that annoying flirting horny bastard. This is a joke, right? 

Wait a second...

"How the hell did you get my number?" I narrowed my eyes as I held the phone tighter to my right ear. I hear him chuckle which made me blush, his chuckles were far more better than Mitch's.

"A little sexy drunk bunny sent it to me" he replied rather sexually and I knew I was the bunny. My cheeks flushed even deeper "I-I didn't give you my number, why would I give a stranger my number?" I huffed into the phone shooting up from the couch making my way upstairs.

"Stranger? that hurts babe. We've been chatting for quite a while, a month I say... and also don't make such sounds on the phone. You'll turn me on" he talked slowly and I couldn't stop myself from blushing even more.

"Shut up!" I shouted and dropped myself on the wheel chair signing on the website opening last nights chat. 

"Are you checking what we did last night? you sexted me and everything you know..."  I bit my lip. Oh my god, I did? Please tell me I didn't, that's so embarrassing.

"You're lying" I whispered quietly. 

"You sound so cute" he replied laughing loudly with his rusty deep voice. He sounded like some crazy sexy bad ass that you read about or watch movies on.

The chat finally loaded and I skimmed through it.

Trissie : Hey~~ Ryder

W-what? I chatted with him first!

"Yeah you can't stay away from me" the voice surprised me and sure enough I knew I had said that out loud. "Be quiet" I ordered, "ouch, yes master" he said back which only frustrated me even more.

Ryde_Me : hey sexy 

Typical Ryder!

Trissie : I know I sexy duuuuhhh dummy

I blushed, I did not write that. I did not write that, but sadly yes I did.

Ryde_Me : I'm a dummy? that's kinda mean 

I rolled by eyes and muttered 'yes you are a dummy'

"I can hear that" he laughed on the other end, I wanted to hear his laugh again and again.

Trissie : I'm not mean, I'm just telling the truth

Ryde_Me : wow fine I admit I'm a dummy

Trissie : about time you realized the truth

Ryde_Me : What is your number?

"You asshole, you're the one that asked me my number. I didn't give it to you!" I gritted my teeth.

"Technically you answered so it's your fault sexy" he mused.

T-this guy, I wish I could punch him.

"If you saw my face the only you'd be punching is my little friend in your mouth" he snickered and I dropped the phone to the carpeted floor.

Did he just say that?

"You idiot that doesn't even make sense" I shouted at the ground as I picked up the phone.

"Pervert" I added.

"Why thank you Tristan" I shivered as he said my name but ignored it as I read the rest of the chat.

Trissie : Why would I tell you?

Ryde_Me : bcuz I want to talk to you

Trissie : fine... 555-678-4589

Ryde_Me : thanks baby

Trissie : gah! stop calling me that

Ryde_Me : you should get some sleep

Trissie : yyyyyy

Ryde_Me : cuz 2morrow you have a surprise 

Trissie : I dont wanna!

Ryde_Me : then I'm leaving

Trissie : d-don't leaaaavvvveeeee

Ryde_Me : y not?

Trissie : I'm lonelyyy

Ryde_Me : don't worry, I'll talk to you 2morrow

Trissie : Promise? ^_^

Ryde_Me : Promise.

{You logged off}

Ah! I feel so friggin embarrassed, I will never ever ever drink again. Lesson learned for sure this time, I promise.

"So you done?" his voice said again. 

"Y-yes but you tricked me, damn bastard" I whined.

"It was my only chance to get to talk to you, you're too stubborn to admit that you want to talk to me. I think you feel lonely and you want someone to embrace you, I'd gladly do that for you." he explained his voice had a sense of seriousness in it. I had an urge to give in to his will but stopped, I don't know this guy. 

Yes we got to know each other on the internet but.. meeting him off the internet. It just seems to risky, you hear all these stories and things about teenagers going missing because of this type of shit. They fall in love with their chatting buddy and they end up being a puppet to that person, then all you hear is that they died or got raped.

It's kind of scary if you think about it. What if his not the guy he says he is right now? It could be one of his friends just to try to lure me in. I never though of it that way but what if it's true? What if they want to sell me over sea's. I'll never get to explain to my parents about my lonesome, never talk to my friends again.

"Calm down Tristan, don't take my offer now. Seems like you're probably having all these conclusions swirling around your brain. I'll tell you my real name and everything so just don't panic" he seemed  nonchalant giving me all his information. 

"O-okay" I said quietly.

"My name is Ryder Micheals, I'm 16 and Bi. My school is Lechenski Private High school and I live about ten minutes away from that public school Mesmoral public high school"  he told me. I didn't realize that I was writing all that info in a piece of paper. I bit my lip when I realized that this guy lives about five minutes away from me and two to three minutes away from my school! 

Not only that but he goes to a private school. Is he some rich spoiled guy? I'm so curious wanting to know as the fear evaporated itself from my body.

Ryder Micheals? That sounds like a dangerous name

"Why are you telling me all this?" I asked because what if it was a motive for us to swap information. "For you to trust me, you don't have to tell me yours if you don't want to." he put in which didn't make me feel good.

"You're making me feel bad so I'll tell you as well " I sighed and I knew he was probably smirking on the other end. I calmed my nerves and tuned out the 'back of the head' conclusions. 

"My name is Tristan Lorke, I am 16 and gay. My school is Mesmoral public high school and I live twenty minutes away from it which means not too far from where you live as well." I finished, my whole body was shaking and my voice probably quivered a bit. 

"So we're right around the corner from each other... Maybe we are destined to be, sexy"  he blurted out maybe trying to lighten the mood.

"See telling me wasn't that bad and if you want to chat face to face. My skype is the same as my Ohi user name so don't be afraid" 

"Like I would " I scoffed.

"Maybe and maybe not."

I growled and he laughed. 

"Bye sexy" he made a smooching sound in the end which caught me off guard and I hang up on reflexes ending the line on his face. I started worrying, what if he doesn't call me again? 

Tristan calm down! His just a dumb guy you met online.

I jumped on my bed feeling exhausted.


Ryde_Me : Thats's what I said! I guess we are soul mates, sexy

Trissie :  no it's called being friends

Ryde_Me : so you admit you want me as a friend baby

Trissie : yes and I'm not your baby

Ryde_Me : or maybe more than friends...

Trissie : don't flatter yourself

Ryde_Me : I don't need to, I've already been flattered

Trissie : What -_-

Ryde_Me : so are you gonna skype or oovoo me

"Trissie!" I was hit in the back of my head by a flying object and my head swerved forward and my forehead dropped to the lunch table with a thud. I looked up to see that it was not a flying but someone's huge hands that I thought it was an orger's.

"My hands are not that huge" Rhea pouted.

"Anyways why are you ignoring us, you just keep going tap tap tap with your phone"  she made the hand motion and everything. "Were you even listening to me? I said wouldn't it be cool if I came to school with blue hair and yellow eye contacts. I'd look like one of those anime characters Febian's always watching" she winked. 

"No you'd look like an animal" I replied and she continuously started hitting me.

"You should not be talking, you're the text addict here. Who are you texting anyways?" she began to attack me and since I could not fend off this big breasted beast, I was over powered by her long arms as she took the phone away from me in one swift move.

"Give it back Rhea" I whined trying to get it back as she checked the screen, a wicked smiled spread to her face as I snatched it back.

"Who's Ryder? your boyfriend..." she nudged me by the side. "Or it could be his cousin or brother" Gena put in "or his crush" Febian added. "Who dares be Tris's boyfriend? I will be the judge of that!" Mitch said.

"What's school is he from?" Rhea questioned. 

"Lechenski..." I let it drift off knowing that I had not denied that Ryder was my boyfriend. What am doing to myself? 

"You mean where those rich spoiled bitches are" Mitch gritted his teeth and I knew he was angry even thinking about or hearing their names made him want to go mad. Let's just say their school and our school doesn't get along especially in sports. 

"I'm going to have to meet him." Mitch frowned as if he had knowledge of something I didn't. I also didn't like where this was going, Why don't I just tell them that this is some joke? 

"I can't wait to meet your boyfriend. I bet you guys are happy togayther" she laughed and so did the others, even Mitch lighten up. I bit my lip not able to laugh at the kind of situation I was digging myself into.

I'm getting in too deep.

I sighed knowing that I didn't even answer Ryder back, he probably thought I had stood him up unable to answer the question he had thrown at me. "Let us meet him" Gena asked with a pleading look and I nodded, yes I NODDED.

What the hell was I suppose to do? 'oh hey guys, I was lying. His some guy that I met on the internet who sexually harasses me but what can I say? I like it when he teases me' 

Woah... that was too much. I just made it worse for myself, man I am on fire today.

"Fine in two weeks" I simply said as the bell rang and they all cheered except Mitch who seemed to take it as a challenge.  Did I say I was son fire? forget that, I burnt everything! 

I'm already this deep. 

it's already too deep to escape.

I've already started liking Ryder.

I mean why else would I keep chatting and now talking on the phone with the bastard? That is the only explanation there is for the way I behave when I'm talking to him, imagine sitting next to him. My hearts beating by even the thought of that and I never even met the guy.

Am I going to turn out like those kids that fall in love on the internet?

I seriously hope not.


I just got home and I didn't take a shower or even eat. I didn't even walk home but actually ran my way over here... I needed to hurry.

I ran up the stairs creating noise in the empty house and slammed the door shut to my bedroom. I dropped my book bag on the ground and removed my shoes as I made my way for the monitor.

I gulped as I sat down and swirled my wheel chair around to face the monitor screen. I gulped again and it wasn't a substance, it was basically fear. I was swallowing the lump down but every time I swallowed one it's replaced by another.


Is the room spinning? Am I upside down? I stared at the screen as I logged onto my Skype and searched his name up, already finding him. My mouse moved to the green button that read that one word 'Call' , another huge lump formed and I pursed my lips together tightly swallowing that fear. 

"Stop being a pussy Tristan! you have a dick!" I shouted trying to encourage myself and then realized what I had just said. My cheeks turned bright red from the words that just blurted themself's out, oh god I'm so embarrassing sometimes.

"Yes you are" that familiar husky deep voice boomed through my monitors speakers and my head shot up at the sound.

No I didn't... But I did. I pressed that damn green button without even noticing.

Shit, oh shit, shit! 

Well, done fucking idiot!


The real plots about to start everyone 

I wish I could smile right now but I can't.  This is my second time writing this chapter because Wattpad was giving me trouble and deleted my damn chapter so I'm really frustrated right now.

I think the first time writing this chapter was better but I tried and I hope you love this chapter :(

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