Internet Boyfriend [BoyxBoy]


Tristan is an open gay. Always beaten up by the usual bullies, squealed at by the fan girls, and has the craziest best friends he could ever hope for. He isn't complaining or anything but he feels empty and he longs for a boyfriend like any other hormonal teenager.

When he finds a gay site : '' it's a whole new world to him. He knows the consequences and warnings of the internet but yet he still goes on. In that site, he finds someone who he can't seem to forget.

He's in big shit.. With the texting, pictures, and phone calls. How can he not get any deeper? When the time comes when they finally meet each other.... Everything is put on the line. When secrets start getting revealed, what exactly happens from then on.

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2. Ch. 2

So as I promised I will try to update as much as possible and I am so psyched about this book.

Do not do what Tristan will do in this chapter .. o; You'll see

Tristan's on the side -------> or for phones up there.

Thanks guys and I will update frequently. I am so Elated XD 

Hope you enjoy


Tristan's POV 




Oooh guess what? It's mothef*cking boring!

I scrolled down the page some more yawning my organs out as I stared at the page full of facts about some project that were suppose to do on Greek or something. I wasn't saying that it wasn't a fascinating topic but... Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying.

 I mean who in the world could concentrate and read this long paragraph about Greek gods without a single damn picture. They are all disfigured sculptures and painting but I was wishing they were more... Delectable and delicious with fine tone abs that would have my mouth hanging open with a slight drool at the corner.

The keys on my keyboard where making tapping noises as I caught myself writing on the Google search engine 'Hot gay guys' and giggled at all the results that I got and I simply clicked on 'images' and my eyes scanned them slowly and carefully. My screen was filled with ... Oh my glob... I think I started to tear up. How can such beautiful creatures live?  Tell me.. I need to KNOW!

I clicked on the second picture of two irresistible guys sucking each others faces off, I felt my face and cheeks heat up from how erotic they looked. Come on! you can't blame me here.. They had n-no shirts and their abs where just taunting me at how remarkable they were... Why couldn't I have one of them. I sighed, this was just getting me hot and bothered, also slightly annoyed and friggin jealous so instead I wrote 'Hot gay sites' on the search bar switching it to 'search'. 

Again results were instantly at my screen and I anxiously looked through them. I didn't want a site to give me viruses or use webcam, just a cool and chill website for gays to chat. I was bored and feeling lonely which happens often since my friends have lives other than me, and my parents are never home so why not?

Hmm... I went to pages after pages  but couldn't find anything. After six times blushing and a boner later, a name that was seriously peculiar caught my attention and I raised an eyebrow with my new profound curiosity. ''  that's the cutest name ever.. or so I thought? I was hesitant for only a minute but clicked it anyways, I was bouncing on my seat nervously as it loaded.

On the left side was a colored logo, not rainbow colored but it could have represented it that and it said 'Ohi-Dating' I chuckled and scrolled down to see a picture filling the page.  A guys hand was holding up his grey dimmed shirt and on it was the word 'Ohi' and at each side of the picture stated 'Gays Only' in chalk effect. Yay that's me!

I scrolled down even more to find a picture of this tan toned guy with his ... my heart pounded slightly of how good he looked. His six packs had me weak and breathless and looking a bit lower his briefs teased me as I looked over his V line. I had consciously forgot to check his face but when I did, I whimpered at how sexy he was. On top of the picture was a caption 'Welcome to Ohi-Dating site' and on the right was a description so I started reading it.

Hmmm... Look at that delicious soul. Whoever you are I'll give you my number 515-453-9014. 

He was probably talking about that guy in the pic, I giggled at the admin and continued on ahead... this was interesting.

Sikkkeee. JK

I actually laughed out loud at that. 

 So welcome to our site and yes the guy to the side has nothing to do with this. He is just too sexy so I put him there to catch attention.  Did it catch yours?

I wanted to scream 'Hell yeah' but I only nodded like a psycho.

*Stares at it more and starts drooling* Okay Hey Gay friends or supporters of Gays, this is site is all for you! Go ahead and chat, meet new friends, and share dirty pics and stuff.

I blushed knowing that I'd never do that, I mean who doesn't know the consequences of the internet. We were taught that since like the fourth grade or something and I've seen what it could do to people.

You know you wanna ;)  Don't lie, lying is bad you know!

I am not lying... I was telling the truth, so you are the bad one for thinking I was lying which means that you are the liar not me. I breathed out, What am I doing arguing to a screen in my head?

Anydicks... yes yes I said that! Got a problem! 

I giggled again, this guy was hilarious!

If you want to know my name is Ohi ... Stupid name right? Yeah no wonder I'm Gay.

I know what he means.. my parents adopted this nickname and calls me 'Trissie'. 

Age: None of your cum

Height : Bigger than your 'friend' *Smirks*

Looks : Better than you

Now that you know about me. Go and Explore 

I decided to listen to the man and explore, this was actually the funniest intro ever! I was excited to see what else was on this site and I couldn't wait to chat with people just like me.

I saw the sign up button and decided to join as well, I mean I'd want to come to this site Who wouldn't?!! After registering my email and name with all that extra stuff. I was ready and my user name was : Trissie , plain and simple so I could remember. 'Were glad that you've signed up to this gay ass site. Thank you' it said once I was set on, I chuckled and wanted to edit my profile before actually getting social.

The first thing to change was my picture, I had millions of pictures of me on my computer... Hey! Don't criticize, It was only because of my boredom. I checked to see a picture of me on the big chair sofa laying on my back, feet up with light faded jeans that reached slightly down to make it seem like a tease while my hands lingered to the front of my pants,  I was indeed shirtless as my head rested on the arm rest.

I blushed and debated with myself about whether I should use it or not and in the end I did.  

I pressed next and it said About me...  I shrugged not knowing what to write but did anyways. I wanted to make it simple and amusing at the same time. I started typing instantly :  Er... What up I shook my head and backspaced deleting the words I had just written and tried again :

 Trissie here!

I'm 16 and prego's (Ha Kidding!)

I'm actually a guy with a banana so no worries (Just for the *cough cough* special ones out there, it means I don't have a pizza!)

I am Gay! Yeppers... Even the annoying rabbit from tricks told me 'D*cks are for chicks' I know he is so mean :(

I'm just here to kill time and meet new friends, so please don't be too shy because I am too...

I am very naughty and I can do anything you want me to.. *Licks my lips*

Ha! I wish.. sorry boys I don't date on the internet.

Looks : Brown haired, light brown eyes, 5'5,

Relationship: Single <3 or married to myself.

Wanna know my real name? Not gonna tell you *winks* 

I've told you a bit about me and now I shall take me leave ;) 



I sighed against the keyboard, that was so hard! Who knew making a profile took this long and you had to actually use your damn brains. How annoying!

I laid back on my seat seeing as it was getting a bit late, maybe I should just say goodnight and go get something to eat and check back romorrow. As I was getting up from my seat there was a ping sound coming from my computer. I swerved around so fast I almost tripped and busted my chin on the desk but I caught myself just in time and sat down shaking a bit.

It said I had one friend request? I gasped... already?!  

I checked on the names and I shook my head at it trying to suppress my smile : Ryde_me  

I accepted it only because I needed friends and just because his name was making me giggle but that was all. I clicked on his name to see his profile, I looked at his picture and it was only a picture of a bear by the corner. I shrugged and scrolled down to his 'About me' :

My name? Wouldn't you like to know ;)

I look better than you and I am better than you. 

Everything I do is worshipped and that's all you need to know but I'll ask you this :

Suck me? ;) 

I was almost in tears after finishing these sentences, this guy was too cocky for his own good! but it was also quite amusing.

Another sound came from my computer, it dinged once and it told me I had a message from that same guy.

I clicked on the chatroom.

Ryde_Me : Hey sexy ;)

I rolled my eyes, typical flirt and I knew those types of people all too well to get caught up in their act but I decided to go along with it.

Trissie : Uh Hey? Who are you?

Ryde_Me :  No one you need to know

Trissie : Y not?

Ryde_Me : Cuz....

Trissie : Cuz?

Ryde_Me : yeah cuz

Trissie : -___- 

Ryde_Me : So what's up?

Trissie :  I'm not doing anything really.

Ryde_Me : Your life sounds boring

Trissie : Shuddup

He had no right telling me I had a boring life when I clearly knew that and isn't his life boring since his on here chatting with a total stranger!

Ryde_Me : No can do

Before I can type something else, he responded again.

Ryde_Me : and what kind of name is Trissie anyway, you really are gay huh?

I scowled at the screen as I typed.

Trissie: :/ Duh this is a GAY site and whatever I don't care what you say.

Ryde_Me : But you do, that's y you're getting so angry right trissie


Trissie :..... who else is on here

Ryde_Me : Probably gay people are on this sight.. and the owner. dummy

Trissie : you mean *site and I am very smart

Ryde_Me :  -_- don't b a grammar c*ck

Trissie : That was not a funny joke

Ryde_Me :  yes it was don't lie

Trissie : No it wasn't...

Ryde_Me : So Trissie... how old are you?

Trissie : I'm 16

Ryde_Me :  Me too ;) maybe were destined to be?

Trissie : No

Ryde_Me : Harsh much?

Trissie : Yes

Ryde_Me : *chuckles* okay then what's your real name?

Trissie : Why do you want to know, we just met!

Ryde_Me : Fine... 

Trissie : What's YOUR name?

Ryde_Me : Ryder...

I was surprised that he had actually answered but also glad. I checked his user name and it seem to fit with his name but... it was dirty.

Trissie : You're a pervert

Ryde_Me : *smirks* thanks

This guy!

Trissie : not something to be proud of...

Ryde_Me : but I am

Trissie : -_- you are annoying

Ryde_Me : Then why are you still talking to me cutie

I rolled my eyes yet again.

Trissie : How do you know I'm cute

Ryde_Me : I can feel it

Trissie : Are you gay for real?

Ryde_Me : Nope I'm bi.. which means I'm gay in a way.

Trissie :  oh

Ryde_Me : Yeah

Trissie : So why are you on here, you seem like a pretty cocky guy to me.

Ryde_Me : cuz I'm bored

Trissie : ....

 And he was talking about how my life is boring!

Ryde_Me : Wanna send me a pic of yourself... I see your profile pic. Is that really u?

Trissie : No duh smart one

Ryde_Me : I know I'm smartly handsome

Trissie : that makes no sense

Ryde_Me : I'm making it make sense

Trissie :  -_-

Ryde_Me : so is that a yes to sending the pics.

Trissie : NO!!!

Ryde_Me : aww meanie 

Trissie : seriously I'm leaving

Ryde_Me : Don't go baby

I scoffed

Trissie : Baby?

Ryde_Me : yeah  *winks * you know you want me

Trissie : that is a fat NO! I don't even know YOU!

Ryde_Me : you should, I'm pretty popular w/ guys and girls

Trissie : Good for you

Ryde_Me : I can feel the jealousy through the screen


Trissie : You can't see me...

Ryde_Me : or can I?

My head shot to my window but I saw nothing but the night's looming sky and realized when the hell it got so late, I have to go to school tomorrow.

Trissie : you're weird

Ryde_Me : Nope I'm just too sexy

Trissie : You are way too cocky

Ryde_Me : Come on I'm a sexy mofo, I'll give you my number and I can send you a pic ;) or a few. we'll exchange.

Like I'd fall for that

Trissie : Uh ewww for all I know ur some 65 year old wrinkly guy w/ one ball 

Ryde_Me : Lmaoo , Do u seriously think that can happen.

Trissie : Yes

Ryde_Me : Okay then cutie I see that you do not believe me and my sexy self but one day you will ;)

Trissie : That won't happen any time soon!

Ryde_Me : That's what they always say but then I catch em..

Trissie : oooh should I get a boner or something?

Ryder_Me : Trust me, your little friend would be throbbing if it saw me and your little nipples would be rising high at my voice, your mouth would be parted when you see my body *Smirks* I'm just that good. Later babe. Goodnight have wet dreams about me ;)

{Ryder_Me has logged off}

I stared at the screen as a a blush crept to my cheeks and I huffed! T-t-this guy! What is his problem... He did not just WRITE that but he did... What is wrong with him?

I exit out the browser trying to regain my face back, well that... was something. I don't think I'll go back to the site after that! I fidget it a bit... Maybe I might. 

I finally got up and checked the clock to find out that it was 2am... WHAT?! when did that even happen? I was talking the guy for what four hours or so.

I groaned, I had a few quizzes and even a test tomorrow. I was going to fail  big time and this time it was all my fault for doing this, if it was 11pm I could've still tried but now it was way too late and I needed sleep now!

Should I study? I stared at the work on the table and felt my body sag. I felt exhausted and run down so I waved a hand at it and stripped my cloths off to head in the shower to clear my head and cleans myself. I set the water to warm as I jumped under the running water letting myself cool down and breathe as the water sprinkled down on my soft body.

My mind drifted off to that guy.. Ryder.. it was a really sexy name and it really might belong to a hot guy but I wasn't sure... I didn't know this guy or what he was? All I knew was that his names Ryder and he seemed extremely cocky and made himself resemble like a player which I'm sure he might be.

For all I know he might be a GIRL... I shivered at the thought. Oh god no that would be terrible, I seriously hope not because he really sounded like a guy to me and he did say he would give me his number which meant that he IS real right? but what if he turned out to be ugly, okay that was mean but... work with me here! 

If he were some sexilicious hunk why would he be on that type of website? He should be out there, dating numerous of people and banging them in the ass instead of flirting through a screen. I sure hope I stop this pretty soon, I mean this is only because I'm bored at the moment so it shouldn't last long.

I got out the shower after a while looking back at the computer screen to see my screen saver of different colored lollipops pop up. Call me childish but I love sweets, I jumped on my bed letting my body slump into the mattress and sighed contently closing my eyes without my knowing and drifted off to sleep before I even knew it.


Did you think it was boring :( I'll try my best!

;O Things are starting to happen! ;) I'm soo excited! 

The chat was long... Or did you guys think it was long? Would you like more of the chatting thing or less of it???!!

Their Profiles are actually real. Just go to the site '' and go on the page ;Awesome shit; and you will see 'Characters profiles'.

They also started chatting on the website and it is different from this one because I had to shorten it but eh...

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