Change me, Camp

Kia was once known as one of those girls that are always happy, always full of joy and making people smile to any situation either Good or Bad, but what happens when her Sister's death changed her whole life including the girl she once used to be. Now she's all dark, gloomy and known for her bad reputation, doing what ever she likes well that is until her mom makes her go to this boot camp.

Kia is forced to go the day after she was told , on the way inside the plane she bumps into a boy that Aggravates her to her bones. Not only that but he keeps popping everywhere she goes with his cute hazel eyes.

Who does he think he is? and Kia is just about to find out this summer and with that, will she change for the better?! Will she fall in love, the feeling that got put away under her heart two years ago?

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2. ~ A Kiss On the Cheek ~

Keep the reading going!! and Love it


 Kia's POV

I woke up to the sound of the PA coming on telling us it was 30 mins before landing, I yawned looking at California it was a pretty place usually full of gorgeous people.

"Hello Welcome to airport AA, my name is Captain Seaton and I'll be helping you land safely in 30mins" a man came out the back curtains of the plane.

Captain Seaton was French and you could easily tell by his French accent, he was a short man with black hair.

Another face came out the curtains, it was a dark skinned lady that had the face of a super model with her long black hair, and she stepped in front of the captain.

"And... I'm counselor Naika. I will be training you at the Boot camp teaching you guys how to behave" Counselor Naika said in a happy voice, the whole plane starts to whisper , a few to loud.

"Please what is she a model?, what can she do?" one girl in the back said.

"Wow she's sexy, bet you can't get that ass" a guy's voice boomed from the back.

"Excuse me please leave all comments to yourselves or do you want to start your first day with me being angry? I don't think you want that" She said her voice turning from sweet to bitter.

The plane turned silent

"Good" her voice said satisfied she looked at the captain to give him a nod,

"Ok Naika I'll go drive the plane" Captain Seaton told her, Counselor Naika straightened , cleared her throat and nodded.

"Don't you mean FLY the plane captain" the bright red haired girl sitting next to me yelled to the captain who gave her a wicked look and Scowled.

"Strawberry head I know what I said" he replied vanishing among the curtains leaving counsoler Naika alone starring into the distance.

The red haired girl slumped down into her seat, probably because she just got told

"Stupid captain I was just helping you're french ass" she whispered under her breath.

For about 5 minute it was quiet, but that got interrupted

"Hey, you never told me your name" the red head said, in a better mood

"Kia Glaze what about you?" I asked.

"The names Kimora, Kimora Bright, I'm 16yrs and by the looks of you, you're probably 16 too am I right? Of course I'm right, right? " Kimora said with a huge smile.

"You talk a lot you know that" I replied flatly with no enthusiasm,

"so... why are you here?" Kimora asked

"None of yours" I said with an annoyed tone.

"Ok I get the idea, don't got to be mean" Kimora said in a hurtful tone but she kept her smile.

I didn't get this girl and why did she keep smiling, didn't I just put her in her place? I shrugged and looked out the window, I really couldn't care less.

"So... can you tell me now? Please..." Kimora asked again, I felt my mouth twitch

"I don't know you. We just met so take a hint and shut up!" I answered back with aggravation

"Wow someone's real bitchy" Kimora said not seeming to be afraid of me.

"Whatever" I scoffed

"I couldn't care less about you or this dumb camp" I continued saying words without even thinking.

Kimora's grey eyes showed a bit of sadness as if she wanted to cry but quickly removed it to a smile. Maybe I'm being too mean and plus I need a little follower to keep me company, and she could be great use.

After ten minutes passed I looked at her, she was turned talking to some girls across from us, I tapped her shoulder. Her body stiffened, she turned to face me.

"Yeah..." she said the word trailing off,

"Look I'm sorry ok, I'm pretty angry about coming here, it ruined all my summer plans" I said letting sigh,

"Um.... Ok, I didn't mean to start trouble, sorry" Kimora said looking apologetic.

"Yeah, my fault too" I said softening up.

"Friends?" Kimora asked handing her handing out her hand, I hesitated but I don't have a friend here yet so why not make one? it took me a good solid 3 seconds for me to confirm

"Friends" I replied with a smile yep I actually smiled, didn't I say I was going to use her, maybe I won't just maybe.

The plane starts shaking gently landing; it rolled like a car driving through the lanes for about another minute.

The plane stops,

"Ok thank you for riding with us, please unbuckle your seat belts and carry on out of here with you belongings" the captains voice came on loudly on the speaker, Kimora forgetting me runs out the plane.

I let out a long frustrating sigh and tried to reach for my bag, jumping up and down, Ahhh stupid suitcase just freaking fall already.

Why am I so short?

"Need help?" A familiar voice came behind me,

I didn't need to even turn around I could feel him smirking already

"Unfortunately yes" I said uneasily,

"What's your name?" he asked as I stepped out the way for him to take my luggage

"Kia Glaze" I replied abruptly turning around to leave with a mutter of thank you under my breath.

He caught my arm

"Mines is Shane Dallas, I think your name is cute" Shane said, his eyes glittering " but I didn't hear your thank you, say it again louder with my name please" he continued with a mischievous smile plasterd on his face.

I turned around giving him a disgusted look but he only laughed at it, this guy what is wrong with him!

"Thank you Shane" I managed to say  nicely and pulled my hand from his hold and walked off but I could still hear him laughing.

What did he find so amusing, why did he laugh or take me as a joke?

What a weirdo!

I walked out from the plane through the crazy crowds staying on line behind some giggling girls,

"Ok everyone get into the bus, No pushing please" Naika instructed giving all 25 of us a strict look. We all packed in, I was the last but there was only one seat left and it was near someone I didn't want to be.

As I approached, Shane laughed, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

Ugh why am I always getting stuck with him? This better not be some cliche romance story because I can't stand this guy...

"You're a very lucky girl, always bumping me, asking me for help, and sitting with me. Are you my stalker because it's only the first day we can get to know each other better" he mused.

I sat down not moving a muscle; this guy... this guy is ... he is so annoying.

"You can say what you want, who would want to stalk your ugly ass" I snapped at him

"Wow calm down, getting a little mad are you?" he laughed again.

"It's not funny" I hear my voice get loud and covered it quickly after I realized everyone was staring at me; I blushed and scowled at them.

They turned back to their business, I heard someone stifle a laugh. I turn my head and stared at Shane

"See what you did" I whispered furiously at him,

"Hmm yea sure I did" he whispered back sarcastically.

I looked away from him and stared at the people across us, it's better than fighting with this boy!!!!


Shane's POV

"Hmm yea sure I did" I whispered back sarcastically.

I seem to love teasing this girl that I just met a few hours ago. I never loved teasing anyone more than her and it's only the first day,

She's pretty interesting.

She's cute but has that tom boy vibe to her and she sometimes seems like she might kill someone but I can tell she might only be pretending.

I chuckled to myself when she looked away with an annoyed look on her face, I wanted to annoy her even more but I gave it a rest for now.

It was about thirty minutes before she turned her head, guess her neck was hurting. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit, she's  a funny one.

I'm thinking about making her my victim, she seem's to be catching my interests more than she should.

Once we get to the camp, guess who I had to help with the luggage again and guess who got mad because I helped her.

Yep: Kia!

When the bus stopped, I was helping Kia with her luggage, she looked at me.

"Want to take a pic. You can hang it in your room and make out with it later on" I told her a smirk rising from ear to ear,she gave me a cold stare, man I just love that stare.

Is it crazy that I love teasing her, then maybe I am because I can't see anything more amusing for me than making her mad!

As soon as I put it on the floor when stepping out the bus, I look around the camp that I've been to for the last 2 years, this will make my third year, the little houses that were made out of wood painted dark green, there was a line separating the girls and boys sides, and in each little house there were about 2-4 bunks.

I let out a sigh and realizing that Kia had been staring at me again.

When I caught her, she turned her face as if looking at the green blue-ish lake that was near the us.

"Can I get my luggage" she asked rudely. Ooh she's getting mean again I smile.

"Is that anyway to ask me" I said looking down at her.

She was so short compared to me, she turned her head and looked up at me

"Why do you have to be like that?" she said her voice growing, I smiled sweetly nothing effecting me.

"Just say please and give me a kiss on the cheek and it's all yours" I said passing the limit of teasing.

Kia's eyes widened and then darkened, her face buried underneath her bangs, she looked back up again but this time staring in my eyes with hatred.

"What did you say?" she asked coldly,that's when I knew that maybe I went a little far.



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