Kyle is on the edge of death. She had just been diagnose with cancer. Doctors said that it'd be a miracle if she lives to see the first snow fall. So instead of trying to prevent her death her parents send her to live with her aunt and cousin. The worse part is, they forgot to tell her aunt that she was coming. None the less she welcomes her with open arms. Soon she starts to fall in love with one of her cousin's best friends. But when he finds out that she's sick will he leave or help her?


1. Haiii!

Thank you for clicking on my first story on Movellas(:

These are the characters and relationships between them.

Kyle Styles
Cousin of Harry Styles

Harry Styles
Cousin of Kyle Styles

Louis Tomlinson
Best Friends with Harry

Zayn Malik
Best Friends with Harry

Liam Payne
Best Friends with Harry

Niall Horan
Best Friends with Harry


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