Kyle is on the edge of death. She had just been diagnose with cancer. Doctors said that it'd be a miracle if she lives to see the first snow fall. So instead of trying to prevent her death her parents send her to live with her aunt and cousin. The worse part is, they forgot to tell her aunt that she was coming. None the less she welcomes her with open arms. Soon she starts to fall in love with one of her cousin's best friends. But when he finds out that she's sick will he leave or help her?


2. England.

Kyle's POV:

My stomach was turning into knots once again as I stepped out of the cab. I thought for sure that my Aunt would be waiting for me at the airport like she used to do all the time. I looked around the drive for Harry's car but there was no sign of it. Which means he either wasn't home or he wreck yet another expensive car. I stretched out my arm to knock on the door when horrible pain flushed through my body causing me to fall to my knees. Luckily even on the ground I was able to gently tap on the big wooden door. When the door opened I looked up into a pair of worried blue eyes. It was Sara, their head maid. She helped me to my feet then into the den. After she made sure I was okay she ran to get my Aunt and something for me to drink. After a few minutes my Aunt made her way into the den with worry deep in her eyes. 

"Kyle? What in heavens are you doing here?" She asked taking a seat next to me. 

"You don't know?" I asked confused.

"Know what?"

"My parents sent me here..." I muttered.

"They didn't even call." She frowned. "Why did they send you this time?"

"I have cancer..." A lumped formed in the back of my throat as I fought back the tears. "The doctors say it'd be a miracle if I see the first snow fall of this year.."

"What?! That's a horrible thing to say to a young girl!" She stood up outraged. "Aren't your parents even gonna try to save you?"

"No.." I shook my head. "That's why they sent me here."

She frowned and sat back down next to me before pulling me into her arms hugging me tightly. I missed Annie and Harry. Because they were more of a family to me then my parents were. 

"I promise you Ky I am gonna help you." She kissed my forehead before standing up to leave. 

"Um Auntie..." I mumbled.


"Can we keep the cancer thing between us?" I asked as we heard the front door open and five loud voices come inside the house.

"Your secret is safe with me." She smiled softly before leaving the room. As she left Harry turned the corner and his eyes lite up with happiness.

"Kya!" He shouted running towards me then engulfing me in a tight warm hug. 

"Hazza.." I mumbled. "I missed you.."  

"I missed you too." He smiled at me as he let go. I looked behind him to see four other guys looking at me with curious eyes. 

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Oh these are my best friends." He smiled stepping back towards them. "Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, this is my cousin Kyle." He smiled as he introduced me. 

"You never told me she was so cute." Louis frowned. 

"Touch her and you're dead." He warned which made me giggle. We all took a seat as they started making jokes about something. I wasn't paying much attention because I was trying to fight back the feeling to throw up. After a bit I had stretched out laying my head on someone's lap and quickly fell asleep. 


I was woken up but the sound of thunder roaring throughout my ears. I jumped up in fear just to realize that I was in bed. I looked around the dark room to find no one. I was alone. Why did this just make me feel worse. I stumbled to my feet then walked into the hallway just to accidentally bump into someone. 

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry..." I muttered. 

"No it's fine. Are you okay Kya?" I looked up to see Louis' blue eyes beaming with worry. 

"Yeah the thunder just woke me up is all..." I muttered. 

"Want me to stay with you till you fall asleep?" He asked. 

I knew it could be risky, and I knew he could also get punched in the face by my caring older cousin. Yet for some reason I didn't want to be alone so I took him up on his offer. We went back into the room and climbed into the bed. He wrapped his arm around me embracing my small body in his. I closed my eyes as I listened to the sound of his heart beating against mine. It was musical in a way. By morning light I woke up in that big bed all alone. There wasn't even a slight trace that someone was there, except for a small pendent necklace that dangled from my small neck. I traced it with my finger and a smile appeared on my face. 

"You seem happy." Annie said walking into the room.

"I guess." I muttered.

"I made you an appointment." 


"To see the doctor and discuss what we can do to help save you." She smiled.


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