Better than prom

Loki comes to visit you at the night of your Prom. You have been stood-up, and are sitting on the porch, crying. He sits beside you, and you explain what happened. He asks if the following night, you would do him the honor of being his guest to a grand ball in Asgard that will be held at the palace. He promises it will be even better than Prom. You agree. The next evening, he takes you to Asgard, where you are fitted with a beautiful ball gown, and you go with him to the ball. All eyes are on the two of you all night, and you have a wonderful time. When he brings you home, he kisses your forehead and promises that any time you are stood-up, he will be there to whisk you away and make you forget the foolish boys who wrong you.


3. The green dress

I had never felt more relieved than when we arrived at the stables by the palace and I was off that horse. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I could do without the terror of worrying that I was going to fall off. I looked around, still amazed. Even the stables were beautiful. Asgardians knew how to treat their animals. 

I admired the beautiful polished wood of the hitching post. “Even the horses get spoiled here in Asgard, huh?”

Loki chuckled. “We spare no expense. Horses are so much more than transportation. They’re our companions, and even carry us into the forray of battle now and then. They deserve just as much care and respect as any soldier.”

I smiled as I watched Loki stroke Leika’s mane, before walking out with him as he closed the gate. He extended his arm out to me as we walked towards the small entrance by the side of the stable. I hooked my elbow with his, still looking around. He was silent, I could tell he was probably watching me with an amused grin. He was right, as always; I had never seen anything so beautiful, and we weren’t even at the ball yet!

We entered a small wing of the palace, where we were met by a few servants, who bowed before Loki. He gave them a small head-bow of aknowledgement, before gesturing to me. “If you’d be so kind, please show my guest to her dressing chambers for tonight, and fetch her something to wear for the afternoon until her gown has been preapred.”

They nodded, and motioned for me to follow them. I looked to Loki before he nodded, giving me the go-ahead to follow them. I had to split my attention between following them and looking around the palace. long hallways with tall ceilings and columns, carvings, statues, fountains, it was, to be blunt, really freaking amazing! Other servants and palace dwellers walked past us, giving me strange looks and whipsering as I walked past. It was painfully obvious that I was a mortal, and I stuck out like a sore thumb with my Midgardian clothing. I would be glad when that issue was resloved. 

Once we reached the dressing room, which was more than twice the size of my room, they sat me down on this really comfortable couch. They left for a few minutes, before coming back out with a dress and shoes. They helped me get into the Asgardian dress, made sure the shoes fit, and gave me a nice shawl to wear over it if I wanted to. I put the pendant back on, and they folded and took my clothes that I wore there, putting in the small cabinet in the corner.

Once finished, they brought me to the gardens, where Loki was waiting for me. He stood up and smiled when he saw me. “Ah, that’s more like it! What do you think?”

I blushed a little bit. “I like it. It’ll, uh… take some getting used to, but I like it! At least I don’t stick out quiet as much anymore.”

He smiled and extended his arm out yet again. “Shall we?” 

I took it with a smile as he began his tour. Over the next three hours, we did a lot of walking. I was surpirsed at how my feet weren’t even sore. These shoes were really comfortable. I thought maybe we should get some imported from here. They’d come in handy for gym class, that’s for sure. He showed me the gardens, fountains, the training courtyard, we walked around the village for a little bit, then back to the palace. He showed me the library, the healing chambers, and all the little stops along the way.

We came upstairs, to some very large double-doors. Loki smiled and walked ahead, about to open them. “Lilac, come here. Let me show you something else…”

As he spoke, he opened them. They led to a huge balcony that overlooked all of Asgard. I stepped out, and looked over the scene. I was quite literally speechless. “Wow… it’s…. it’s amazing…”

Loki stood beside me, grinning as he looked over the scene as well. “Breathtaking, isn’t it?” I could only nod. We stood there in silence for a while, before a servant approached us. “Your higness, forgive my interruption, but… it’s time to get ready for tonight.”

Loki seemed surpised. “Time already? My, where did the hours go?”

He looked to me. “Well, time for you to get changed and prepared.”

I smiled, a little nervous. He turned to the servant. “Bring her to the preparation chambers, as we have arranged. The dress should be there and ready.” The servant nodded and bowed, waiting for me. Loki then turned his attention to me again. “I must go to my own chambers and prepare, as well. You will be brought to the wing just outside of the entrance to the great hall when you are done. I will be waiting for you.”

He smiled and took my hand, kissing my knuckles before he sent me on my way to get ready. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we made our way to the room. When I saw the dress, my breath caught. It was beautiful. There were three female servants there as well, who told me they were there to help fix my hair and apply cosmetics. 

I felt excited, and spoiled at this point. This is too much. All of this, for me? I could have gotten ready myself, Loki. You didn’t need to do this.

I sat in silence as they looked me over and began combing my hair, wondering what I would look like when the “transformation” was complete.

An hour and a half later, I was ready. The gown was almost a combination of a Medieval ballgown and one of those dresses you see greek women wearing in school text books. The dress itself was a dark emerald green (figures) with intricate Asgardian designs threaded in gold thread. It had a boat-neck like collar with open sleeves, and a thin gold cloak over it to tie everything together. Around my neck was the pendant Loki had given me, and my hair was in a bun at the top, with the rest of it in long, curled cascades down to my shoulders, with gold and emerald thread wovnen between strands. 

As for the makeup, nothing too fancy. It actually looked very natural, except for the gold-tinted eyeshadow and dark reddish lips. I was brought to a mirror, and was stunned. I had never looked this way before, and I was almost… embarassed. I could feel myself getting hot in the face, and apparently I was blushing quite a bit.

One of the servants looked to me. “My lady, are you alright?”

I nodded quickly. “I’m fine, I just….. I look different.”

She smiled as she gently led me out of the room to the wing where Loki would be waiting. I stood in the shadows for a moment, admiring Loki. He looked so handsome in his ceremonial armor. I took a deep breath and gathered my courage, before making my way towards him. “Loki…”

He turned and saw me, and I felt myself blush again as he smiled. “You look positively stunning, Lilac. Absolutely radiant.”

I shook my head and looked down, blushing harder. “Stop it, Loki. You’re embarassing me.”

He titled his head. “I only speak the truth. You look beautiful, darling.”

I smiled a timid smile as he took my hand. “Ready when you are.”

He shook his head. “No, I’m ready when you are.”

I looked at the double doors ahead of us, before looking to Loki and nodding. He gave the guards the signal to open them. I held my breath as they did…

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