Better than prom

Loki comes to visit you at the night of your Prom. You have been stood-up, and are sitting on the porch, crying. He sits beside you, and you explain what happened. He asks if the following night, you would do him the honor of being his guest to a grand ball in Asgard that will be held at the palace. He promises it will be even better than Prom. You agree. The next evening, he takes you to Asgard, where you are fitted with a beautiful ball gown, and you go with him to the ball. All eyes are on the two of you all night, and you have a wonderful time. When he brings you home, he kisses your forehead and promises that any time you are stood-up, he will be there to whisk you away and make you forget the foolish boys who wrong you.


2. First time in Asgaard

When I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock around 10:30 the next morning, I thought for a second that the night before had been nothing but a dream. Loki wouldn’t actually ask me of all people to be his date for this grand ball, would he? I sat up and stretched as I looked around my room, and caught sight of something on my window seat. I got up and picked it up; it was a small package wrapped in bright green cloth with a gold string around it. I unwrapped it to discover a small box, with a beaitiful pendant inside.

I gasped at the sight of it. Small, tear-drop shaped and set in gold, with a long gold chain. I admired the way the emerald color was set off by the sunlight streaming through the window. There seemed to be something etched into it. It was a design of some sort. I looked at it closer, and found it was a smal etching in the shape of a lilac. I smiled, my attention drawn away only for a moment as I noticed the note attatched to the box. It was Loki’s handwriting. I un-folded the paper and read it:

Dearest Lilac,

I hope you like this little token of my appreciation in advance, for agreeing to being my guest. You would do me a great honor by wearing it tonight. I shall see you at three on the hour, as we arranged. Rememvber: dress comfortably, hair natural and no cosmetics. I look forward to seeing you again.

- Loki

I was too touched by the kind gesture, and excited for tonight to even care how the hell he managed to sneak into my room in the middle of the night and bring me the pendant. I put it on my dresser before heading to the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

The rest of my morning passed in a blur of preparations. As much as I was allowed to do, anyway. No makeup, no hairstyle, comfy clothes. He never said anything about no showering or shaving. I lathered and rinsed my hair twice, using my conditoner. I didn’t put any product in my hair, I just let it air-dry. Then I grabbed my razor, shaving everything I could possibly think to shave; legs, armpits, peach fuzz, you name it. Nails clipped, eyebrows tweezed, teeth brushed, flossed and mouthwash used. I went into my room and grabbed a green pair of sweatpants and a black tee-shirt, putting them on quickly. For shoes, just a plan black pair of balet flats. By 2:45pm, all I had left was the penadant. I put it on, before making my way out of the house.

I sat in a lawn chair in my backyard, checking my phone what seemed like every two minutes. I went through my mental checklist. Cat fed? Yes. Door locked? Yes. Leave parents voice mail and tell them I was going out? Yes. Keys in normal spot? yes. I checked my phone again. 3:00pm.

As soon as I shut the phone off, I saw the bright burst of light come down from the sky, and into my backyard. I had to sheild my eyes for a moment, it was so bright. When I looked again, there he was. I put my phone on the lawn table and went to him. “Perfect timing, as always, Loki.”

He smiled. “I would never leave a lady waiting, much less leave my guest waiting!” He rached out to take my hand. “Shall we?”

I nodded nervously, taking his hand. He gently pulled me close to him, and had me wrap my arms around him. He held me close to his body. This was my first time going to Asgard, and he knew it. “Hold on tight,” he said with a mischevious grin. I did just that, and closed my eyes. In what seemed to be a heartbeat, we were flying through space. Busts of color and stars whizzed past my vision. It felt like a roller coaster. I kept a tight grip on him, and he on me.

When we reached Asgard and slowed down, my whole body felt like I had just been riding in a racecar going 200MPH. I stumbled a bit as we made our entrance to the Bifrost gate, and Loki caught me. “You alright, dear? I know, that must have been quite exhilliarating for you! You did well, for your first time.”

I nodded, my head feeling a little dizzy. “Exhillirating is one way of putting it.” I looked around, and caught sight of Heimdall. The gatekeeper of the Nine Realms, as Loki had explained to me once.

He smiled. “Welcome to Asgard,” he said, looking to me with his bright gold eyes. I smiled. “Thanks. Heimdall, right?”

He nodded. “Aye. You must be… Lilac?”

I blushed a little bit. “Well, Erica is my real name. Loki calls me Lilac.”

Loki stepped forward a bit. “And we plan to keep it that way, correct?”

Heimdall nodded. “Of course, your highness.”

Loki smiled. “Very good.” He turned to me, taking my hand and leading me to the entrance. “Come, Lilac. Let’s make our way to the palace. There is much to do, and much to see.”

I looked to him, walking beside him. “And little time to do it?”

He grinned and laughed a little bit. His miscehvious laugh. “Actually, plenty of time. You see, Asgardian time passes slower than Midgardian time. Right now it is probably half-past the hour of three on your world. Here, it is merely mid-day. The days last longer, as do the nights. A full 24 hours on Midgard is merely a few minutes here on Asgard.”

I raised my eyebrows at him. “Then why did we need to be here so soon, if the ball isn’t until tonight?”

He looked to me with a grin. “How else would I fit in the time to spend with you? I can’t let you leave here without showing you the best of what I can!”

I playfully hit his arm. “Loki! I’m beginning to understand why you are called the God of Mischief in my world.”

He laughed. “Mishcief doesn’t cover half of it, my dear.”

We were appraoching a large, black horse. Loki’s, I gathered, judging by the dark emerald green saddle, and golden bridle and reins. The horse whinnied as Loki approached. He called me to it. “Come, say hello to Leika. She’s friendly, fear not.”

I slowly apprached the beautiful mare. She snorted a bit as I began petting her snout, and soon seemed to warm up to me. I smiled. “Leika. I like that name. What does it mean?”

Loki adjusted the reins as he spoke. “It means play in Asgardain. I’ve had her since I was a boy. I raised her myself, as did Thor with his own steed.”

Thor. OH, that’s right. “Will I be meeting Thor? What about your Mom and Dad?

Loki finished making the adjustments. “I imagine you will get the chance to meet my brother and mother. Well, maybe not Thor, if he allows himself to become a little, well… intoxicated. That seems to be a tradition every year.” He laughed at his comment. “I’m sure mother will be thrilled to meet you. As for the All-Father, well… we’ll see.”

I was going to ask more, but soon I found myself being guided towards the side of the horse. Without another word, he lifted me up and placed me on the saddle. I gripped the saddle tightly as she adjusted herself. I had never ridden a horse before in my life. Loki soon climbed up as well, in front of me.

He turned to look at the terror on my face. “Something wrong, my dear?”

I nodded a little. “Yeah, um… I should tell you… I’ve never ridden a horse before. Ever.”

Loki smiled a bit, and guided my arms around his waist. I held on tightly, keeping my body pressed against his back. He chuckled a bit. “That’s it. Just hold on to me. I promise, you’ll be alright.”

I took a deep breath and nodded. Loki whistled, and Leika took off. She kept her speed steady; not exactly a gallop, but not a steady cantor either.

As we rode on our way to the city, I admired the landscape around us. He wasn’t kidding. It was beaitiful. The water was so crystal clear. The sky was a brilliant blue, and the mountains in the distance… amazing.

"It’s so beautiful here," I said in awe.

I could hear the smile on his lips as he spoke. “Wait until we actually get into the city and the palace. You have seen nothing yet, Lilac.”

I felt my heart flutter in excitement… or maybe it was adrenaline from being on this horse. I looked forward, and felt my excitement grow as the city got closer. And the palace…

Maybe Loki wasn’t the God of Lies after all.

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