Don't stop

Amy a girl who works in a hotel with her two best mate Jack and Finn who are youtubers but help out in the hotel sometime.

What they don't know is there in for a big rid and the one and only 5 seconds of summer are there for 2 month. What will happen will they get to known one another or with they just be another Geist to her.


3. you will never guess

Mia's pov

5 seconds of summer have just got in he lift and Jack and Finn have just came back.

"You missed it" I said to them,"missed what" Jack asked.

"5 seconds of summer" I said,"what how could we miss them omg I can't believe it" Finn said fan girling a bit why me and Jack were laughing at him. The phone one the desk started ringing I went to pick it up.

"Hello summer hotel Mia specking" "yeah" "are you sure ... Well okay I'll be up in 10 minutes and is it okay to Bering my friends... Yes thank you okay bye" I put the phone down.

"Well looks like we're hanging out with 5 seconds of summer" I said,"really" jack said I just nodded we closed up the front door and we all went to are rooms got get out of are work stuff.

I got to my room and walked into the bathroom and striped down and got into the bathroom and put the show on, one I was done with the shower I dried off and walked into the bedroom and got dressed I put my jeggings on and my band t-shirt on and put my vans on and walked out my room to meet Jack and Finn who were out side my room.

We got to 5 seconds of summer room and nicked on the door.

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