Don't stop

Amy a girl who works in a hotel with her two best mate Jack and Finn who are youtubers but help out in the hotel sometime.

What they don't know is there in for a big rid and the one and only 5 seconds of summer are there for 2 month. What will happen will they get to known one another or with they just be another Geist to her.


1. new day at the hotel

Amy pov

I walk down to the lobby ready to start my day, I walked over to the desk and got everything ready for when we open. Jack and Finn my two best friends came walking into the hotel.

"Amy the boss said the we have a big day today" Jack said, "how comes" I asked, "we don't know that all he said" Finn said yes Jack and Finn and two boy that are my best friends and they are twins and your-tubes you might know Jack and JacksGap on YouTube.

"We better get this places open" I said, "yeah" Jack said opening the door as soon as he did there we screams coming from out side.

"Something tell me that big thing going to have something with all them people screaming" Finn said, " no shit" I said giving him the really look which made Jack laugh I look at him to and he stopped.

The phone on the desk starting raining so I walk over to it and pick it up "hello the summer hotel how can I help... Yeah.... Okay will do see you soon bye" I said, hanging up "we're have to get the back way unlocked" I said "why" Finn asked "be caused we have 5 seconds of summer staying with us for 2 months"I said "omg" both Jack and Finn fan boyed and I just smiled I know right "there going to be here" Finn said "yeah that is what I said" I say.

This is going to be amazing I can't wait me Jack and Finn all love 4 seconds of summer but Jack and Finn would fan girl in front of them were I would be fine because their normal people.

The day got busy and we had people coming in and out all day and we had the odd fan come in and try and find 5 second of summer but they didn't. Jack and Finn had to go because there doing a video with Joe who I've meet a few time.

The was screams going of that only told me that five seconds of summer were here and their they were walking thought the door of the hotel.

"Hello my name is Amy and welcome to the summer hotel how may I help you" I asked nicely "hello and we're 5 seconds of summer and were here to cheek in" Callum said "okay one sec" I said typing away on the computer "yes there you are you got two room is that right" I asked making sure "yes" Callum said "okay that room 234 and 345 floor 10" I said handing Callum the room keys " oh and if you need anything phone down and I will be with you hope you enjoy your stay" I said politely "thank you Amy" Callum and and walked away with the rest of 5 seconds of summer.

I can't believe I just met 5 seconds of summer and Spock to Callum.

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