1. Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the middle child. I have an older brother, named Zach and a younger sister named Jennifer. I live in Reno, Nevada on a ranch mansion. In case you didn’t know, a ranch mansion is a mansion with 5 horses and a lot of land in as your backyard to ride them. Mine is a black male named Midnight.

My brother and sister started school Wednesday while I was home sick with the flu. It doesn’t matter where we go to school, my big brother is always that jock that every girl wants while my sister is the most popular and has all the guys drooling over. Whereas I, remain with no attention what so ever. So I’m not looking forward to another year of guys talking to me only to ask me for my sister’s number. Or another year of girls pretending to be my friend to get closer to my brother.

Oh, I should add one more thing before school starts, I have never believed in love since my ex cheated on me with my own sister.

Today I start school.

I was awoken by the light coming in through my window and the smell of eggs and bacon downstairs. I stepped out of bed stretching my bones, then jogging down stairs. Once I reached the kitchen I took a seat next to my brother. We are super close. 

“Morning Sarah, are you going to in that.” He joked gesturing to my oversized The Wanted T-shirt and basketball shorts. “You can do much better” He added. 

“Ha-ha very funny Paul Bunyan” I replied gesturing to his plaid red flannel button down shirt, dark wash jeans, and black converse with a grey beanie to cover his curly black hair.

“Well at least-“ He paused. Then playfully punched my arm. ”You win this round.” I mentally fist pumped as my mom made my favorite breakfast, pancakes! I grab the syrup before Zach had the chance to and drowned my hot cakes in it. Then stuffed my face. I noticed the way my brother tried to beat me at eating the fastest. So I picked up the pace an in less than five minutes I was done.

“I’m a champ!” I cheered as I walked past my sister, giving a glare on the way past. I’m still mad at her for having a full on session with my boyfriend.



“Come on its time to cut the cake, Sarah.” Zach called from my living room, which was heavily crowded with all of Zach, Jennifer, and my friends. 

“I have to find Chad first. Do you know where he is?” I asked.

“I just saw him and Jenn go upstairs.” He replied. Why would he be with Jenn upstairs? Maybe she needed navigation?

'but she lives here idiot' My rather rude inner voice said.

   I make my way through the crowd and to the hallway. No one is up here. Then I decide to check the bathroom .I knock. No answer. I open the door and no one is there. Just as I shut the door I hear a muffled sound but I can’t make out what it is. I follow the sound to my bedroom door. From where I stand outside of the door it sounds like... kissing? It couldn’t be Jenn and chad. Could it?

      I slowly opened my door, and I wish I could drop dead. I can’t believe he is having a total make out session with my sister. Instantly a tear fell from my eye. I loved him. Just as it fell, they switched positions his eyes fell on me. His jaw dropped and he paused.Moving himself away from Jennifer who sat their trying to cover her laughter.

“I’m sorry, I-“ He began to plead until I cut him off.

“ I guess we’re over…but I guess you already knew that.” At this point tears fall freely from my eyes like two waterfalls. I rushed down the stairs and into the woods in my backyard. I sat on the log next to a small creek. There was a tree with ‘Chad and Sarah 4 ever’ on it. I picked up a sharp stick and scratched it out.” I will never love any guy again!” I screamed then cried.

*End of flashback*

I went back upstairs and entered my room. I walked up to my closet and shuffled through until I found a good outfit for my first day of my sophomore year in high school. I settled with a black crop top with skinny jeans. I slipped on my black sandal wedges, threw my phone, keys, and wallet into my bag. Then straightened my hair and was out the door of my room .I jogged back down the stairs and into the living room.

“Bye mom” I said giving her a peck on the cheek. She smiled and nodded as she watches her soap opera on tv. I walked over to my dad and gave him a peck on the cheek and a pat on his bald head before I walked out the door. I walked into the garage the garage and slipped into my electric blue challenger, that I love. The ride to school was about ten minutes. When I arrived at school I already saw my brother and sister’s cars side by side.

I think that I’ll park far away from them. Then I backed into a parking space next to a gorgeous black mustang with red outline. After I parked I walked into the school building and instantly got lost in the large crowd of teens. I tried to push through and dodge them as much as possible, but alas, a fairly buff male accidentally knocked me down and I hit my head against a locker…hard! I hold my hands to apply pressure to the back of my head to reduce the pain, but it still hurt bad.

“Are you ok? I’m so sorry. I’ll help you up and to the nurse’s office” I heard a strong voice say, I couldn't see who it was because the pain shooting through my head was excruciating, so all I did was nod slightly. Just then two strong arms scooped me up as if I weightless and carried me away.

We walked for about two minutes until the hall grew silent .My head was in pain but not as much as before so I lifted my head only to be meet bye bright green eyes staring down at me with concern in them.

“We’re here. Sorry again and by the way my name is Jalen.” He said.

“I’m sorry I should have watched where I was going and I’m Sarah. Today is my first day and I was trying to find the office.” I said as he put me down in front of the nurse’s door.

“Well then nice meeting you and I have class, so see you later.” He smiled showing his pearly white teeth.

“Yeah and thanks again, bye.” I waved then entered the nurse’s office. Just as I entered I was greeted by a pretty lady who looked to be at least twenty-five.

“Oh what happened to your head sweet pea?” She asked examining my head.

“I go pushed in a locker while I was on my way to find the main office. Today is my first day.” I said.

“Oh ok put this on your head for about an hour. And the main office is right around the corner.” She smiled handing me an ice pack.

“Thanks” I smiled back. With that I left the nurse. I entered the hallway. I rounded the corner and to my luck the office was right there. I entered and was immediately greeted by a short woman who had red hair and freckles. I’m assuming she was the principal.

“Hello I’m Principal Smith and you must be Sarah. Have a seat and I can assign you someone to show you around and help you out for the rest of the week.” She smiled.

“OK that would be great.” I replied with a smile. She then pulled out her phone and began to type quickly.  She then put her phone away and handed me my schedule.

I scanned it over. So far so good.My first period was math, second was science, third was music, and then lunch. After lunch was a free period and after the my last class was gym. It was perfect. After I was done looking over my schedule I thanked her.This should be a good year.I hope.

Just then a guy walked in. He had brown hair that flopped to the side in a attractive way. He was built beautifully and looked like a god. He also looks like an player. I make sure to keep my distance away from him.He walked in and just stood next to Ms.Smith grining at me.What the heck is he grinning at!?!

"Blade this is Hope Morris. Hope this is Blade." Ms.Smith introduced. Who the freak name their child Blade? Or maybe he's a troubled teen. Or it could be an nickname because he' a player.

"Sup"He said. Sup? Who the freak says 'sup' when they first meet someone.

"Hey"I waved with a fake smile. He bit his lip as his eyes traveled my body from my feet to my hair. He's gross. 

"Well you too better get to class. You have most of your schedule together. Now get out" She said playfully showing us out. 

"I saw you checking me out" He smirked as we stood outside of the office door.

"Same here"I said with an evil grin feeling victorious because of my clever comeback.

"Mhm, do you like what you see. Because I do." He said huskily.

'The freak!?!?!' I thought.

"mmm, i dont know do you like what you see?"I smirked.

"Depends, do you."He said in my ear.I should have seen that one coming for me.

This is going to be a long day.

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