Through The Dark

19 Year old Aria Sage has been best friends with Niall Horan all her life. She's like family to Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn. What happens when Aria's past comes to haunt her? What will happen to all the relationships she's made with everyone, including the one between her and Niall? Find out in Through The Dark


5. So Much for a Better Day...

"Aria? Aria!" I heard Niall. I managed to open my eyes to look at him. "I called Jim. You're not going in today. I told him that there was a family emergency. I didn't go into detail." He put his hand on my cheek.


I nodded. "Okay." I said to him. He was kneeling next to the bed. He still looks worried.


"I do love you, Aria. Nothing will happen to you."


"I love you too, Niall."


"Come on, let's get something for breakfast." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of bed. Haz, Zayn, Louis, and Liam were on the balcony talking.


"Do they know?" I asked him.


"Yeah. We decided that when we leave for London next week, you're coming with us."


"Okay. I'll talk to Jim."


"I kinda already told him." By this time the guys had started piling in the room.


"Hey Aria!" Harry called. "You ok?"


"I'll be better once we get out of the states." I tried to fake a smile but it failed. They guys know me well enough to know when I'm ok and when I'm not ok.


"This is why you're coming with us!" Louis said wrapping me in a hug. I've always felt safest with these guys.


"Hey Niall? I'm going to go call Jim, Ok?"


Niall turned to me. "Okay, baby girl." I sat on my little stool on the balcony and dialed Jim's cell.


"Hey Aria!" He answered energetically.


"Hey Jim!" I tried to put some enthusiasm into my tone. "Niall said he talked to you today?"


"He called saying that you weren't coming in today...."


"Oh..." I said. "Anything else?"


"Umm actually no..why?"


"I have to resign from my job. A nightmare from my past is causing me to have to move out of the country."


"I completely understand that, dear. Thank you for telling me, and be safe in your travels."


"Thank you, Jim." I hung up and just sat there quietly, looking out over the city. Niall said he told Jim that we were moving. My head is one big jumbled up mess right now.


"Hey love!" Niall said, walking out on to the balcony with me and shut the door behind him. "You ok? I brought pancakes!"


"I don't know yet." I answered his question and took a bite from the plate he brought out. "What all did you tell Jim this morning?"


"The first call was saying that you weren't going in today. The second was after the guys and I talked and I said that we are moving out of country due to family matters."


"Who did you talk to the second time? Maybe they just haven't told Jim yet."


"He said his name was Steven. Why?" I felt all the color rush out of my face.


"Niall, I don't work with a guy named Steven. What did he sound like?"


"Old, gravely...Aria?"


"Shit! My aching arse!" I ran into the house, grabbed the laptop and called mum on skype as I ran around the room packing my stuff.


"What?!" Niall exclaimed coming into the bedroom.


"We need to get out of here!"


"Ari--Aria?! What's wrong?!" mum finally answered.


"He's here. In Nashville."


"Dammit, MARK!" Mum called as dad ran into view of the camera. "He's there."


"Niall talked to Jim this morning...then Niall called once again and fucking spoke to him! At WORK!!"


"Niall, do you have the tickets yet?" Dad asked him.


"Yes, sir."


"All six of you need to pack and get to the airport. I will call the movers. Is the place in London set up?"


"Should be. I'll call over there."


"Ari, Pack what you have there."


"It's already packed from changing rooms."


"Good. Eat. Pack. You leave today." They hung up.


"Zayn, Louis, Liam, Haz!! Pack! We leave today!" Niall called as he pulled out his phone to call over to see if the place was ready.


"What the hell, Niall?" Haz called from the kitchen counter.


"Remember what we talked about this morning?"


"Yeah, but that's next week." Liam popped in.


"Grr...remember what Aria told you last night?" Niall asked. They nodded their heads yes. "The ring leader got out of prison. Apparently when I called Ari's work this morning, I endangered her life. He's in Nashville, and answered the phone when I called over there this morning."


Everyone was showered, clothed, and packed withing the hour. We all piled out the door and into the car and headed to the airport. Breathe, Aria. It's all going to be ok now. Thankfully we didn't have too much of a wait time. Once we boarded and got seated, Niall put his armrest up so I could fall asleep on his shoulder.


"You're safe now." He whispered as he kissed my forehead. I hope so I thought. Very shortly after take off, we were both asleep. For once I slept soundly. The only other times I was able to sleep like this was when I would go visit Niall in Ireland.

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