Will you be mine? (Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Niall and Hailey have know each other since they were in diapers. But whenever he becomes famous, they must move on, even though they never had anything going on, they must move on. How long will it be until Niall asks her "Will you be mine?"


5. Chapter 5

When I was walking up to the hotel I saw two pigeons, ya know the bird of love? They were in a nest with about 3-5 babies. I sure do miss him, meaning "Niall."

When I got to the hotel room I struggled to get the key out of my purse, "I just want to get in this fucking room." I whined. Finally when I got my key I ran into the room and jumped onto the bed. I just wanted to lay there forever, sobbing, thinking of him mad me so, so sad I missed him.

I lay there for about 30 minutes than I just remembered that Rachel and AJ were waiting for me. They are probably so upset. I graves some stuff (I don't even know what) and threw it in my beach bag, ran out of the hotel room and down to the beach.

Hey Guys I hope you like it so far I am having horrible writers block with this story so bear🐻 with me..!!

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