mermaids tale ( a one derction fanfic)

A girl named jess and a boy named harry in the spotlight will harry be able to handle jess's secret???


1. intro

  Hi. my name is jess well if you ask my parents its jessica mary scott.I hate that so call my jess. I have long blonde hair down to my waist.And baby blue eyes.My best friend is amber. And did i tell you im a mermaid. Me and Amber both are. My parents dont know that.


      i was floting in the pool in my back yard with my tail out.Oh did i forget to tell you me and amber can change the color of our tails to what ever we what, can memorize saliors to drown of fall in love with my voice, and can switch out of my tail,and can control elemets like water, earth,wind, and fire. an also im cursed.


   Its simple really i was in love with some one in high school. He was cheating on me and someone else. She was mad at me and cursed me. If someone falls in love with me and says it i have to show them my true form. Since then i vow to never fall in love ever again.








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