2. The Move

My mom was up bright and early putting things in the car and cooking breakfast 

“Im sure Going to miss this.”

“I know you are cause your father burns noodles.”  My mom said laughing”

“Come on out here its 5:45 its time to go.”

I took one last look at my room and closed the door ill open a new one in South Carolina with my dad hopefully we can make this a good trip but if he wants my respect he will have to earn it I don’t think I could ever forgive him for leaving us. My mom Sped down the street going to the airport I caught her crying out the side of my eye every now and then would trickle down her face I could tell she didn’t want this but needed it so bad. once we got there she hugged me and started flooding with tears.

“I Love you son be strong The Road will get darker from here but if you just stay strong and try not to give your father a hard time things will get better I promise you. Bring me back a diploma son. Now go catch that plane.”

I let out a few tears that was the last time im going to see my mom for 2 years face to face I did everything she asked just sit there with my head phones in and act sleep the plane took off early which was good the ride was the longest 2 hours ever I thought about getting lost or slamming the trunk or not speaking anything to let him know that this isn’t going to be easy when the plane landed I got an erg of anger I didn’t know why but I knew he had something to do with it. when I walked out the door he had the door opened ready for me with his arms open I went around him to the other side without saying a word he closed the door and got in the car.

The ride was long and quiet except for his phone buzzing constantly he kept trying to start conversation.

“So I hear you like to play ball” He said


“Good Good cause Sothern Field has the best team down here if you decide to join. You are Going to Join Right. ”

I just looked at him he knew I didn’t have and answer right away but I knew I wanted to but right now I just wanted to smack the fuck out of him but I knew this would only be a temporary emotion its like every time I see him I get mad he made some strange turns and had us ridding down roads deep in the bushes.

“Man where are we going?”


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