1. Changes

“Yes Ma”

“What Are You Doing I hope you are Packing your things your going to your dads in a couple days”
My Mom Said. She was shipping me off to the country well South Carolina that is right before school started I wasn’t to excited about the move saying as how I haven’t seen my fuck ass dad since the divorce he moved to the south and got brand new on a Nigga I mean every now and then he would call but other than that he never really reached out to me.

“Ma Why do I have to go down there?”

“BECAUSE! Ty your getting to Grown for me now and your Father is down there living large while im up here struggling trying to keep you on the right path and put food in your stomach and keep these expensive shoes and cloths on your back and all he ever dose is call never sent a dime its time for him to do what ive been doing for the past 3 years. I know this isn’t easy but its best just go down there and get as much as you can and come back with your diploma and do what you always said you wanted to get that full ride Baby Go to the NFL and Bring Back Momma some Money Cough! Cough!.” She said as she coughed 

“Are you okay ma that Cough is getting worst need to go get it checked out”

“I’m Fine boy its just a little cold I caught at work with those filthy people at the airport Just get started packing I don’t want to have to find anything I just want to mail it all at once”


I reached and opened my closet door I mean my mom had done every thing for me she felled this closet with the finest of everything from the Gucci and Proda to the Nautica And Polo I hate the fact that I would have to leave her up here but I will be back and ima get her a new house and a better car I couldn’t wait the smile on her face would make it all worth it saying as how she not smiled or been happy for a while now. I started with the shoes and worked my way down to pants and shirts was done with in a couple hours my dresser wasn’t that full just under wear and things like that I could wait to pack that. My phone was ringing off the hook somehow the news about me moving had got out and my girlfriend for the past 6 months was blowing my phone up. I wasn’t ready to tell her about it yet so I waited till I was done packing to call her it was about 6 in the morning when I finished. I knew she would be up because she had been use to the school time.


“Wassup Bae!”  

“Whats going on Rell like i have been calling you non stop all day and you wait till its early in the morning to call back. ”

“I Know im sorry I was packing.”

“So you are Leaving me?”

“Come on now you know its not like that”

“what you mean its not like that rell are you leaving.”

“Yes I Am Leaving but Im not Leaving You. I Got to Go Stay with My Dad Just until My Mom get situated up here then ill come back bae please don’t make this harder on me then it already is.”  As I tried to explain to her I heard her start crying it kind of hurt me a bit because besides her nobody else really cared about it besides my best friend since 3rd grade Nigual. 

“Look im going to call every night when I get down there we can even meet up today later maybe for the last time for a min don’t be sad.”

“Just Come by Before you leave tomorrow.”

“Are You Mad?”

“No Shit Tyrell What Am I Suppose to be, first you leaving but Then I tried calling a million times and you didn’t answer and I had to find out by a friend that you was  leaving when was you going to tell me? It doesn’t even matter. Goodnight well good morning what ever get some rest ill see you tomorrow.”  

She hung up the phone I could tell she was upset but I would make it all better tomorrow I went straight to sleep long day ahead I had to go to my school and get my transcripts airport for tickets and stamps for my stuff to be shipped. I Didn’t get much sleep  but the few hours helped My mom came in and woke me up so we could go to my school and I could turn in my equipment and also get the transcripts in paper just incase the computer would mess up. Then she stopped by her job and got the tickets for the plane.

“The Plane Leaves at 7:15 in the morning which means be hear at 6:15 already seated with your stuff above your seat ear phones in and if somebody ask to sit beside you say your saving it for someone or act sleep it’s a 2 hour flight so you should be okay. Ill call your dad to let him know what time you’ll be there.”

I could tell she was getting second thoughts about me leaving cause she was talking a lot.

“Ma do you really want me to go.”

“Of course not Im so nervous your father hasn’t seen you in years he wont know what to do but I have to trust him to try you’re a piece of work and he has to find that out but I hate that its so far im going to miss my little boy. But the next time you see me you gone be all grown and successful Right?”

“You know it. But dose he have a house or apartment?”

“I heard it’s a house its nice I hear you will like it”

When we got home I went ahead and packed a little bag for the plane that had a few things for me to wear once I got there I called my girl up.



“Where are you ?”

“Im Still here.”

“Well that’s nice to hear when you coming to see me.”


“well im not home im actually closer to you so ill come by.”


“See you in 15.”

I hurried off the phone  and took a quick shower I herd her pull up. I didn’t put on a shirt cause I wanted to show off my body hopefully to speed things up.

“Now you know you need to stop” 

She ran and jumped on me rapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck I closed the door and ran up stairs with her and laid her down on the bed. She sucked on my neck as I tried to take her shirt off she started rubbing me once she was naked I started kissing all over her body working my way down to her underwear I dragged them down with my teeth she was instantly wet I spread her legs apart and started rubbing on her pussy she started moaning I slowly slid one finger inside her then the second one I started rubbing her clit again then I sucked her lips and started licking all over her pussy she started moaning and saying my name I slowed down because I didn’t want her to cum yet I wiped my face off and came up and started sliding inside her she was amazing no matter what she was always tight she pulled me in and I laid against her she put her nails in my back and started biting her lips and moaning in my ear I could tell she was about to cum she started holding me tighter and told me not to stop I kept stroking her all the way threw her orgasm till she came again she wet my whole bed up but I didn’t care she pushed me away and laid me down on the bed and got on top of me she laid down on my chest and started sliding up and down on my dick she started going harder and said I Love you I stopped her and pulled out she stared into my eyes and it was weird at first but for some reason I believed her I turned her back over and slid back in her I started fucking her hard and she said it again this time  I felt it coming so I just said it and we both came at the same time she didn’t want me to get up so we laid there for a min kissing each other. She pushed me out of her I fell off to the side she went to the bathroom I laid down she stood up and walk over and gave me a hug and looked up at me.

“Look I trust you okay just go down there and come back don’t go down there and start whiling out we got a good thing going and I want too keep it going.” 

“I got you baby like you said you got to trust me ill be gone for two years ill be back for holidays and birthdays hopefully. But in between that ill call every night.”
She look at me and smiled let out a sigh and hugged me tighter “Im going to miss you Rell.” she said

“I miss you Already. I love you.”

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