Little Miss Tomlinson

Andrea Watson was a normal twenty-one year old girl who's boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson had auditioned for the X Factor and became a Pop-sensation over the three years. Andrea never told Louis she was pregnant when he left for the X Factor. She was expecting he would come back after the X Factor like he promised, but he never did.Now that Louis was famous, would he ever come back and be the father to his child?


2. heading to dance

When we were all ready, I picked Emily up from the couch she was sitting on while waiting for me to be ready. I promised her the muffin so once I buckled her into her carsest, I drove to Dunkin' Doughnuts and went through the drive-Tru. Emily ate her stuff in the car as I drove to the studio. I turned the radio up as I drove.

"Today, November 24, you could win yourself one direction concert tickets at the 02 AREANA in London. Call up now." The sound came from the radio before another song came on. I called up and pressed speaker phone.

"Hello! You're on the air with Scott and James. What's your name?" I was shocked when they picked up.

"UHHHH Andrea Watson.."

"Well Andrea, you are caller number 40! You can collect your tickets at the AREANA the day of the concert!"

"Oh mer gawd!!! Thank you so much!" With that, I hung up and turned into the parking lot of the dance studio.

" Emi. Your first class is with Miss Olivia right?" She nodded.

" and the last one is with Mrs. Danielle who is taking you to her house and babysitting?" I questioned already knowing the answer. She nodded again. I took her out of her car seat and held her hand as we walked towards Studio 1, where Emily started with Miss Olivia. I bent down to kiss her cheek when she whispered something in my ear

"Mama, I need to to potty.." She whispered, I nodded and took her hand and helped her. Then, I dropped her off and walked to my classroom. First I had my older class, ages 10 through 16. Then I had my youngest class, ages 3 through 5. Then I had my 4 through 6 aged class. Then my 7 through 10. And then lastly I had my ages 7 through 13. Easy enough. Before I knew it, kids were showing up for the classes

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