Always and Forever

Bella Swan is new to Forks. She adapts pretty quickly to the laid back lifestyle of the town and becomes a well known name. Bella meets her old friend Jake and makes a few new ones. The person who catches her attention most is a pale teenager with perfect hair. He's mysterious and something about that draws Bella in. But what is this stranger hiding and how is going to affect Bella?


1. Chapter 1: Forks

       "You don't have to go honey." My mother stroked my hair gently, but I knew it wasn't the truth. The truth was I didn't necessarily want to go, I had to. My mother and Phil wanted the type of life they couldn't live being in charge of a teenager. I would call them selfish if my mother hadn't been able to live her teenager lives because she was married and pregnant. Phil brought the remainder of my bags out and dropped them in the trunk. 


"Ready to go kiddo?" Phil asked and I shrugged. Nothing could make me happy about sending a few years with my father. If I remembered anything about Charlie, he was about as awkward as fathers got. We rarely talked and when we did the conversation was broken and almost forced. I wanted to scream out no and not go all together, but I sucked it up and got in the car.

The whole car ride was mostly me preparing myself for my father. Don't get me wrong, my father's not a bad guy by any standards, he's a cop, he's just.. awkward. He's not the type of father to take you to parks and on picnics he'd rather stay at home with a beer. But who knew? Maybe my old summer visits made him change and now he was a super active father. That wouldn't be entirely good either since I was a teenager girl going through the 'phase'.

"Call me when you get there." My mother demanded with a smile and tear in her eye. She pulled me close to her body in a hug and rubbed my back. My mother was crazy, out-spoken, and sometimes a total child, but she was my mother and I loved her.

"Have fun. Not to much fun though, no boys. Speaking of boys, sex is completely off limits."

"Mom, understood no sexing boys. Got it." I tried to walk away from the embarrassing scene, but my mother pulled me into another hug.

"I'm going to miss you Bella."

"You'll be having to much fun. You'll forget I'm gone." The words tasted like sour vinegar coming from my mouth and all Renee did was smile and nod. I grabbed my bags and began walking to my boarding station. I was always one of those people who were extremely antsy and I felt the affects as I waited for my plane.

Forks, Washington. Thousands of miles away and not a drop of sunshine. The one good thing I remembered about Forks was Jacob Black. I was older then him by a year or two, but as a child he was fun. He was my only friend but I didn't really mind. I wondered is Jake still lived there.

"Now boarding Flight 737 To Seattle."

I guess mom couldn't get much closer to the small town them Seattle. I pulled my bags into the docking area and boarded the under crowded plane. I found an empty seat and plugged in my headphones.

I took the last deep breath of Arizona air and laid back in my chair. The sudden thought of 'What had I gotten myself into' crossed my mind and I felt my stomach drop.

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