Back To Him Again

Taylor and Liam have a kid after being to drunk one night and Liam ends up leaving them then Sarah their daughter ends up getting tickets to a One Direction concert without Taylor knowing about who's in 1D and something terrible happens to Sarah's friend so Taylor ends up bringing Sarah to the concert!! Read to find out what happens!! Xoxo #liam #concert #onedirection

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Three underscores on the first one


2. Sarah knows

8 short years later......

"Sarah!!! Come eat sweetheart!!" Ever since that night Liam left us Sarah an I have been on our own. I'm scared to ever bring a man around Sarah because she never knew what it was like to have a man in her life. I'm especially scared for her to get older and start wondering where her dad is or who he is.

Liam: it's been some time now and I still can't remember everything exactly but I know that I hooked up with this girl, an still haven't found her. For all I know she can be anywhere with another man.

Taylor: One day my daughter comes home begging me to let her go to a One Direction concert, because her friend Emily had an extra ticket and a backstage pass. "We'll I don't know, have you been good?" "I think I'm on Santa Clause's nice list." Said Sarah." Okay I guess you can you go, but who's the best mom in the world?" "OMG thank you mommy love you so much!!!! BTW you are the best mom in the world, I wish I had a dad as nice as you!" Sarah said. I couldn't hold it back it came so fast, I busted out in tears and ran upstairs. So that means she is going to start asking about her dad. She just brought Liam up!! Ugh! I cried myself to sleep. I was soon awaken by the sound of knocking on my bedroom door. I had no idea what was happening. I opened my door to my surprise I found a note from my daughter apologizing for bringing up her daddy and she told me that she no longer wanted to go to the OneDirection concert.

"It's okay honey I just hate when your daddy is being brought up. Sarah whenever you were being born your daddy left me to take care of you on my own. We still haven't seen him and I have been worried about you this whole time because you don't know what it is like to have a dad. That's why I get emotional whenever he is brought up." Said Taylor.

"I'm sorry mommy I didn't know." Said Sarah.

"It's okay baby I should've told you I just didn't know how to tell you without either of us getting emotional or confused." Said Taylor.

"I love you mommy." Said Sarah.

" I love you to sweetheart." Said Taylor.

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