the inevitable present

a short story of passionate anger - competition for tfios


1. The End

We as humans have the tendency to do the same routine day in day out. We get out of bed at the same time each morning to do the same job as the day before and it repeats until we can no longer repeat. Until we die. I however don't agree with natural tenancies and chose a different life, unfortunately for me that didn't end entirely well for me either. My name is Carter Williams and i died today.

I wanted to be an individual- different from all the rest, an inspiration to the me that once was. The lazy bastards that sit at home all day playing video games and eating shitty food that's always on offer at the local store. I got in my little fiat 500 and started to drive, if I'm honest I didn't know where i was going as long as was somewhere away from anywhere. It was this T junction you see... one of those roads that you know shouldn't be there because its an accident waiting to happen, a death trap kinda thing. Well it trapped me good. Right in between a lorry and a range rover sport. It took me way too long to realize that a ten ton lorry was heading at me at fifty plus mph. I braced myself not just for the immense amount of pain but the fear inside my head that i couldn't escape. My life didn't flash before my eyes, just fear. Fear of fear is what makes me insane what keeps me up at night, yet there i was. The full blow of a ten ton lorry crushing every bone below my waist, I could feel my muscles tear away from bone and puncture through my skin, blood splurging out like the squirt of a sour orange. A shattering crunch sound echoing in the heated closing in walls around me, suffocating on my own desperation to live. The bitter taste of tears sunk into my tongue as i cried hoping for a way out of this torturous entanglement. though I wasn't dead yet. I awoke to glimmers of flashing red a blue lights then the sound of voices came flooding in. a constant murmur of irritating tones. moments later i began to be able to see a woman's face. her features get clearer and ever more beautiful by the second. I don't dare look down to see the numb mangled body that remains beneath me, more importantly I don't want to. Her face was so captivating that looking away was near impossible. Granted my vision was blurred but even so this felt like a dream and I really didn't want to wake up. Obviously not the car crash part cause that was an agony so damn unbearable I went from butch man to puny school girl in a matter of seconds, that shit could have killed me... oh that's right it did. Survivors aren't lying when they that they thought they were going to die- I honestly didn't prepare myself enough for death, not that you can or anything but its not like I was terminally ill where you could anticipate death. Less than an hour ago I was in the shower singing to beyonce and now I'm a sliced up piece of butchers meat practically half dead still partly sitting in the drivers seat just dangling out the windshield a little.  

I thought to myself never will I see my parents again, never will i eat Chinese food again, I'm going to die and nothing I do is going to save me. I am utterly hopeless. The feeling of being so powerless that death looks you in the eye and laughs. Mocking your every foolish effort at life, he knows he has won yet I keep playing this game we call life already knowing the end result. I think 'whats the point anymore' and then I close my eyes. There she was again, the paramedic. At this point i got quite deep and thought she could be an angle taking me up to heaven but then she spoke to me and I was quite sure she was just doing her job... shame I'd quite like an angle such as her. "Hello sir my name is Emma, you've had a nasty car accident and I'm here to help you. Sir can you here me?" she spoke. I couldn't conjure up something smart and witty on the spot so I decided to play hard to get and just nod. "Thank god!" she exclaimed with a sigh of relief. I must have done something right. "Look at the state of you, Jesus I though you were dead" She said this with a slight chuckle and I admit that didn't boost my confidence in the slightest. "Do you have a name?" Of course I had a name but I was struggling to speak,

"C...Ca...C.." From her perspective it must have seemed like I was having a seizure or something, great first impression. It got little more understandable "Car... te...Carte...r" She figured it out in the end. "Carter?" I nodded. "Hey Carter do you have a last name?" I wanted to say no but then I'd be lying and I liked this woman, I didn't want to start out non existent relationship on lies did I? No, so the struggle began again. "Carter Williams nice to meet you I'm Emma Yellow and I'm going to try get you out of this mess alive but if I fail please don't take it personally I'm doing the best I can." Emma Yellow... pretty. I liked how she knew I was going to die but she didn't tell me, just prepared me for her inevitable failure. She apologized in advance and that means shes already sorry. Who am I kidding my legs were no longer legs just mashed potato but instead of potato ... my legs. My blood was the gravy and my crinkled metal sheet of a car was the plate. I was dinner and death was eating me up bit by bit.

Emma Yellow had wide baby blue eyes the type that lured you in for more, they were like two pools of trust. I trusted her with my life (not that I had a choice) but trusting someone with the most fragile delicate thing, she must be honored. Her smile was dainty just like her nose, her hair black and wavy, I had never seen someone like her. She was perfect. I may have died prematurely but I died looking into her eyes and she'll never know how happy my last moments were looking at her face that gave me a slither of hope that death isn't so bad. There I was, the product of a mass collision crying feeling more vulnerable the ever. I wasn't a crier but soon I wouldn't be able to enjoy the satisfaction and emotional release of a tear. I loved it, it may have taken my breath away slightly but it felt great. Looking up at the rolling clouds tussling over each other creating darkness made me feel melancholy and weak.

By now the fire brigade had arrived and had began sawing my car apart hence why I could see the sky. Sparks flew onto my cheeks singeing off my facial hair that was so teenager like it couldn't really be classed as 'facial hair'. It didn't hurt it was more annoying than anything. As I took a deep breath in I looked down at Emma Yellow who was tending to my broken rib that had pierced through my pale skin. I lifted my hand up and stroked her hair behind her ear, she looked at me with a scuttle smile. When our eyes locked I knew that she knew she was fighting for a lost cause, I gave her that look. She sat up a little but never left our gaze. "I'm doing my best." she said  like she had lost hope and I don't blame her, I was loosing too much blood. I felt like a Capri-sun that's been pierced in to many places. The tone of her voice was filled with sorrow.

"It's not your fault you know. I'm the guy that just happened to become the filling of a range rover and a lorry sandwich." she smiled at me, I felt warm in that moment. As if her smile was a metaphorical hug. 

"Should I?" Emma said glancing a my ribs, I shook my head. I knew what was to come I just didn't want it to happen. If I'm honest I just wanted to talk, breathe, live for what time I had left. I didn't want to dwell on the fact that my parents are going to loose a son and worry about their feelings because I'm dying. And I can't escape that fact. I wanted to find out as much as possible about the effortless beauty who pretended that there was a chance I could survive this, just to make me die knowing she gave a shit.

"Can we just, talk?" I said in a croaked desperate voice

"Yeah, I'm good at that." In the corner of her eye I could see a single tear bubble and form, it burst over her bottom eye lid and trickled down her face until it reached her chin. There it hung, like the seat from a swing and it glistened. She swiped it away and just like that... no more tear. Just like that tear I would soon be wiped away... no more me. 

"Who are you?" I asked.

"This girl with a bright colour for a last name who loves chocolate that occasionally saves peoples lives. Not one of my good days..." Her voice haunted me and I loved it, she was looking down so I pick up her chin,

"Shame, my days going great." We both laugh but I scrunch up in pain.

"Why you eh?" she questioned.

"I came out seeking adventure and I got a little more than anticipated." Without warning my body decided that now was the time to cry my eyes out. How manly.

"I'm here, don't cry." She was once again comforting me,

"You're the precise reason I'm crying" she frowned at me " not like that. When I woke up to see your face I thought I was in heaven, never in all my worthless days have I been more happy... I don't care if my legs are no longer legs or if I'm gonna die today because I met you." I blubbered so unattractively, Emma threw herself at me and hugged me. I didn't feel any pain what so ever, just her warmth. "I'm so scared." I whispered in her ear. She kissed my cheek and said,

"I know. deaths a bit like dodge-ball, you miss it by a few inches but one day we all get the ball to our faces with no warning and it stings like bitch. You can prolong it all you like but its inevitable. Everyone dies at one point. But I'm here for you to squeeze as tight as you want until the end." This woman was a genius.

"I think I'm in love with you." I say. She unhugs me and then kisses me. Her tear covered lips touch mine. She let go of me but I was no more. 

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