You're So Out Of My League

Emerald was the nerdy type. She would always be focused on her work. Or would she? She often day dreamed about this bad boy that she fell in love with. When her Dad and brother die in a car accident, she has to move in with her aunt. But when she goes to her new school, a boy catches her eye. He is extremely familiar. She can still feel the chains. She no longer day dreamed at this school, her day dream was becoming reality. But this reality was a mix between nightmares and paradise.


1. Time To Say Goodbye

"Hello, love." he said. I blushed. " Hi." I said nervously while looking down at the gravel. " Is there something interesting on the ground?" he teased. I blushed even harder and looked up into his hazel eyes. "Mrs. Walter." he said. " Yes?" I asked. " Mrs. Walter!" he said raising his voice. Suddenly I snapped back to reality.

" Yes, Mr. Brown?" I asked. It was so embarrassing being caught day dreaming. I noticed that I was the only one in the class now.

"Class is over." He said. I got up and walked out the door.

"Hey Emerald." I heard someone say behind me. I turned around and saw my friend, Violet.

"Hey." I replied. She grabbed by wrist but suddenly took her hand off because I went all stiff. I could still feel my self struggling. The chains cutting my skin as I tried. I could still here his piercing laugh in my head as he watched me bleed.

" I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-" She started to say. " It's okay. I'm fine." I said. " I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"Yes." She replied and walked home.

I sat waiting for my dad and brother to come pick me up from school. What was taking so long? Suddenly, I got a call from an unknown caller. 

"Hello?" I asked. "Yes, is this Emerald Walter?" The person asked. "Yes it is. Why?"

"There has been an accident." My heart dropped. I nearly dropped the phone. I rushed over to the place where it happened. I saw my dads car flipped upside down and on fire. Fire fighters were still trying to put it out. I saw blood splattered on the wind shield. I broke down crying as I saw the ambulance take the two life-less bodies away.

___________________________________________________________________________So? How did you like it? If you want more please comment. ~ Snapple   

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