How To Save A life

Ill make a better description later...just read this its really good, trust me ^_^


4. Chapter 4:I love you

"Finally" I exhaled collapsing on my bed. "We're done. Thanks for helping by the way"

Drew lay next  to me staring at the ceiling.

"No problem. Id do anything with you"

I looked over to him. Hes perfect but, putting aside what comes out his mouth, I know he really doesn't like me.

"Don't say things you don't mean" I whispered rolling on my opposite side.

I felt some shuffling next to me. Then it was dead silent for a sec.

He laid in the position as me, with his stomach to my back. I felt oxygen trickle delicately from his nose onto my neck. He wrapped his arm around me tight yet gently and pulled me close.

"No" I felt his soft lips on the back of my shoulder. "Why cant you just let your true feelings out. I know you like and I like you too"

I feel tears pricking the back of my eyeballs.

"I'm scared that the feeling I have for you are to strong and if they get hurt, It'd feel like a billion knives stabbed in heart and twisted around" I started softly looking a the soft blue wall ahead, choosing my words carefully. "That's how much you mean to me. And I don't want to let these feelings disappear because the you would and I cant live without you."

"Please just let me love you. You don't have to be scared. Not with me" He said softly.

I looked into his eyes and say and ocean of truth and love.

I can honestly say, even though I haven't known him that long, I love Drew.

I sat up and put my back to the head board, Drew following suit. 

I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine.

"I love you" We said in unison.

He leaned in, his eyes never leaving mine once. Then I felt his soft plump lips on mine and I swear I felt sparks.

At that moment I fell even more in love with him than I

 already was.

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