How To Save A life

Ill make a better description later...just read this its really good, trust me ^_^


1. Chapter 1: Drew

"Ugh finally we're home!" I shouted when Jalen, Madison, and I entered my house.
"School should be illegal because it causes depression." Madison said.
"I know right, but hey..." Jalen started. "It's Friday!"
"TGIF, TGIF, TGIF,TGIF,TGIF, TGIF,TGIF!!!" We all screamed while dancing around like retarded idiots.

But hey...who's watching?

"Hey guys!" My mom squeals coming into the living room from the kitchen giving Jalen and Madison a hug and kiss...BEFORE ME!
"Hey mom" Jalen and Madison replied. Yeah they call her mom because they are always here and both of them never knew their real moms. Sad right? I guess I don't mind sharing.
"You guys hungry I've got-" We didn't give her a chance to finish before we zoomed right past her and to the kitchen. We all sat down at the table.
"Yes please." I smiled sweetly at her. She chuckled and placed twenty five dollars in the middle of all of us. We all just stared at it, clearly dumbfounded.
"Um, what's this?" Madison asked.
"You all didn't let me finish me finish my sentence. I was going to give you money for Ritas." She chuckled.
"Oh...Well that's even better!" Jalen beamed. He had the biggest smile ever on his face. Ritas was his favorite place ever.
"Ok well then you guys better get going then." She smiled pushing us out the front door. Well then someone's eager. 

We laughed and walked out the front the door into the 90 degree weather. 

Ugh, it so wet and sticky outside! 

We laughed and joked around as we all walked to Ritas. 


"May I have a large vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles,please?" I asked the dude at the counter of Ritas.

"Yes you may,pretty lady"He said flashing a toothy grin before leaving to get my ice cream.

Ugh,I hate when people call me pretty.It doesn't happen often but when it does, I get the feeling their lying to me. Might I add, I hate being lied to.

I decide not to let his comment get to me though.

A few moments later he returns with my colorful ice cream, temptingly swirled to the top.When he handed me the cup of deliciousness, I noticed a small yellow sticky not attached to the side.


i like you, maybe we can hang a bit sometime?


  I smiled and looked up to see a smiling Drew. I chuckle at how cute he was.

"I don't date but im open to making new friends" I said with a smile. He smiled back and nodded.

"Sure,whats your name again?"He asked.


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