This is not a love story

It all started with a one night stand between young Kate and Harry Styles. They didn't thought that they ever would meet again but they did.
What will happen? They can't forget that they have had sex. And it is not easy to start a friendship to someone you've seen naked.


2. 2

School at 8:00 Am should be illegal. I mean seriously. We can't even think at that time!

Urgh! But here we are. In school. At 8 Am. I hate it.

This weekend I partied all night long. And I met a guy. He was really cute. With curls. That's all I remember about him.

No wait! We had sex. I can remember that too. Haha. And he was cute.

I remember that too.

But yeah. In school I was. Yes! Me! Kate! With hangover! I hate it really.

Maybe I should stop party so much? Yeah Maybe.

I know that I should take school more seriously. But I just can't. I'm just not a person that is made for school.

No I'm made for party's! That's what I live for.

Party and Adam Lambert. He is really.. Oh he is so hot! And he is just.. I love him! Haha. In the future my name is going to be Kate Lambert!

He doesn't have a girlfriend right? And he is not to boys? Please.. He is the love of my life.

Okay I stop here. Continue the story please!


When I came home that day I was really tired. I mean I think I wanna drop out of school. That is a good idea.

I was walking down the street when I heard someone yell. "Kate!" Confused turned I around.

And a guy with brown curly hair was running over to me. "How the hell do you know my name?" I asked.

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