A New Lab Rat

When a new lab rat comes to stay with Mr.Davenport. Will he realize that this kid has to many problems to deal with. But what happens when a lab rat falls in love with her. Will she leave or stay.


2. Moving

Diania P.O.V
        Ugh I was so tired. They were making me get up at a fucking ricicoulus time i'm not a robot I'm a human I do not get up at 4am no matter what the cause. I mean there just shipping me to some new faclity what was the point of me getting up at this fucking early time. Suddenly some crazy person burst through the door looking like he just saw someone die. Then I realized it was my best Friend Logan who also had supernatrual powers except he controlled fire he was really scary when he was mad with that kind of power. I had to have my room fire proofed of fear it might burn down again. yes Logan had burned down my room. Not my favorite day lets just say.Wait did I say my powers I don't think so I can read minds teleport fly become invisible levate things and people sbreath underwater thats it but they think i might get more powers I'ms exited "D your leaving how could you do this to me. What I'm I going to without you. I'll die die I tell you. I won't have my partner in crime. How could you." Logan yelled.
        " logan its fucking 4am why are you even up and it wasn't me choice it was Mr. davenports shitty choice. Hell I didn't even get told I was leaving until yesterday morning. But really why are you up." I questioned/ answered/ informed Logan.
        "oh and I up because I wanted to see and are you going to get out of that fucking and get break feast or I'm I going to have to drang you to break east because I'm really hungry but I'm not sure about you since your lying in that fucking bed. I jumped out of bed not bothering to get dressed I'd been best friends with him since I was thirteen and I'm sixteen now. So three years I've been in this hell hole of place. Making my powers grow to there full strength. Blah Blah Blah I could handle them fine before by acting like they didn't even exist. It worked perfectly but no I had to be takin' to a place where people with powers go to deal with them and learn to control them. Now I was being forced to go to the head of the hole places house because I'm the most powerful out of them all and he didn't create me so I have to go through all this for some stupid reason have to be takin' away from my friends well friend but you get the point   don't know how I'm going to survive without his crazinesss in it he keeps life interesting other wise I would be bored to death. And to complete my crappy day were having my least favorite breakfeast pancakes. Now you may think I'm crazy because I don't like pancakes. I'm not I just find that food completely disgusting weird I know.         
        Suddenly the head here started yelling "Diania finish your break feast now its time to leave the private jet is waiting for you and Mr.Davenport doesn't like to be kept waiting so get of your lazy ass and eat really fast so you can get to the fucking private jet not super fucking late." I know what you may be thinking your boss is a crazy sicko and trust me I've thought that on multiple occasions she really isn't just a little over exageration sometimes this being one of those times.
        "Calm your crazy ass down. I'm done eating and getting my 'lazy ass' down there." I yelled back putting air quotes around 'lazy ass' because I used her words which totally aren't true. Just so were clear on that. I ran to the private jet right before Elise my boss went into another bitch scream just barely missing it. I felt REALLY BAD because I didn't get to say good bye to Logan because I was trying to miss Elise bitchy moment and nobody likes to hear her in bitchy mode expecially not twice. That would really suck.
        I arrived at the davenports in what seemed like days but probally wasn't much then a couple hours. But when your stuck in an air plane fora long time yeah its going to seem like hours and how can you blame me you haven't been in an air plane from antartica to the us have you I didn't think so. Right as I knocked on the door the door opened to show 5 people staring at me with their jaws hanging right open. "Um guys ever heard the saying its rude to stare st people, and close your mouth unless you want to catch fly's. Which I'm pretty sure you don't." I told them then stepped past them into my new house.
        "Hey guys still staring and wheres the phone I need to call my best friend to tell him I'm okay." I akwardly told them. Finally Mr. Davenport broke the weird disturbing stare and pointed to the phone. The rest where still staring and it was starting to creep me out. If you know what I mean. I walked to where Mr. Davenport was pointing to and called Logan.

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