A New Lab Rat

When a new lab rat comes to stay with Mr.Davenport. Will he realize that this kid has to many problems to deal with. But what happens when a lab rat falls in love with her. Will she leave or stay.


1. About Diania

Um a little bit about me well first of all my name is Diania Worlington.I live in Antarticia. At a davenport learning facicilty. I'm 16 years old. I have no family. I was a normal kid up in till I turned 10 that's when my life went up side down. When I was 10 my parents were murdered and most other people in my life. Then when I was 11 the rest of the people in my life went bye bye. So yeah that sucked most people thought I'd never recover that I was broken be on repair. They just felt more  sure of them selves when I got 4 more peircings on my ear. 1 on the top on both sides and 2 one on the lobe on both sides. So I had two piercing on the lobe. They sent me to an orphanage. But I stayed there for a week before running away. I lived on the street for about 5  days then I was kidnapped. That wasn't exactly a wupdedoo but whatever. At that time I thought  that life hated me and it couldn't get any worse. So I'm 11 and and have gone through all that. I don't really remember much that happened when I was kidnapped other then the fact that I really hated it and it sucked. But something they said stuck with me "Your special if you don't die then you'll ruin our master. But were not aloud to do that our master wants to kill you her self." I was really weirded out but I mean who wouldn't be. Um I ran away from them joined and street gang got a nose piercing and a belly botten piercing. While I was at it I got a couple tattoos one on my ankle of a vine growing showing my life one on the back of my neck saying life gives you what you deserve. One on my lower back saying God gives you what you deserve. I got a wolf on my shoulder and on the side of my foot that said life does what it wants to do and that's about all my tattoos I got like one or two more with quotes yeah I really like quotes. Then mr. Davenport found me and learned I had powers being able to control the weather he sent me to a faclility in antartica and thats where I've been ever since. Well thats all you need to know about me. Bye Chicas.

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