Sparks || J.B.

"And there was this girl. Beautiful, militant, strong. I fell in love without noticing, it was incredible. We both knew that we hadn't a lot of time. There were problems and there are still problems, but I'll always fight for her. I promise." - Justin Bieber, Superstar

| Book One of Justin's and Melody's love story |

> cover by the amazing @Rhapsody from || COVER STORE! || <


19. Truth And Lies



When I came to school the next day, most were already in their classrooms, so I hurried to come to my class and was glad to see that my teacher wasn't there yet. I plopped down on a chair quite far back. I slowly took out my things. Then I leaned my elbows on the table and put my face in my hands. But when I looked up, I saw that someone sat beside me. I tried to smile.

"Hey, Candy," I greeted her. She looked at me and hugged me slightly.

"Well, Laury, I've heard that you and Chaz fought."

I shook my head and looked away. "I don't want to talk about it."

Candice nodded and said, "But if you want to talk, I'm here."

I smiled thankful and then our teacher came in the class.


As the hours were finally over, I walked alongside Candice and we looked out for the others. After some time we met Matt and Harry. We all sat together at a table in the recreation hall, but when Melody came up to us, Matt stood up and hissed, "Are you satisfied now?"

Then he shook his head and went to a group of guys.

I looked questioningly at Melody, but she just shook her head.

"Not important," she said, rolling her eyes.

I nodded and was about to get some food when Chaz came up to our table. I wanted to get up and go, but Candice held me back on my arm.

"Don't you want to talk to him?"

"I can't, Candice."

She just nodded and let me go. For a split second, I looked into Chaz eyes, but then I just shook my head and walked away. I ran until I found an empty table and sat down. I went through my hair and when I looked up again, Zayn stood in front of me.

"Oh. Hey, Zayn."

He sat down beside me. "Hey. Um, I'm sorry that I had bumped into you yesterday."

I had to grin slightly. "That's bullshit, it was my fault."

He shook his head and then looked at me again. "Are you okay?"

I looked at him and then shook my head no.


I took a deep breath. "Oh, I'm contending with Chaz."

I looked at him; he looked at me neither sad nor compassionate. He just looked at me.

"Because of what? If I may ask at all..."

I thought for a moment and then said, "He is... jealous."

"Jealous? On whom?"

I watched him from the corner of my eye. "On you and a friend from the past."

Zayn looked at me and laughed. "Me? Why that? I only met you yesterday!"

Now I also had to smile. "Chaz disliked the way I looked at you... and the way you looked at me."

Zayn's laugh trailed off and he looked at me. Just like yesterday. "But you guys are still together, right?"

I mumbled a "Yes" and looked at him, but he looked away. "This isn't a reason for me to end it, but... I don't know. I think Chaz thinks he has a certain power over me or something and that's not true. It's quite normal to think other people are handsome beside your partner, right?"

Zayn looked at me puzzled. "You think I'm handsome?"

I looked at the table and blushed. "I didn't say that."

"So I'm ugly?! Pah, I knew it!" I laughed and slapped lightly his arm. He hold it and grimaced.

"Hey, you're strong!"

I laughed again and rolled my eyes. "Sure."

We laughed for a while and talked nonsense, but then he stopped laughing and just looked at me. "Um, yes?"

He grinned and shook his head slightly. "Matt told me that you and your sister were cheerleader and I talked with my sister, she is in fact Head Cheerleader, and they need new members. So if you feel like it, you can come to the audition on Friday. Okay?"

He beamed a smile at me and I could only stare at him. For a moment I didn't know what to say and then I just wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you, Zayn! This is by now the nicest thing someone has done for me since we're here!"

I let him go again, but he didn't look at me. I wanted to ask what was wrong, but it rang already. He stood up and waited until I was standing next to him.

"What do you have now?" He looked at me quizzically.

"I think arts."

"Hm, I have music. You know, the two rooms are right next to each other. We can go together."

I smiled at him. "I'd love to."

"Cool. And if you are sitting alone tomorrow again, then, um, well only if you like... we can sit together again?" We slowly started walking and I nodded.

"Yeah, that would be wonderful."

He grinned and accompanied me to my room.





I sat next to Lauren and smiled at her.

"Well, what was that with Zayn Malik?"

She rolled her eyes. "Nothing, Harry. We were just talking."

"And didn't notice how everyone watched you," he added.

She looked at me quizzically and asked, "Why should somebody watch us?"

"Well, the girls probably because Zayn is the Football star and the most popular boy. The guys because... well... let's be honest: you're not that ugly." I winked at her and Lauren laughed.

"And Chaz because he probably would've run to you, filled with jealousy, to start a fight with Zayn. What he probably would've lost. But it's the thought that counts."

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Lauren acted like it wouldn't affect her, but her eyes showed that she didn't want to talk about him. So I kept my mouth shut and looked away, but that made ​​me wince, because right at the other table sitting next to us... was the girl with the black hair. She dreamy smiled at me and winked.

"Harry has a girlfriend! Harry has a girlfriend!" I turned to Lauren and she laughed.

"Can't you help me?" She stopped laughing and grinning now.

"I'd really like to, but I don't want more problems with Chaz."

"But we can say that it was my idea... Come on, Lauren!"

She shook her head no. "Even if I wouldn't be fighting with Chaz, I think you should clarify it yourself."

I swallowed and turned back to the girl and it seemed to me as if she slipped with her table even closer to us.

She still looked at me and then said shyly, "Hey. I'm Blaze."

I tried to smile friendly. "I'm Harry."

"Yeah, I know." She giggled slightly.

I nodded and was about to turn away again when she said, "You and Melody fit really well together."

"Hm, yeah." Lauren nudged me. "We are not together."

The girl smiled widely at me. "Good to know."

I turned quickly away and looked at Lauren angrily.

She had made everything worse.


Hours later PE was on the schedule. One of the teachers of the seniors was sick, so the older students were free to go, but some decided to pursue the offer to make sport with us. Our PE teacher, an elderly lady, was delighted with it. She raved how wonderful the courses would fit together and forced us to partner dancing. What wasn't really a compulsion for me, because I could dance with Tamina.

"You're being watched."

I looked at her questioningly and then turned around. Immediately my eyes crossed the ones of the black-haired girl, Blaze, which smiled at me. I turned back to Tam.

"Not again," I said, and she began to laugh.

"So you like her, huh?" I shook my head violently.

"Rather not. I think she's in love with me. She watches me all the time and winks at me weirdly," I shook my head and Tam laughed even more. The song ended and I turned her.

Our PE teacher called "Once again!" and ran the next song.


After class, the school actually went around pretty quickly. In the last hour I had Spanish. I came into the class and it was pretty full. Mel and Tamina were also in this course and the seats next to them were empty. I rushed my tongue over my lips and then chose Melody.

"Hey," I said as I plopped down on the chair beside her.

She smiled at me. "Hey. Well, what was that in PE?"

I raised an eyebrow, because I knew exactly what, or rather whom she meant. I grinned.

"Oh, that was..." I bit my lower lip and looked at the table.

"Aha. All right, already understood..." she said, chuckled briefly and then scribbled something on her college block. I touched gently one of her knees, until she looked up at me again.

"And what is that between you and Justin?"

Now she grinned and glanced down at the table. Then she looked back up and told me everything. When she was finished, she smiled slightly. With my hand I lifted her chin.

"And what about Dan?"

She took a deep breath. "You know, I hadn’t thought of him yesterday. Jus..." She smiled and therefore bit her lip. "He... hm."

She smiled at me. I smiled and looked out of the corner of my eye to Tamina. That was the way I felt about her. She looked at me and blushed when she saw that I had caught her watch.

I looked back at Mel, who looked at the door. Then she looked back at me and laughed shortly.

"Guess who has just entered the room!"

I rolled my eyes. "Blaze, right?"

Mel shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know her name. It's the black-haired girl." She moved in closer to me. "Are we still a couple?"

I laughed briefly and then told her everything that had happened in arts. "You know, she added "Good to know". Great. Now she probably thinks she would have chances with me. And all thanks to your sister."

Mel rolled her eyes. "Lauren indeed made something wrong," she said, and suddenly everything happened very quickly: She took my hands and placed them on her hips, moved in closer to me, put her hands on my neck, pulled me in closer to her, whispered, "That’s how you do it right," and kissed me.





The surprised Harry didn't seem to know what to do. At first he replied my kiss hesitantly, but then he kissed me properly. His hands were on my hips and pulled me in closer to him. It was good, but no comparison to Justin. I had to smile. After a time, Harry parted and looked me in the eyes.

"Now we are probably a couple again, huh?" I said.

He smiled and gave me a quick kiss. "Looks like it." 

I grinned and glanced at Blaze. She looked at me angrily.

I whispered "Hands off!" in her direction and then smiled back at Harry.


I was the only one with afternoon classes. Everyone is at home now, I thought annoyed and went to my course. German - voluntary participation.

I walked into the room and by now only a few guys and Tamina were there. I went to her, took the chair beside her and sat down.

"Hey, I'm Melody. And you're Tamina, Zayn's sister, right?" I smiled at her, but she only looked on the table.

"Hey. Yeah, but call me Tam."

I frowned. "Are you okay?"

She looked up, a strand stroked her face and she smiled at me. "Yep, everything's perfect."

During our... well, you couldn't really call it a "conversation", more and more students came into the room. I turned around and in front of me stood a large blonde girl. She had her arms crossed over her chest and looked at me angrily.

I looked back at Tam, when she said "Hey, Bridgit."

I looked back at the girl, who nodded to Tamina. Then she said to me "You're sitting in my seat."

"Then find yourself another."

This girl came closer, looked more angry and then suddenly smiled. "I think I like you" she said, handing me her hand and added "I'm Bridgit."

I shook her hand and said "I'm Melody."

Bridgit sat down next to me and then our teacher entered the room. In Atlanta lived some really weird people.

When the teacher finished the lesson, I finally went to my locker and put a few books into it. I looked next to me and there was Shane, a guy who had a few classes with me.

"Hey, Shane," I said as I looked in the mirror, which I had attached to my locker door.

"Hey, Melody." He smiled and then opened his locker. I brushed my hair and also closed my locker again.

"Do you know what time is it?" Shane asked.

I quickly looked at my clock, gave him the time and he began to curse. "Crap!"

He stuffed a few things in his locker, slammed the door and then hugged me briefly.

"Sorry, I have to get my bus! See you tomorrow!"

He ran off and I called "See you!"

I shook my head with a smile and pushed open the exit door of the school. I slowly made ​​my way home, when suddenly a car at a distance of five feet away from me parked. I frowned, while a boy got out of the car. He was wearing sunglasses and a cap. He stopped and stared at me. I was nervous. What did the he want? He then slowly removed his sunglasses. My eyes met hazel colored eyes and I took a deep breath.

"Justin," I cried relieved and ran towards him.

He smiled and opened his arms. When I got to him, Justin picked me up and we turned in a circle. We laughed and he let me down again.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Picking you up," he said, smiling. Justin took my hand and with the other he stroked my hair out of my face.

"Do I deserve a kiss?" he asked and smirked.

I laughed and put my hands on his chest, stood on tiptoe and kissed him.

Was not that absolutely amazing? A month ago I had never heard of this guy and after short time he had turned my whole life upside down!

He replied and put his hands on my hips.

After the kiss, I parted again and asked "Another one?"

He looked at me, grinning. Then he bent down and kissed me. After that he went to his car and opened the passenger door.


I grinned and got inside.





At the end of the week PE was back on my schedule. It was one of my advanced classes and some of the seniors visited it even though their teacher was sick.

I took a deep breath and opened the door to the gym. My eyes met immediately Tamina's brown ones. I smiled and walked towards her.

"Hey," she said as I hugged her.

"Everything okay?" I asked as I looked at her searchingly. The last days she always looked so lost in thoughts... I hadn't seen her beautiful smile in a while.

"Yeah. Yeah, everything's perfect." Tamina half smiled, but I looked at her further.


She nodded and smiled.

I sighed and gave up. "Okay."

We went to a bench and sat down. I looked at the door and watched as Melody came smiling with Candice to the bank and they sat down. She sighed and I bit my lip. What was wrong? But she didn't want to tell me, that was clear. I had to give her time. 

Mrs. Hamilton came in, started the music and just said "Go." 

We started dancing and I was still thinking about it.

"Something's not okay with you," I said finally and lifted her chin, so she had to look me in the eyes.

Tamina was about to say something when Mrs. Hamilton said, "Mr. Styles! Concentration!" She stretched the word.

Tam had to grin and I immediately let go off her chin. I felt like someone was staring at me and turned my head slightly to one side. Blaze. Of course.

I sighed and looked back at Tamina's concentrated expression. I turned her and then pulled her closer to me.

"You really don't want to tell me anything?"

She looked up at him and then said, "It's Blaze. She stares at me all the time. It gets pretty annoying."

I chuckled and then said "I noticed that, too. Well, that's the problem when you're friends with me."

Tamina smiled, blushed and quickly looked to the floor.

"But that's not everything, right?"

"Not really."

She looked up again and I looked into her eyes.

After a time she breathed deeply and then it blurted out of her. "You and Melody... Well, uh, after you two had kissed... I, uh, had German classes with her, which she is pretty good at in…"

I chuckled. If only you know...

"But- but that's not it... That between you and her." She blushed again and then looked at the floor. "Um, so, I mean... At the same day, after class… I- I have seen Melody with another boy. They were incredibly happy together and they have also... kissed." She shook her head. "Well... I just wanted to tell you this, since you actually are together."

I started laughing and she looked up at me with a worried look. That made it somehow even funnier, so I had to laugh harder. I didn't care that everyone was watching me, I couldn't help it.

"What's so funny when your girlfriend cheats on you?" she hissed.

"They... she... we..." I laughed so much that I couldn't speak proper sentences more.

I took a few deep breaths and at the end he said "Mel and I are friends. Nothing more, nothing less. This is all just a show... because of Blaze."

I told her the whole story and she frowned again.

"So you're still single?" she asked.

I smiled, nodded and turned her, then I pulled her closer to me again and finally, she started smiling again. 

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