Sparks || J.B.

"And there was this girl. Beautiful, militant, strong. I fell in love without noticing, it was incredible. We both knew that we hadn't a lot of time. There were problems and there are still problems, but I'll always fight for her. I promise." - Justin Bieber, Superstar

| Book One of Justin's and Melody's love story |

> cover by the amazing @Rhapsody from || COVER STORE! || <


17. New Beginnings, New Endings



After three and a half hours of arithmetic and reading something historical, I sighed.

Jenny looked at me briefly, but then again at her magazine and asked, "Everything okay, Justin?"

"Can we take a break? I'm tired."

She put her magazine away and looked at me. "Okay. Fifteen minutes break."

I got up and went to my room. There I threw myself on my bed and grabbed my phone from my bedside table.

No new messages. Hm.

Since Melody's move we had written messages daily. But today I hadn't heard of her.

I apparently actually meant something to her. Yesterday we had spent the day together and wrote many messages. What she had written to me... was totally sweet. We could talk about everything really well, but when it came to our relationships and our own relationship to each other... We didn't talk about it.

When the bell rang at the door below, I snapped out of my thoughts. I sighed, ran down to the stairs and opened it.

"Mrs. Somers? Mrs. Sullivan?"

The two women stood in front of me: Mrs. Somers was holding a cake in her hands and Mrs. Sullivan looked at me.

"Uh, come in, I'll get my mother." I ran into the living room. "Mom, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Somers are here."

My mom was sitting on the sofa and chatted with Jenny. "Ah, okay, thank you Justin. We talk later, okay?" She looked at her.

"Yes, I'd love to." Jenny smiled and my mother went to the door to greet the women.





Two days later I was finally back in my room after school and was incredibly happy to see my bed. I let myself fall, sighed and checked my phone. Still no new message from Justin. Hm... How about a surprise visit to him?

I smiled, stood up, looked in the mirror and decided that I couldn't go to him like that... Ten minutes later I was finished and moved in front of my mirror. I had put on another pair of shorts in leather look and a top, wherein when I moved, one could see a narrow strip of my belly.

I smiled, opened my hair and put on my shoes. Then I took a deep breath, grabbed my phone and ran downstairs.

"I'm at Justin's" I yelled and was out the door.

Five minutes later I arrived at the front door of his house. Just when I wanted to ring, the door was flung open. In front of me stood a girl who was quite pretty.

"Um, hey, I'm Melody," I kind of stuttered, still surprised.

"Oh, hello," she said with a smile that made me immediately to smile back.

I handed her my hand, but she ignored it and hugged me instead.

As we parted again she just said "... Jenny and oh, crap," she looked at her cell phone. "Way too late! Sorry, I have to go!" She called half behind "Bye, Justin!" Then sped past me, turned around and shouted "Ciao, Melody".

I waved to her and then entered the house.

I slowly closed the door and then went to Justin's room. Justin stood hunched over his desk and fumbled a few things together.

As quietly as I could, I stood behind him and then shouted loudly "Buh!".

Justin jumped and turned around quickly. I had to laugh so much that my occurring stomach pain chased away the butterflies, which were set free as I looked into his eyes. First Justin looked angry, but then he spotted me.

His eyes got bigger and then he shouted "Revenge!"

He lunged at me and we were tickling each other. I had to laugh and scream all the time. We hunted through his room and while all of this I took off my shoes. Then I got hold of him and finally flung myself with him on his bed. Justin managed to lay down on me and he tickled me more. I had to laugh the whole time, trying to defend myself. I easily hit him and he just laughed at my feeble attempts.

Suddenly our eyes crossed and didn't part again. Slowly our hands stopped. Justin stroked my hair out of my face and then stroked my cheek lightly. With my one hand took his hand and with the other I gently touched his face.

Our breath was fast, as if we had a race behind us. My heart raced, my stomach hurt and slowly he came closer to me...





... and slowly my lips touched hers. Melody put her hand on my neck and pulled me in closer to her. My heart was pounding against my chest and my stomach began to rumble. I had to grin and she giggled softly.

Finally happened what I had wished for so long. Our lips moved in sync and I felt how she slowly began to smile. Although there were only about three weeks since I had kissed her for the last time, but... It seemed to me like an eternity. Her soft lips were the ones I wanted to kiss for the rest of my whole life.

We kissed and kissed - until suddenly an angry outcry was heard. Startled, I pulled away quickly from Melody and looked shocked to the door.






After school I went straight to Chaz. Together we sat on the living room sofa and watched "The Blind Side”. I laughed and cried and Chaz smiled at me all the time lovingly. Suddenly my phone began to ring. I took it, got up from the sofa and looked at the display, while Chaz pressed pause.


I frowned and picked it up.


"Hey Lauren. It's me, Evan. "

"Hey... Evan."

I looked at Chaz and whispered "Won't take that long" and then said loudly, "What's up?"

"I've heard that you're going to move. Whereto?"

"Uh, Evan, we live in Atlanta now."

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry." He cleared his throat. "I didn't know. Um, my aunt lives in Atlanta. Perhaps we can even meet someday...?"

I had to smile. Even though Evan was a bit of an idiot, he was still really hot. He was handsome and had an awesome smile.

"Uh, thanks," said Evan and laughed shortly.

I froze. "Please tell me, I didn't say that out loud."

Behind me someone cleared his throat. "Sorry to disappoint you."

I turned around and in front of me stood a pissed off Chaz.

I looked at him and said briefly, "See you later, Evan" and hung up.





Shocked, I looked at the door. There stood Selena, both hands on her hips and looked at us angry and disappointed.

Melody sat up and said, "Oh my God, Selena, I'm so sorry..."

"Oh, shut up!" she hissed and continued looking at me. Slowly she came closer and I jumped up from the bed.

"Justin, how could you?" She looked at me disappointed and I didn't know what to say.

"After everything that happened..." She shook her head slowly. "Caitlin, Taylor, Dylan! And now her? What exactly is your problem?!" Selena reached out and slapped me. "Matt and David were so right!"

"Selena... it's not what it looks like," I tried to calm her while I held my cheek.

"Oh, it's not? Okay, then tell me what this" – she waved her hands between me and Melody back and forth – "is all about!" she said and I swear if she could shoot poison darts from her eyes, I probably would have died.

"It... well, I, uh," I stammered, but she shook her head.

"Oh, shut up, Justin! I know exactly what's going on here! You've been the whole time into her! Do you think I was blind at her birthday? I've seen everything!" She stretched the last word. "I don't even want to know how you two met!"

She pulled off her ring and threw it to me. I caught it and looked at it. It was the ring I had given her almost a year ago. I looked back up and looked into her eyes, which filled with tears now.

"That's it! It's over, Justin. Once and for all." Selena turned and ran out of my room.

"But Sel!" I called after her, but she was already gone. I only heard how the front door slammed.

I also didn't know why I wanted to save the leftovers between us. Probably just because I knew that she deserved something better.

Slowly I turned to Melody and noticed that she was crying. I quickly sat down next to her, put my arm around her shoulders and stroked with my hand over her hair.

"This- this is all my fault! Everything I do turns out wrong," she said, jumping up and wanted to go, but I held on to her hands.

She looked at me sadly and I said "It's not your fault. I kissed you first... If anyone is to blame, it's me. But please, don't go."

Melody looked at me long and seemed to consider what she should do now, but finally she sat down again. We hugged and stayed like this.

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