Sparks || J.B.

"And there was this girl. Beautiful, militant, strong. I fell in love without noticing, it was incredible. We both knew that we hadn't a lot of time. There were problems and there are still problems, but I'll always fight for her. I promise." - Justin Bieber, Superstar

| Book One of Justin's and Melody's love story |

> cover by the amazing @Rhapsody from || COVER STORE! || <


11. Games And Lies



One more day!

I took a deep breath, trying to ignore my headache and stood up. I stretched and yawned. How long had we celebrated the victory yesterday?

Slowly I looked around, looked out the window and then took my iPhone. It was already quite late, so I quickly grabbed my things and ran into the bathroom to change clothes.

Fully dressed, I looked in the mirror in my room. My hair lay open on my shoulders and with a sigh I brushed my hair out of my face. Then... I took a chain that I hadn't worn for a long time. Drews. Slowly I put it on and sighed again.

I would see him never again. I shook my head, banished all thoughts, grabbed my bag and my iPhone and left my room.

Once in the kitchen Lauren, Matt and our neighbor and my best friend Harry were waiting and stood in front of me. Lauren handed me my breakfast and I grabbed while running out an apple.

Once at the school, it started.

Lauren and I quickly said goodbye to Harry and Matt and made ​​our way through the compliments for our choreography. At my locker arrived, I got my books out and locked it. Suddenly someone hugged me from behind, I turned slowly and met Dan's bright eyes.

"Morning," he said, leaning down to me. In my hand I held the pendant chain. I turned away slightly and Dan kissed my cheek.

"Morning," I said.

And fortunately it rang. I quickly went to my course and was glad we hadn't chosen the same for this half of the year.

The breaks I spent with Lauren, Matt, Harry and a few others. When Dan came, most of them disappeared. Lauren stopped and poked around bored in her salad.

Dan hugged me. "Is everything okay?" he asked.

"Uh, well," I said. "I have a little headache and math gets me."

He groaned and said, "Yeah. I know this feeling."

He leaned a little away from me, but let his arms around my waist.

"Is really everything okay?" he asked, looking deep into my eyes... and I gave in.

"Just because you're here," I smiled and pulled him down to kiss me.

"That’s disgusting!" Lauren groaned.

I chuckled softly; Dan rolled his eyes and waved slightly to Lauren.

"Feel free to go," he said, smiling and I looked at her.

"I am," she said, rolling her eyes and walked away.

After the last couple of hours I went back to Matt's car. Matt and Lauren were probably still in the classroom, because only Harry stood there. When I arrived he looked up and smiled at me.

"Hey," I greeted him, went up to him and we hugged. I buried my head in his shoulder and closed my eyes.

Although the time with Dan was nice, he wasn't the one I really wanted. I was annoyed by myself. 

It couldn't be true. I had lost my heart to a stranger, I would never see again. That was just incredible. This could not be true. Finally, I couldn't spend my life looking for him. Above all, it would be even sadder if everything were in vain and he had long since forgotten me.

Harry stroked over my head and pulled me back to reality. I swallowed, took a deep breath and we broke apart.

"What is it, Mel?" he asked me and I smiled.

"Everything's okay. This morning was just so hectic that I had forgotten to hug you," I lied.

Harry laughed and said, "Okay. I also have, incidentally, a surprise for you."

I smiled at him and asked, "Really? What is it?"

"So... I talked to your parents and they and mine agreed that I can move with you," he announced and I stared at him for a moment only, then I hugged him again. Harry's body was vibrating when he laughed.

"That's... wow! That makes everything better," I said. I couldn't think him out of my life anyway.

As we parted again, I asked "Have you told Matt?"

He smiled widely at me and nodded.

"A few days ago... and Lauren knows it too," he admitted and I smiled widely.

After a few minutes Matt and Lauren finally arrived. We talked a little bit about our last day at our school as we drove home. At home I ate some more before I put on my comfy clothes and began with the others to make the house party suitable for tomorrow. Exhausted, I went at night to take a quickly showers.

Slowly, I went to my bed and sat down. I took my phone and read a few cancels.

Tomorrow would still be kind of great, I felt it! I wrote them quickly, that it would be okay and then stood up again. Aimless I stood around in my room. On my alarm clock it was 2:15 am. I put my iPhone on the bedside table, lay in my bed and stared at the ceiling.

After a few minutes I looked back at the clock: 2:45 am. I groaned and stood up.

I dug out a book, read a few pages, but then lie it on the bed. I crept down the stairs and went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. After I had fetched a glass from the cabinet, I turned around, jumped and screamed briefly.

"What are you doing here?!" I almost shouted.

Candice turned red and quickly said "Lauren had invited me." She smiled at me.

"I came here when you were in the bathroom. Laury and I had watched a movie and then I couldn't sleep." She shrugged her shoulders. "Lauren is already asleep quite a while. I didn't want to wake anyone, so I came into the kitchen to get me a drink."

I chuckled and said "You got me completely terrified."

took  another glass yet and poured out in both water. We both drank quiet ahead of us and Candice finally said, "I think I'm trying to sleep again." She yawned and stretched.

"Sleep well," she said.

"You too."

I watched her as she went up the stairs and made ​​me a cup of tea.

I stood a few minutes with the steaming mug in my hands in front of the stove and tried to take a few sips. Finally I went to the terrace, opened the door, walked a little way and lay down on a sun lounger. With the tea in my hand, I looked up at the sky, sipping a couple of times at my cup, watching the stars.





It was 3:30 am and I still couldn't sleep. Annoyed, I stared at my ceiling. I got up and groaned briefly, because I struck my head. I took my phone, some headphones, put the music on shuffle and walked out of my room. The house was quiet, it was pitch black. I opened the balcony doors and sat down on a chair. I looked up at the sky, in this hot night were thousands of stars. A slow, soulful song began. I sang the whole song to myself and thought of Melody.

Did she also think of me? I shook my head slightly. Certainly not. She had her Dan. In addition, she would probably sleep. I grimaced and sighed softly.

How would today be? Maybe she wouldn't be pleased to see me; laugh at me perhaps because I thought we could be something. Because I couldn't forget.

Before my eyes her face appeared, laughed and said, "You and me?!" She laughed again. Dan appeared and laughed with her.

I quickly shook my head to get rid of these terrible thoughts. But... but there was some truth. They looked so happy on the TV... so in love. I swallowed.

It started a new song. A fast one, without deep meaning.

I ran my hand through my hair and let me sink deeper into the chair. Finally, I caught myself as I rocked the beat with my foot and drummed with my fingers on the armrest. I smiled and watched as the sun rised. I thought again of Melody.

Yes, today would be a good day.


"Justin." Someone shook my arm.

"Justin! You have to get up!" 

I muttered "Go away", turned around and fell to the ground.

A pain shot through my right arm and abruptly I opened my eyes. I looked around confused.

Why was I on the balcony?

"I don't know. This morning when I came into your room to wake you up, the door was open and you were lying here."

Only then I realized that I had my thoughts spoken aloud. Mom gave me her hand and helped me up. I picked up my iPhone, which also fell down, stretched, yawned and looked at the clock. It was already 1:40 pm. Shit! I ran to my room, grabbed a few things and wanted to disappear into the bathroom, as my mother told me that Selena had called.

"What did she want?" I asked.

Mom said "She wonders, why you don't answer your phone and where you are. And she asked, when you'd pick her up. Do you go out tonight?" I nodded.

"To a party. I told you..." I shook my head. "That's why we were shopping?"

"Oh, right. Hm. Okay. Have fun!" she said and went downstairs.

After I had showered, I put on black pants, a white shirt and was fighting with my tie when my cell phone rang. I grabbed it and answered without a look on the screen.

"Hey, shawty! Excited yet?" I asked, on the other side someone laughed.

"Should I?" said Caitlin and I blushed.

"Oh, Caitlin, hi. I thought you were Selena," I said and she laughed softly.

"Well, sorry, I'm not. What are you doing?" she asked.

I tucked my cell phone between my ear and shoulder and said "I'm fighting with my tie. But it doesn't work."

Caitlin laughed again and said "No problem. I'll just put some clothes on. See ya soon!"

"What? No, no, you don't have to. My Mom..." I tried to stop her, but she had already hung up.

She hung up?! I got Selena's words again in my mind.

"What do you think why she does this all? Well, because she still loves you! She does everything, everything, to be in your near. "

With a shock I realized that she was right. I took my phone and wrote Selena a message.



Come here. ASAP! Important!


Then I finally got my tie done and went downstairs.

In less than five minutes Sel stood in front of my door. I hugged her quickly and pulled her into the house.

"Hey!" she protested. "You haven't even looked at me properly!"

Selena pouted and I looked at her and... wow! I stared at her speechless. She wore a tight, perfectly fitting dress and her hair flowed in soft curls over her body.

"Do you like it?" She turned in a full circle. "I didn't know if it was too risky or not. What do you think?"

"I... uh... Wow!" I glanced at her and she smiled back.

"Great!" She laughed. "So, what happened?"

I told her about Caitlin and then what my idea was to show her that I had no feelings for her. When I finished, her eyes were shining.

"That's perfect!" she laughed and smiled mischievously at me. Then she pulled me close and kissed me. I put my arms around her and replied.

Five minutes later, Caitlin rang. Selena began to laugh loudly and danced to the door. In front of it she waited a bit so that Caitlin had to ring again and again. I chuckled and sat down so that Caitlin couldn't see me from the door, Selena stuck out her tongue and I gave her a sign to open the door. Sel laughed again and threw open the door. Caitlin had clenched a fist and was apparently just starting to knock. Astonished, she paused and looked puzzled at Selena and Selena looked at her.

"Caitlin. What are you doing here?" Selena smiled playfully friendly and then asked with a derogatory voice "Do you want to Justin?"

Caitlin just looked away and said finally, "Exactly, Selly."

She grinned friendly at Selena whereupon Sel threw a quick glance over her shoulder.

We didn't expect that she'd stay this cool.

Selena looked back to Caitlin and sat back on her perfect grin.

"What do you want from Justin, Caity?"

"We talked on the phone," she chuckled, "You know, he had problems with his tie and I offered him my help." Caity grinned again.

I didn't understand the situation. Why was she so friendly? Had she seen me?

"I'm sorry. I just arrived and have already helped him."

I noticed how Selena's voice slightly trembled. Caitlin reached out a hand to her shoulder and looked behind her. Probably after me.

"Justin is... someone special, you know? And you fit really well together, but don't hurt him. Justin and I... we're friends." She grinned broadly at Selena.

Friends? Suddenly?

I watched as Selena grabbed Caitlin's hand and tore it off her shoulder.

"Take your hands off me!"

Caitlin stepped back and stared at her in horror.

"What is your problem?" she asked.

"What my problem is?! What's the matter with you, huh? What do you play and how can you say that you were friends? You're constantly flirting with him and... and..."

She got no further, because Caitlin broke into loud laughter.

"You-You-You think I am still in love with J-Justin?!" Again she began to laugh. "That's ridiculous!" 

Selena looked confused and I couldn't shut my mouth.

Ridiculous? It doesn't bother me, but... ridiculous?

"But... your outfits when you’re around him... and how angry you were the last time we met...!" said Selena. Caitlin paused a moment and then chuckled softly again.

"I had a date last time and wanted just to stop by. And with the message… I'm really sorry! I've really only deleted it by accident, which is why I didn't say anything... I mean what should I've said? "Hey Justin, I, your ex, deleted a text message from Selena, your great love"? That wouldn't certainly go well, right?"

Selena clearly didn't understand the world. Without another word, she came to me into the living room and plopped down on the couch next to me. Caitlin closed the door and followed her. She stopped short when she saw me.

"Oh... Hey, Justin," she said, grinning at me.

What kind of a game was she playing?

Selena wasn't listening.

"And why do you come immediately, if Justin has a problem?"

"I take every opportunity to be with him. That's probably true, but only because he spends so much time with you and I hardly see him because of his tour and stuff. Do you know how hard it is to be friends with a teen star? I'm sorry... of course you know that." She grinned briefly. Selena flipped open her mouth and closed it again. Then she jumped up.

"I'll get me a glass of water." She disappeared into the kitchen.

Caitlin turned her gaze on me and moved a little to me. She put her hand briefly on my tie and looked at her. "Not bad."

She took her hand back down and smiled sweetly at me. "Selena and you... do you think it last forever?" I glanced away and had to think of Melody.

Forever? No, but I couldn't tell her.

"I hope."

She pouted and pushed back into the sofa. She muttered something I didn't understand correctly but what I understood was "What a pity."



Caitlin sighed. "I'm sorry, guys," she said and looked at her cell phone. "But I have to go." She smiled.

I quickly looked at my clock and was glad that just one hour had passed. So I said, "Yeah, we must go, too."

I helped Selena up, stretched and went to the door with both.

"Wait a sec. I'm honestly not satisfied with my outfit," I admitted laughing.

I smiled and climbed up the stairs, took off the shirt and tie and opted for a casual, light white T-shirt, took a couple of dog tags and grabbed my black leather jacket.

A little later I came back down, but the whole situation seemed to have changed. When I got downstairs, Caitlin's hair was tangled and she held her cheek. She looked angrily at Sel and she was staring back stubbornly.

I put on the jacket. "What's going on?" I asked.

Selena replied, smiling at me, "Oh, nothing."

She smiled briefly at Caitlin and then looked back at me.

Caitlin didn't look up. She just hugged me and whispered "Love you" and "Take care of yourself".

I hugged her briefly and then she disappeared out the door. I looked to Selena.

"What was that?"

She shrugged her shoulders, grabbed my hand, put an innocent grin and said, "Nothing."

We walked out the door and sat in the car. I looked at her again, and knew that she had lied to me.

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