Sparks || J.B.

"And there was this girl. Beautiful, militant, strong. I fell in love without noticing, it was incredible. We both knew that we hadn't a lot of time. There were problems and there are still problems, but I'll always fight for her. I promise." - Justin Bieber, Superstar

| Book One of Justin's and Melody's love story |

> cover by the amazing @Rhapsody from || COVER STORE! || <


10. Bigger



I stood in my room and looked out my window. Melody practiced in the garden with a pair of other cheerleaders the most important figures, because we had a game tomorrow. I watch a bit and also made ​​a few for myself.

After ten minutes, they repeated much to show it to the youngest again, I lost interest and looked around my room. Almost all the things I had already purged; except for the most important, like the bed or the desk, my room was empty. I'm not really looking forward to the move. But we could do nothing about it. Unfortunately.

I sighed, still put a few things in boxes and thought about the night that our parents had told us about it...



"Don’t look at me like that," I said, following my brother. I ran to the garage and sat in my car.

We couldn't move, right? I didn't want to leave. I had everything I wanted... especially Evan... Evan, on which I had a crush for ages, while he doesn't really paid attention to me. Melody always said "There are so many other boys, Evan is not the only good looking here." Blah blah blah. She had her Dan. It was easy for her to talk like that.

Finally I arrived at Candice's hotel. I gave some man my car keys and then drove to the fifth floor. After a brief search of her room, I knocked on her door and waited. Then the door was flung open and Candice stood with glowing eyes in front of me.

"There you are!" she said, before she fell into my arms. We hugged long and I sighed contentedly. Then she pulled me into her room and shut the door quickly.

I tried to cover my bad mood, but somehow Candice knew nevertheless, that something was wrong with me. Well, she was my best friend.

She briefly studied my face and then said "Come on! Tell me what's going on! Otherwise, you're always in a good mood. Come on, tell me everything." We sat down and I told her everything that had happened that evening.

"... So you will live in Atlanta again?" she asked and I nodded. She began to scream and then hugged me briefly.

"That's great! Then we go back to the same school and can finally reunited cheerleading. Since I'm living with Chaz in Atlanta, my life has become pretty boring. No more sweet brothers in sight," she said and winked at me.

Oh, sweet brothers. I always liked Chaz and he did indeed look great and everything... But Candice was my best friend and Chaz was just... Chaz.

Flashback end


Smiling, I arrived in the present. Candice was great.

I closed the box and carried it into the hallway. I looked down the hallway and saw a boy.

He was tall, had black hair and purged the room of my brother. I stared at him for a second, then I ran to him.

"You can't just get those things out," I said, and the boy snorted.

"Sure, I can do that. Finally, it's my room," he said and turned to me. My eyes got wide.

"Oh my God, Matt," I said, touching his hair. "What did you do to your hair?"

"Cut off and dyed black. Problem?" he said soberly, and I was still staring at him.

"Why?" I asked and he smiled slightly.

"I thought, Mom and Dad liked this the least," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Okay," I said, shaking my head and took part in Melody's mini training outside the house.





Grimly I stared after Lauren. I didn't like my new hairstyle either, but you got used to it. At least that's what I hoped for.

I closed the box and sighed. At the end of the long corridor, there was the largest window of the house, from which one could look over the garden. I saw Melody and Lauren doing some cheer things. Sighing, I took a few things out of my closet and went into the bathroom to shower.

The next morning I got dressed in my room and then ran down the floors to breakfast in the kitchen with my family. When I came down the stairs all sat at the table and talked. My parents talked about the move and hadn't noticed me apparently.

Mom's honey-colored hair fell loosely over her shoulders. Melody and Lauren had both made ​​a ponytail and looked so similar that even I had difficulty distinguishing them.

"Morning," I said and sat down with them at the table.

The spectacle could begin.

Mom looked at me and wanted to say something, then stopped in the middle of the first word and looked at me in horror.

My father looked at me and said, "Matthew!"

Mel stared at me and asked "What did you do to your hair?!"

Lauren smeared a bagel.

Just as mom wanted to say something, it rang. Lauren jumped up, grabbed her bagel and ran to the door. First, you could just hear excited yells, but then entered arm in arm with Candice the kitchen.

Mom and dad both immediately stopped and smiled.

Candice looked great, as always. Her long legs seemed even longer with her high shoes and a blue blouse underlined her gray- blue eyes and brought them to shine. I smiled.

Melody jumped up and hugged Candice stormy to greet her. I also got up and hugged her tightly.

"Matt, wow. You've grown quite a bit. Cool hairstyle, looks hot," she said and winked at me.

I grinned and said, "You also look pretty good."

She rolled her eyes and together we sat down at the table again. Then I smiled broadly at my parents. Now mom and dad could certainly say nothing more.

In the afternoon we went to school as usual. Since today decency an important game, we got the day off. Mom and Dad were already back at work. Candice said that she had just done the week of exams and got a week off, which is why she had come to LA.

When we arrived at the school, we parted ways. While Lauren and Melody went to the changing rooms at the sports ground, ran Candice and I arm in arm to the auditorium. Suddenly Candice began to giggle and I looked at her, grinning.

"What?" I asked and she looked around.

"People keep staring at us," she whispered, and I had to laugh.

"That's because of you, Candy," I said and she rolled her eyes smiling.

"So you haven't lost your charm, huh?" she said.





Selena stayed the night. We had been talking long... about everything. Taylor, Caitlin... She thought that Caity would still love me. Totally crazy! We broke up ages ago, there weren't any feelings anymore.

I woke up late with Selena in my arm and looked at her. She was still asleep, so I moved slowly from her, got up and went into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and splash water on my face, so I was awake, but it didn't help. I left the bath again and glanced at my bed, but it was empty.

I heard that someone had started the TV and ran into the living room.

Selena had already set the table; she stood in the kitchen, wearing a loose shirt and my boxers. She just poured coffee into two cups and offered me one. Gratefully I accepted the cup and kissed her on her hair.

Together we returned to the living room and sat down at the table next to each other. I drank a sip of coffee and looked at the TV.

"Will the Grizzlies win the Homecoming and thus defend their title again? They are now champions in three years. But maybe that is just because of the talented Cheerleaders," a spokeswoman said and laughed. "Okay, as we see the cheerleaders get ready... and they are beginning."

I put down my cup and grabbed a toast. The spokesperson commented during the cheerleaders choreography.

"Wonderful choreography! The duo of Team Captains Lauren and Melody Sullivan had really good ideas..."

I choked on a bite and immediately looked back to the television.

"Now the players get ready. At half-time the next performance takes place. But now to you, Bob. Will the Grizzlies win or will the West Adams kick their asses this time?" the speaker asked, but I no longer paid attention on her.

I stared at the TV. I could see her. Melody. As she laughed, cheered her team and danced. In disbelief I stared at her. She was so beautiful. I couldn't believe that I had kissed those lips.

Her voice echoed back to me in the ear, but it wasn't right... More like a bad imitation.

"Hello? Justin? Are you okay?" Selena asked and I jumped back.

That was the voice that I had heard. She waved her hand in front of my face to bring me back to reality.

"Oops, sorry" I apologized, glanced at her and then went back to staring at the TV.

"Don't take it amiss, but I'd like to see the game," I said slowly and she snorted.

Ultimately, the Grizzly's had won of course. A lot of students ran onto the field and celebrated with the players.

The speaker turned on again. "What a game! Good, that the Captain, Daniel Matthews, has caught in the last minute the difficult pass! An incredible game. Oh. And here comes Melody Sullivan, Cheerleader Captain," she said, and you could see how Melody run towards Dan.

Both grinned happily and he whirled her around, just so they could finally kiss. I had to look away and looked at the floor. Melody. My Melody. Dan Matthews...

Again I stared mad at the TV when he was called to a small interview. He didn't want to let Melody go, so they were together in front of the camera.

"Daniel, a great game. Congratulations!" a man said and Dan got put off the mic.

"Many thanks. Yeah, it was quite a challenge, the West Adams have obviously trained very much since last year. However, we were stronger and could ultimately win with tactical size," he said and then began to smile.

"Melody, your opinion, please," said the man, now she got the mic pressed in the hand. I moved a little closer to the TV.

"I can only agree with Dan. It was close, difficult, but the Grizzlies finally were able to convince. I am proud to be part of such a great team. Thank you, Grizzlies," she said, making a motion with her free hand, which should be a bear paw probably.

The speaker took her mic and said "Thank you! Celebrate the victory and "Go, Grizzlies"!"

Melody and Dan disappeared from the screen and the speaker gave back to the sender, who summarized briefly the game again.

I turned off the TV and stared at the black image. I couldn't believe it.

Over and over again her words repeated in my head. Her eyes, which shone still full of adrenaline looked at me and her smile was wide just for me; anyway, I imagined that. My heart was pounding.

I quickly got up and ran to my room and ripped clothes from my closet. Then I dressed quickly and ran back down and put on my shoes. I had an overwhelming desire to leave the house quickly. Just as I was leaving the house, suddenly grabbed someone my shoulder and I spun around.

"God, you scared me," I said when I saw Selena standing in front of me. She laughed, and then looked at me with a worried look in her eyes.

"When did you change?" I asked, completely taken out of the concept.

"When you watched the game. I also called, but you just stared at the TV and didn't listen. And what about you?" she asked me and I looked down at myself.

"Uh, yeah, I... wanted to take a walk. I couldn't be in here anymore," I said and she nodded, but not entirely convinced.

She put on her shoes and said "Okay... I'd join you, but Mom wants me home."

We hugged and Selena whispered "I love you."

I bit my lip and didn't know what to say. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I no longer loved her. Melody... she got me totally confused. She had thrown my world to the ground and left the pieces.

I mumbled something rudimentary that sounded like "I love you, too" and let her go. Selena just took my hands, squeezed them and kissed me.

Then she smiled at me and said "See you."

I just managed a smile to enforce and looked after her when I remembered what I wanted to ask yesterday.

"Selena," I called after her.

She turned back smiling and asked, "Yes?"

"Do you have plans for the weekend?"

"Hm... no. Have you planned something special?" she asked, slight anticipation in her eyes.

For me it will be something special. For you... rather less.

"Not in that way," I said, smiling. Okay, still the fakesmile. "I was invited to a party... Birthday party... And I thought that we could go together."

She smiled at me and nodded. "Yeah!" 

Great. I would break her heart.

"Okay... I'll call you therefore again," I said, winked at her. She turned around and left.

I grabbed my car keys and went to my car and drove off.

After fivteen minutes I arrived at a mall. I got out and it started.

Girls began to scream and ran towards me. I smiled cool, took pictures with them and signed autographs. After another ten minutes I came into a store. I looked around. So many things I could buy! With every thing I put in a basket, I came closer to the ultimate gift for Melody and Lauren.

I was on my way to a cashier when a dog, quite near me, began to bark. I ran to the woman, who had him on a leash and aked, "Shouldn't you be at the dog school, huh?"

She looked at me in surprise. "Justin."

I looked at Mom and asked her if she could help me pick out the right presents. I described briefly the situation, let out a lot and she nodded.

We walked through the store and she threw more and more things in the basket, which I carried. A few I put right back into place back and at the end we had dug the best things together. Finally we went to the cashier and at that moment "Bigger" started. I sang softly as the cashier scanned the items. Slowly I began to move me to the music and started to smile.

Then I started singing "No, I will not, I will not ever, ever let you down, like a seasaw lets you down. You know why, cuz' we ain't on the playground no more, baby. We're big enough, stand in the picture. We're big enough, stand next to love. I was a player, when I was little, but now I'm bigger, I'm bigger. A heartbreaker, when I was little, but now I'm bigger, I'm bigger..."

Through all the singing I didn't notice that the cashier coughed constantly.

Annoyed he told the price and I paid. He handed me bags and said, "Thank you for your visit, please honor us again soon."

I noticed how happy the cashier was when we finally left the store. I went to my car, Mom went to hers.

I thought about Melody and sang again "Bigger". I couldn't believe that I would see her so soon again! I did feel indeed sorry that I had to break up with Sel, but Melody... She was something special. She was beautiful, smart, clever... She was perfect to me. Wouldn't there be Dan and, well, Selena.

Annoyed, I looked in the rearview mirror and put the turn signals.

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