Eyes looking into you

I'm not normal.
There's something wrong with me.
I'm broken.
I know when I close my eyes there's someone looking into them.
I open them and there's no one there.
But i know there is.
Is it possible for what your looking for to be right in front of you the whole time?


1. Eyes everywhere.

The ground beneath me crunched and sticks jabbed into my sides as I tried to get up. The effort was exhausting but necessary if I ever wanted to wake up again. It was the same every night. I would fall asleep and dream I was in the same unnerving forest lying on the same forest floor and every night I had to find a way out before dawn broke through the towering tree branches like clutching fingers. If I didn't find a way out I would be trapped in my own head like I was in a coma and once it happened not even the strongest true love's kiss could awake me.

Shuddering at the thought I moved further into the heart of the forest, my heart quickening at every echo and rustle. The forest it's self had become a familiar series of twists and bends as I hurried crouching underneath a hanging willow tree that always reminded me I was close to the forests clearing. Without warning a thundering crash amplified around me. Screaming I threw myself roughly to the ground feeling the impact wind me on my left side and with force pressed my eyes shut tightly.

Every night this happened but always at different stages taking me by surprise. I opened my eyes cautiously and was greeted by a thick darkness. Stuffing my fist into my mouth to stifle the scream that was at the tip of my mouth; I felt eyes watching me. Again.  

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