Hi ok so my Aunty Susan gave me this diary to write all my feelings about going to a new school in London which obviously is going to be crap. Ok so I'm being negative but who wouldn't if they were being moved all the way from Edinburgh to London??


7. E-mails

Yay first day of school and not at all nervous well why should I be? I've already got friends and school hasn't even begun but it ids still going to be shit. Sorry but I mean why wouldn't it be? Rose has gone off to go freshen up on makeup because class is about to start. So this girl is coming up to me and she offers to give me a tour. "Sure" "Oh yea i getta skip class OMG sorry I'm Tanya" "Hi I'm- "Oh i already know your name!" "Oh well that's not at all creepy then!" OMG that is so creepy is this kid a pscho or what??? "Oh sorry Rose sent an email round to everyone! look" It says To: Me + Maya Staigent, Jessica Lautrens, Kaytie Jackson, Tom Scott.... From:Rose Cllecini RE: New kid Hey every1 so you freaks had better get that she is my new friend an I will see that she is my friend but I'll have to see if she is my style so if she survives what I call hell week then back off but if not you guys are welcome to her. lots of <3 bye Rose Xxx "She can be horrid but you should be thankful she wants you" "thankful she sounds like a bitch" "NO! she is so nice well ish anyway but if your her friend she is"
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