Hi ok so my Aunty Susan gave me this diary to write all my feelings about going to a new school in London which obviously is going to be crap. Ok so I'm being negative but who wouldn't if they were being moved all the way from Edinburgh to London??


3. Arriving

Ok so we just arrived its so spacious and the garden is amazing! But my bedroom is terrible well it was but I used some of our old fairy lights and put them around the room I put my double bed in the middle of the room against the wall with a black duvet with shocking pink roses on. There's this girl outside about my age holding a big card on. "Hi my names Rose" 

"Cool I'm Kira" I say.

"So your here from… Scotland?" 

"How d'ya know?"

" I know a scottish accent"


"I go to Acceymore Academy where will you be going to ?"

"I think I'm going there! That is so cool if I am"

"Yea you are so going to be popular! Mainly because I am the most popular person in all of year 9 and because you are pretty and I love the clothes so much!"

" Really?! Thanks I made it myself well I cut it myself. Sorry I've got to go finish packing"

"Aargh that is so annoying because I was hoping we could hit the shops I only have £29 because my mum is being a bitch and won't gimme any money."

"I'll ask my Aunt."

so I ask Aunty and she says yes.

"She said yes!!"

"Yay let's hit the shops I've already texted Megan and Caitlin!"

"Oh right ok"

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