One less speciel girl (justin bieber)

Hey im Alison�� i live in Canada with my mom Alyssa, dad Benjamin, Big sister Madison and Big brother Ethan!
i have a normal life and go to a normal School���� HEY i Didnt mentioned that i am a HUGE belieber���� god i bless justin���� and he is going to freaking CANADA�� (READING AT YOUR OWN RISK)


1. intro~


Alison = Hey 👋 im alison.. im 17 years old and i go to highschool!📓 i live in Canada with my mom, dad, Big sister and Big brother💁

Ethan: Hey guys 👋 im Ethan and im 22 years old, and i am Alison's Big brother🙊 but i Also have a twin... Her name is Madison👀

Madison: hello 👋 im Madison and im 22 years old 🙆 i have a job💆💇💅 i am a stylist and i wanna be a popular one🙎 my little sister is Alison and my twin brother is Ethan🙅

Alyssa: * Mom to Madison, Alison, and Ethan* im 44 years old and i am a attorney📓

Benjamin: * dad to Alison, Madison and Ethan* 👨 im 46 years old and i am a attorney.... Yeah i Work with my wife👫🙊👀

so this is the most important persons....

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