Broken Rules || Harry Styles Fanfiction

Harry Styles was only 19, and pulled into the world of danger and killings. But he wasn't a bad person. He was only doing his job. He and his partners, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson had killed a total of seventeen people between them, but when they're sent on a certain killing, of a girl names Delilah Evans, there's something inside Harry that doesn't want to. But if he wasn't going to, and neither was Niall or Louis... Zayn and Liam would..

*Warning: This story contains swearing, violence and a few sexual scenes..:)*


2. "School's Out Delilah..."

Chapter 2: "School's Out Delilah..." 


"Okay, you remember where to wait, right?" I asked Louis before jumping out of the car. Louis nodded obediently, and so did Niall. I gave them a stern look and climbed out. 

"Styles, If you need help, call us.." Louis said, leaning his head out of the window to talk to me. I nodded stiffly and headed inside the school. I had a bag over my shoulder, but obviously there was nothing in it. I gripped a piece of paper, pretending to look nervous, like it was my first day. High Schools gave me the chills. I had terrible memories when I was at High School. I shook it off and scanned the courtyard for the same bright blue eyes and thick pink lips. I looked round slyly, until I saw her, sitting alone, her nose buried in some kind of text book. I put on my best actin face, and made my way over to her. I'm not gonna lie, she was pretty beautiful, but I wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of me and my job. Not anyone... 

"Hey, excuse me." I said nervously, leaning down to her. She looked up at me, and her blue eyes met mine. She smiled a little and closed her book, 

"Yes." She said sweetly. Her voice was a cute kind of high pitched, but I let that irrelevant fact slip my mind. 

"Do you think you could help me? I'm having a try out day, and I really need someone to guid me round." I lied. She beamed at me again. She looked like the kind of student who got grade A's in everything and would be more than happy to get on the good side with the teachers.

"Sure. What's your first lesson?" She asked, motioning for me to sit next to her. I perched on the wall next to her. 

"Geography." I stated, looking at the timetable. Lasarus (Our boss) had given me the same timetable as her, so that I could watch her all day, and of course she picked up on this.

"Hey, I'm in all these classes." She laughed. I fake laughed back and she escorted me to my first class. 

"I'm Harry by the way.." I faked a smile as we walked, 

"Delilah." Oh, I know... 


The day went by pretty fast. She had told all the teachers what was going on, and they would all give me a friendly smile, then I would send them a fake. I wash' sat by her in the lessons though, which I found pretty good, because I could then observe her from a distance.  Our last lesson was french, and she was sat a few rows in front of me. I had kept my eye on her, but very smoothly, so no one really noticed. I was now staring to fill with adrenaline, the feeling I got when it was getting closer to the time.. I wanted to do it now. I slowly slipped my hand down to my weist band where my gun sat patiently waiting. I stroked the end, and whispered to myself; 'not yet.' a few times over. But soon enough, the bell went, and I grabbed my bag. Delilah came right over to me, with a smile on her face,

"Do you walk home?" She asked sweetly, "I go down by the west gate." She informed me, 

"I go that way too." I chuckled. We both headed out to the west gate, and my heart was racing. come on.. She was a very slow walker. She was asking me what I thought of my test day, and I would just smile. I wasn't really in the mood for talking right now.. 

"Urm, can I ask you something?" I said quietly, trying to make a little convocation. She smiled a little and nodded. 

"Is it very safe round here? Like, many robberies? Kinnappings?" I asked slyly. I just couldn't help myself. She looked a little scared to start with but then she answered, 

"Not that I know of. I'm sure it's safe. Why?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. I just shrugged, making her giggle a little. Then, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out quickly, and saw I had a message off Louis, 

We're in place. Ready when you are... -Louis. 

I smiled a little and she caught it, 

"What?" She laughed. I just shook my head. If only she knew, there was no way she would be laughing then. That's when the ally came into view. How was I going to do this? Just drag her? I hadn't actually thought this bit through. 

"Hey, this is a short cut." I said, standing by the ally as she carried on walking. she turned over her shoulder and looked at me, 

"Are you sure? it looks pretty dark.." she said, peering inside. 

"Trust me." I said, glaring at her, but trying to make it soft. She shrugged a little and walked ahead of me down the ally. She started talking about something, but I stood still at the foot of the alleyway, blocking her exit. She then turned around noticing that I had stopped walking. 

"harry? You-" But her sentence was cut short by her surprise of me pulling my gun from my west band. she gasped, and as she was about to scream, Niall grabbed her from behind, throwing his hand over her mouth. 

"I'm sorry.. but School's out Delilah.." 


Sorry if this one isn't as long, I had to write it quite quickly. Thanks :) 

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