But its not that easy

A girl went to one directions concert and 5sos were the supporting act with her cousins. She was noticed by the boys but what happens next?...


2. the week before

Hannah's p.o.v

The amount of times me and megan have been talking lately is actually unreal. I never thought we'd be this close. Ever. But here we are today!☺️

I asked my sister if she was excited to go to one direction next week but she just said 'not really' .. I think the excitement will definitely kick in when it's the day we go.

Megan's p.o.v

I am honestly so excited! This is my first time ever seeing the boys, and I just want it to be perfect.

I still have school for 4 days and mums letting me have Friday of to go see them so all should be fine.


Only today left at school! I can't wait for tomorrow and how good everything is going to be, tonight is all about preparation and sorting things out, like getting my eyebrows done and having my hair dyed and styled! Tomorrow will be perfect.

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