But its not that easy

A girl went to one directions concert and 5sos were the supporting act with her cousins. She was noticed by the boys but what happens next?...


3. That day..

Megans p.o.v

We finally got to London after spending a while on the train. We was all so excited and so hyper. We had lunch and then headed to wembley. After hours waiting we finally got let in and everyone was getting pushed and all hot&sweaty.

Music was playing and water was being passed back to the people and we was all starting to get hot and bothered. Then 5sos come on and everyone starts screaming their heads off, myself included

'I like the summer breeze, I like the sounds you make..' Everyone sang along and was recording on their phones waving them about in the air.

Michael and Calum came down to the lower stage area a few times and smiled at people around me.

'She looks so perfect' starts playing and everyone is chanting "hey, eyey! Hey, eyey!" Over and over. Luke and Michael walk down to the stage and luke spots me and my cousins and stares, still singing to his song.

Just before he left to go back to his standing microphone, we exchanged winks and cheeky smiles, and I threw my 5sos poster on the stage with Michael picking it up behind him.

Me and my cousins were screaming our heads off when they left the stage and the wembley team was setting up for one direction. Music started playing and adverts started playing too.

Then suddenly the WHOLE audience screams and shouts, to Harry singing 'straight off the plane to a new hotel' with a break so we could all scream some more and with that they walked down the stairs and continued to sing their song.

Me and my cousins noticed a rainbow coloured teddy bear strapped to a pole and we couldn't work out why but still took a picture of it because it was cute.

Harry and Niall walked down to where we was standing during their song 'better than words' and they done the crotch grab to us and we literally screamed with excitement. They kept coming over to us every now and again and have us winks and qwerky smiles.

They gave a few speeches and little things started to play and the boys chose 5 girls from the audience to come up on stage.. Guess who it was?! MY COUSINS!! I was screaming for them and their dream had come true. The cameras was shining on their faces as they had makeup running down their faces as the boys sang to them. Once they finished they all took a selfie and exchanged cheek kisses.

Authors note

I would make this longer but I wanna build up tension😏

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