But its not that easy

A girl went to one directions concert and 5sos were the supporting act with her cousins. She was noticed by the boys but what happens next?...


5. meeting the boys

we stayed in the Hilton Hotel which was next to the stadium just so we didn't have to go too far and we could get some sleep ready for tomorrow..





we woke up on Saturday morning and it was raining, great.. but we was all still gobsmacked that we won the bear.. we went to the designer world just across from the hotel and decided to get some fresh clothes and shoes for tonight and started to get ready at around 12-1 as the meet up was at 3.

when we all was finished getting ready, we stepped outside and it had finally started to clear up and the sun was shining:) I was wearing a plain white skort with a lacy black top and red vans, Hannah was wearing some acid wash jeans with a flowery jersey and all black vans, and Jemma wore black jeans with a famines top and navy puma suedes

after taking many selfies, we walked over to the stadium at roughly 2:50, and we waited until the gates got let open for us.

after waiting, they opened the gates and instead of us walking through, the boys were all there waiting for us, and then escorted us in through to a room full of food and sofas.

I noticed Hannah and Harry keep catching glances at each other and often giving a wink or smirk, Jemma also making eye contact with niall, often smiling an looking away, but me, I was constantly finding myself locked eyes onto ashton, and him the same.. we was talking, eating and taking selfies for a very long time, and we was made to go to our places by security.

before they all got on stage, me Hannah and Jemma got follows from all the boys (1D&5SOS) just randomly. it was a nice feeling and I'm sure we all have butterflies because of the eye contact, I mean I absolutely love ashton, he helped me through everything when I was in a rough place.. I knew Hannah loved Harry and Jemma absolutely adored Niall, so this was like a dream come true to us.

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