Hands on a Dial

Everyone's life runs on a dial, when you get your hands on that dial your either dead, or your about to die.


3. Lily-"Gone"

"Being the older sister is hard enough, but knowing a secret you can't tell anyone is hard. Being an outcast is one thing, knowing your not doesn't feel good. "

I woke up in my bed. I look over to Jessica's bed, it's blue her favorite color. She's not in it! I run all around the house she's still not there! I feel my necklace, "She's with B-yr-c... What is he doing with her! orders of The Boss probably." I whispered under my breath. I put on my white cardigan, I look like a ghost in my white nightgown and cardigan. I pull  my blonde hair into a braid, "Lily, where are going?" it was my maid Valla's voice, "To find Jessica, one of The Bosses henchmen took her!" I told her. "Be careful, don't revel your secret when you save her. Ok?" Valla whispered, "I won't I promise, V" I told her as I walked out.

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