Hands on a Dial

Everyone's life runs on a dial, when you get your hands on that dial your either dead, or your about to die.


1. Jess-"Running"

"I ran hoping "He" wouldn't catch me, as "He" I mean the Boss. The Boss rules this world, if only I could get my hands on the Dial, no one would suffer. The Dial is the thing that has our life's on it, The Boss can change your fate with a snap, a painful snap."

"Hello my name is Jessica, I prefer Jess though..." I told the man sitting at the end of the table, "I know, I know everything bout you.... Even your timeline Miss Jess." The man said, "Who are you, and how do you know me? Are you a hit man of The Boss." the room fell dead silent. "What does that matter to you?" He responded. "My life matters!" I shouted, "Ok, ok, calm down Jess.." when he said my name it stung, like a bee. "I know you because, I'm your guardian..." "My guardian, your one of the ones who are starting the uprising!" I whispered. "Yes," He flashed a big enough smile I could see a fang. "And you are the key to this little uprising." He told me.

"Me, how?!?!?" "Your necklace, your more than you think.. Now go up to your room 5th on the left."

I went to that room, it was very roomy and blue.. Much blue... It reminded me of before The Boss, when I had a normal life.


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