Hands on a Dial

Everyone's life runs on a dial, when you get your hands on that dial your either dead, or your about to die.


4. Jess-"Interruption"

"With a snap, The Boss can break you. Count everything, cause everything could be gone the next day, and be replaced with lies."

"Ok, your a.." Bryce was saying, "Don't tell her, it's just a lie Bryce, your a lie!" Lily yelled, I've seen her mad! "Jessica, come he's a lie, one of The Bosses henchmen." Lily yelled. "Well than you tell me what I am!" I yelled back at her, and than looked for Bryce he left... "Come with me and I'll tell you.... What we are." Lily whispered as her eyes scanned the room.

As we walked into the forest, I looked at my necklace... "Jessica, we are.."

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