Willow and Harry's love story


1. Back to school

It's the day I've been dreading.

Well,it's the day every teenage kid has been dreading.Its time to go back to school after the long Christmas break,ugh.

School is alright for me though,good friends,but not many.

Classes are boring but they can be kind of fun,on an occasion.

So,I live with just my dad and I.

No,my Mum hasn't abandoned us nor has she died,my parents are divorced and I chose to live with my dad while my big brother chose to live with my mum,half and half I guess.

"I'm off dad,love you"

I called to dad,walking past him as he was sitting on the couch watching a soccer game - the usual.


He called back from the living room.

I grabbed my keys from the kitchen bench and walked out the door.

~skipping the car ride to school~

I arrived at the hell I'd been going to for the past 3 years,(year 11).

I slowly walked towards administration to collect my timetable,taking in my surroundings.

"Welcome back miss Harding."Karen said,giving me a warm and general smile.

I knew Karen or mrs styles,as I had to call her at school.I was close with her son Harry,I guess.

-flash back-

"Harry,it's your turn to hide!" I giggled.

"Close your eyes willow!" I heard his feeling padding on the damp grass as he ran to hide.

"......17,18,19,20!Im coming Harry!"I knew where he would hide,it's our special place.Few people know about it.Its a beautiful part of a forest that we found one day playing tag.

"I know where you are!"I whispered,panting from running as fast as my 11 year old feet could carry me.

-end of flash back-

God,I miss our old friendship.

I shook of my thoughts and brought my attention back to Karen.


"Oh,sorry?" I asked Karen,confused of what she had said.

"Haha,I said,here's your timetable,assuming that's what you came in for?"she chuckled,handing me my timetable.

"Thanks kar---I mean mrs styles,have a nice day." I smiled,taking my timetable and walking out the door of administration,hearing a faint,"you too." As I left.

As soon as I got outside again the hot summer air hit me.

I put my hand to my forehead,shielding my eyes from the bright sun.

I stood around for a few minutes until I noticed my best friends,Ellie and Caitlin,walk towards me.

"Hey!"they both greeted me,somehow still looking beautiful and bubbly,bringing us into a group hug,god was it good to see these girls again!

We stood and talked for a while but the bell soon went off.

We were heading towards the gates when we walked past Harry and his group of friends.Louis,liam,Niall and Zayn.All very good looking boys but they didn't intrigue me like Harry did.

For a moment I gazed into his piercing green eyes,his eyes caught mine,giving me a look of disgust.

How can He look at me like I'm such dirt?

He knows what he did.

He broke me.

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