This So-Called Life - Book 1: New Girl

When Taylor Maxwell and her mom moves to a new city, Wilmington, a surprise is hiding behind every corner. Taylor has to adjust to the whole new approach to life in her school. Taylor's mom, Alice, has to adjust to her new life as a rather special and notorious mom. But the one thing they both have to adjust to is living a few feet away from someone they both despise. This So-Called Life is a new, charming, witty and bright comedy novel that portraits the life of a girl and her mom on a whole new level. Read as the rather unusual bond between them develops and turns into real family love. This So-Called Life is loosely based on my upbringing in a new town.


2. [SPOILER ALERT] Students of John T. Hoggard High School

In the wealthy city of Wilmington lies a usually peaceful high school called John T. Hoggard. That was until the 2000's where teenagers began doing what teenagers do nowadays. Be teenagers. 

There are a lot of troublemakers today, a lot of nerds, a lot of different people. When Taylor Maxwell of New York moves to Wilmington, she experiences a much more careless approach to life. An approach she maybe, just maybe, would love to be a part of. 

It's not just the rather unusual classrooms that makes this school special, it is basically everyone in it. The teachers and the students. Everyone. Here's a list of some of the people who attend John T. Hoggard High School.


Taylor Maxwell - The new girl who has never fit in anywhere. Taylor instantly bonds with some of the students but quickly realizes; they are not her type of creatures. Taylor is "au naturel" as she claims herself. She has severe OCD which can make her life suck. Taylor has a tendency of making things too complicated when they are actually quite simple. She describes her own life as a big bowl of noodles. Her problems are the noodles. She has to carefully untangle the noodles without snapping them, meaning she carefully has to fix her problems without making a gruel mistake which will usually get her in huge trouble. At one point, Taylor just gives up and begins snapping them, which progressively makes her life even harder than it should be. Taylor is, in fact, one heck of a girl.


Thomas Johnson - The cute guy with a weird love for Skyping with his mother. Thomas is Taylor's first friend, whom she immediately bonds with. Thomas has a habit of Skyping with his mom in the breaks, when asked why, he simply shrugs and tells them he has no idea why. Thomas has been in a bad spot once, but has gotten his life fully on track again. Thomas' sister moved out when her mother disapproved of her fiance, who she'd just met the month before. Thomas has not spoken to her in three years, which makes him wonder if they're still married.


Ethan-"that poor girl"-Rowans - The unlucky girl who's dad was drunk under the baptism. Ethan, who is a girl, lost her mother 2 hours after birth. Her mother tragically fell down from her bed and couldn't get up. When a doctor tried to come in, she opened the door right in her head, which made her die on-spot. Ethan is a part of the "whales-with-make-up-on"-posse, which is the group who claims to be popular, yet they aren't. They're just weird.


Kacey-"whale-wearing-make-up"-Everheart - The leader of the make-up wearing whales posse. Kacey is the former best friend of, praise her name or get crushed, Patricia. Kacey and Patricia stopped being friends after Patricia publicly humiliated her. Kacey is in financial troubles and will once in a while steal from her friends while she's visiting. 


Patricia Wing - The ruling queen of Hoggard. Patricia is a total bitch and will not overthrow herself for anyone. She has no mercy, no sense of humanity and absolutely no intentions of listening to anyone. She's what you can call... well, an arrogant, younger version of Kim Kardashian. Patricia    -"Kardashian"-Wing. 


Eliza Javal - The German transfer student who was banned from Germany. Eliza is the seriously misplaced student at John T. Hoggard High School. She was banned from returning to Germany when she posted Hipster Merkel pictures online, making Angela furious. Eliza has always been one to grab celebrities' attention, yet she doesn't grab any of the students' attention. Eliza has a really bad habit of saying "Ja!" after everything she says. Everyone basically thinks that's how German people work, but that's hopefully just a stereotype, am I right?


Dean Davis - The Hoggard Hunk. Dean Davis is the hunk of Hoggard. He's popular, hot, buff, what's not to love about him? Oh yeah, and he's definitely not something for anyone. Taylor has got her eyes on Davis, but Davis does not seem to be interested in anyone, which makes everyone think he's a prude.


Mary-"The Bloody"-Coronell - The English muffin. Mary is, as suggested, bloody funny. She's the prankster of Hoggard High School. Who'd have expected that from pale, boring, Bloody Mary? Everyone except the teachers. They always thought she was the teacher's pet, but when she 'accidentally' pushed a bucket of fish down on the principals old DeLorean, she was immediately turned into the funniest English girl they'd ever met. And the only one, which made her even more special.


Isaac-"EyeSack"-Bronx - The older Twitter-twin. Isaac Bronx has a personality as flat as Jennifer Aniston's hair. He's the cliche nerd. He spends his alive hours on homework and Twitter. He is basically the opposite of the female Twitter Twins, Gabby and Lili (The Lying Game). 


Matthew Bronx - The younger Twitter-twin. Matthew Bronx is not as addicted to Twitter as his older brother, but ever since he reached 1000 tweets himself, his friends began calling him and his brother Twitter-Twins, even though Isaac has over 70,000 tweets. 


Alejandro Diaz Inores Castillo Kortez - The Mexican boy with a name so long they made it into initials only in the yearbook, which turned out to be A. D.I.C.K. Poor child. Alejandro, or Diaz as most people call him, is a guy who needs to shave badly. He's smelly, disgusting, odd, but has an amazing personality... underneath the odor. 


Jack Partou - The sexy closet-gay. Jack Partou is probably the sexiest guy at Hoggard. Girls are all around him. However, Jack is definitely not into girls. He's gay. Jack and Taylor bonds immediately after Taylor defends Jack from a homophobic girl, who prioritizes religion over basic human rights. 


Alex-"Cliche"-Taryns - The girl who is so mainstream you'd think she'd be twerking at McDonald's. She can hate crocs one day, but when she sees someone else wear a pair of crocs, she goes to buy all colors and will rapidly change them throughout the day. She's that crazy.


And those were the most honorable students of John T. Hoggard High School, Wilmington, North Carolina. It's one hell of a bunch, don't you think? 

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