This So-Called Life - Book 1: New Girl

When Taylor Maxwell and her mom moves to a new city, Wilmington, a surprise is hiding behind every corner. Taylor has to adjust to the whole new approach to life in her school. Taylor's mom, Alice, has to adjust to her new life as a rather special and notorious mom. But the one thing they both have to adjust to is living a few feet away from someone they both despise. This So-Called Life is a new, charming, witty and bright comedy novel that portraits the life of a girl and her mom on a whole new level. Read as the rather unusual bond between them develops and turns into real family love. This So-Called Life is loosely based on my upbringing in a new town.


3. Chapter 0: New Life

It all started when Taylor's dad, Malvin, was going out to shop for groceries. Taylor, her mom, Alice and Taylor's sister, Anna-belle was staying home. As soon as Malvin was out the door, the family went to their representative room. Taylor's room, a big princess-like room, was at the end of the hall, right next to her dad's office. 

After ten minutes or so, she began hearing strange noises coming from her dad's office. It sounded like screams or moans. When Taylor entered the office, she saw Anna-belle sitting by her dad's desk. In front of her was a laptop on which a video played. A pornographic video. Taylor screamed, so did her sister. Anna-belle ran out of the room quickly, closing the door clumsily. Taylor closed the tab quickly, not wanting her mother to think it was her who'd been watching the video. After she'd closed it, she ran to her room, not sure if she should tell her mom or not. She decided not to.

In the following weeks, Taylor began to wonder if she had actually done the right thing, so she went to 'Yahoo Answers!' to ask for advice. She almost stabbed the keyboard buttons, wanting to quickly finish the question.


I am seeking advice. I busted my sister watching porn on my father's laptop and I'm wondering if I should tell my mom. I mean, it's not normal for a girl to watch porn at that age and it could possibly scar her later in life? I don't know. I'm just curious if I should tell my mom. I don't want Anna-belle to be in trouble.

Regards from a worrying girl.

She quickly hit 'Ask Question' and nervously waited for an answer. When she finally got an answer, she quickly read it.

Aww hun, u must be rly worried. No need 2 worry, hun. How old is ur sister? 

Taylor quickly hit 'Reply' and typed. 

She's two years old. OMG I'm just so worried. Please help me :(

She waited for some minutes. Long minutes. Minutes that felt like hours, when suddenly the same person replied to her reply. She opened the question again and read it. 

Yo girl, dats sick, u shuld tell ur mom like right now, thats not appropriate. 

And that was when Taylor told her mom. She told her everything. How she found her sister watching a guy going bonkers on a grown woman. How she had been hiding this for weeks. How scarred, how scared her sister must be. When her mother finally replied, it was a: 'You're grounded.'-type of reply. 

"But... I didn't do anything!" Taylor squeaked.

"Exactly, Taylor." Alice muttered disappointingly. "I'm very disappointed in you." She raised her hand and waved Taylor off. 

When Taylor's dad came home that night, Alice began yelling at him. "So you don't find enough disappointment in me?" She had yelled. "You need to please yourself by looking at some ugly cougar humping a teenager to receive your pleasure?" Taylor could hear her mom stomp. 

"How did she even find it?" Malvin simply asked. 

"That doesn't matter!" Alice screamed. "The thing is..."

They went on all night. When Taylor woke up next morning, her dad and Anna-belle was gone.

"They're gone forever, Taylor." Alice said relaxed. She put her hand on Taylor's shoulder, but Taylor just turned around and screamed at her mom. 

"How dare you throw him out of my life?" Tears were streaming down her face. 

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Your life has just begun. This is the new you. The new life you just have to adjust to. I can promise you, though. You will achieve great things, but first you'll have to survive This So-Called Life.

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